• Show Date: 10/12/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Chanel Taylor Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 12/12/2023

Wealdstone & Northolt Canine Society


1st - Mulligan, Donocielo Michelangelo,  2 year old super sweet dog, lovely head & large dark round eyes with lovely pigmentation,  square & compact little dog with straight legs front & rear,  moved holding a level topline with a nice flocked coat in a natural state, pleased to award BOB. 


P 1 (1).

SY 2.

1st - Barker, Baralicia Blue Ember, 16 mth old dog,  lovely head with well placed ears, nice eyes & good dentition,  straight front & rear with a good lay to shoulders,  lovely sickle tail which came up when his chihuahua attitude surfaced for a short moment to tell a dog off in the next ring, would have loved to see a little more of that confidence as he looked a picture, very promising boy, RBOB. 

2nd - Smith, Chibull Micky Mouse at Lozek,  20 mth old dog, nice head with well placed ears, nice length to muzzle & big dark eyes, in lovely condition. 

PG 2.

1st - Hollister, Rens Legacy, pretty & petite 2 year old bitch with a good head, moderately short muzzle,  large ears, big dark eyes,  has a lovely shape with a flat & furry sickle tail, was difficult to see her true movement on todays surface as zoomies were much more fun. 

2nd - Hollister, Copymear Pocket Rocket at Hollichi, 2 year old Red dog, good apple domed head with large ears, big round dark eyes, short muzzle, dainty mover with a great tail carried proudly. 

Open 1.

1st - Hollister, Copymear Cleopatra at Hollichi, 2 year old bitch with lots to like, she has an excellent head with large flaring ears, nice muzzle & good dentition, she had the most beautiful eyes that you could get lost into, that say I’m cheeky but sweet, moved well holding a level topline, sickle tail  & well muscled in lovely condition, BOB. 


P 3.

1st - Smith, Chibull Hercules at Lozek, very pretty 8 mth old dog, still very much a baby but maturing beautifully, he has a fabulous head with lovely ears & eyes, short muzzle with good dentition, very unsure on the table at the moment which is fine as he’s a baby, but on the move he was a lot happier with lovely straight legs front & rear, nice movement & a happy sickle tail.

2nd - Jones, Flickan Flyaway, a lovely 9 mth old dog with a dainty headpiece, another nice baby but different to 1st, he has a very nice mouth & ears are well fringed, nice eyes, lovely topline, he was a bit rushed in his movement today (probably trying to warm up) so I couldn’t see his true movement. 

SY 4.

1st - Jones, Flickan Finely Frosted, this 9 mth old bitch was an absolute picture on the move & caught my attention as soon as she came into the ring, another dainty headpiece with huge flaring ears which were nicely fringed, excellent dentition housed in a moderately short muzzle which slightly tapered to a point ,nice eyes, slightly arched neck, good topline & sickle tail, well furnished baby,  BPIB. 

2nd - Jones, Flickan Fragrant Flower,  pretty red 19 mth old bitch, another dainty girl who moves very well holding a level topline, not too much coat with fringing in all the right places, a lovely tail carried up & over the back, nice eyes, ears & dentition to finish off this nicely made girl. 

PG 2 (1).

1st - Barker,  Baralicia Red Ruby, I like this girl a lot, and at 9 years young she is a credit to her owner, a really beautiful Red girl who is a picture both standing & on the move, theres nothing to hide here with just the right amount of coat with lovely furnishings & a beautiful full tail that she carried gailey up  & over her back, lovely straight legs & moved happily & freely around the ring, she had large pretty eyes, big flaring ears, correct length to muzzle, medium neck & well muscled, this girl warmed my heart & couldn’t be denied RBOB. 


1st - Hollister, Hollichi Halo JW, I have admired this 2 year old cream dog from the ringside, I liked him a lot then & now I love him.! This boy ticks all my boxes, he has a beautiful head, nicely placed ears, definite stop & just enough muzzle to compliment his profile, he has fabulous dentition, large eyes which melt you, well laid shoulders leading to a spirit level topline, sickle tail carried high & over his back, nice depth to chest, straight legs & lovely angles which show in his movement, he has reach from the front & drive from the rear & I could have watched him all day. BOB, TG4. 

2nd - Cater, Pixels Moonlit Sea JW, adorable 3 year old Red show girl, lovely petite girl with a lovely head & a short muzzle, lovely dentition, large round eyes, a pleasure to go over on the table, she has a little heavier coat which hid the lovely shape underneath, she’s in tip top condition, with a lovely topline & well sprung ribs & a great underline, a true showgirl who couldn’t take her eyes off of her handler, she was unlucky to have met 1st today, a girl I could easily have taken home. 


SY 2 (2). PG 1 (1).

OPEN 3 (2)

1st - Clarke, Int/Bel  CH Cotonkiss Heaven Help Us. This  6 year old gentleman was a pleasure to go over, stunning masculine boy who oozed presence,slightly rounded strong wide head, dark round eyes set well apart, dark pigment, well laid shoulders, topline slightly rises to the croup & down to a low set tail, strong & muscled loin & hind quarters, beautiful long & natural coat, straight moving both coming & going. BOB.