• Show Date: 17/12/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Cath Moffat Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 20/12/2023

Penrith & District Canine Society

BOXER P 1(0) 1. Brough’s Limubox Kausin Kaos. Promising young male of 10 months, br/white, masculine head with melting dark eye, well padded muzzle and balanced skull, straight legs with broad chest, nice outline standing and moving, presented in excellent coat and condition, BP, BOB, G4, PG1 & RBPIS. PG 1(0) 1. Brough’s Willow Reach For The Moon at Limubox (IKC). Another promising youngster of 15 months with lovely qualities, br/white, feminine head and expression, lovely reach of neck into a pleasing front assembly, good top-line and sound rear, well muscled, today she just wasn’t as free or settled on the move as my puppy class winner. O 1(0)
1. Brough’s Winuwuk New Tricks at Limubox. Smart bitch of 19 months, br/white, feminine head with well padded muzzle, good mouth, strong, muscular neck, good angles and depth to chest, sound in top-line, well muscled rear, she moved out well and was beautifully presented and handled. LHASA APSO PG 4(3)
1. Chesterfield’s Ithera Dulce De Leche into Burnsett. Pretty young gold bitch of 12½ months, liked her balanced head proportions and good bite, well arched neck leading into a good front assembly, she presented a lovely outline standing and moving, ideal tail carriage, she had a quality jacket of good texture, very promising. 2. Thompson’s Toynbee Young Hearts. Masculine youngster of just 8 months, rich gold colour to his coat, well balanced skull with correct proportions, good bite, good reach of neck and a lovely picture standing and moving, another with good tail carriage, he moved out well when settled with a purposeful free stride, BP & PG2. 3. Taylor/Johnson’s Wrenwrox Royal Gem avec Sifrason. O 3(0) 1. Schuckardt’s Kutani Black Opal at Frenchlands JW. Black bitch of 2 years old who I remember judging as a puppy, very feminine in her head with a gorgeous expression and dark appealing eye, lovely angulation front and rear with sound top-line, she was presented in immaculate coat, correct tail carriage, she moved out with a free stride, BOB & G2. 2. Chesterfield’s Phareal Heartbreaker into Burnsett. 2 year old gold where there was no mistaking he was male, liked his balanced skull to muzzle proportions, he had a good neck and lovely angulation all through, looked very well balanced standing and moving, he moved out with purpose and was presented in good coat and condition, a lovely prospect when he is fully mature. SCHIPPERKE
 I enjoyed judging this breed very much. L 1(0)
1. Holmes’ Dencas Hold My Heart. 3 year old bitch, feminine head with expressive dark eye, cobby in outline, she had enough neck and was sound in top-line, lovely dense, harsh coat, she moved out well in any direction, presented in lovely condition. O 3(0) I saw later in the catalogue that the following were all litter mates, must have been a lovely litter. 1. Collier’s Ch. Stoneyburn Banna. This male of 8 years caught my eye, loved his head and expression, dark eye and erect ears, good bone and correct feet, he was balanced throughout with good angles which he put to good effect on the move, he was presented in excellent dense coat with a lovely mane, brisk and purposeful on the move, BOB & G4. 2. Reed’s Stoneyburn Arbeia. Bitch of 9 years, lovely feminine head and expression, she was cobby in appearance and nicely angulated throughout with sound top-line, bone ok and good feet, carrying a little too much weight which affected her movement coming towards. 3. Reed’s Stoneyburn Maia. TIBETAN SPANIEL J 1(0) 1. Gilling’s Talocan Heart of Eternity. Gold sable male of 13 months, dark eye, nice expression, well set ears, would have liked tighter lips, he was nicely angulated throughout but lacked a little condition today, moved well in profile but was a little untidy on the out and back, good tail carriage. PG 3(0) 1. Campbell’s Tulibell Bad Habits JW. Fawn sable of 2 years, feminine head and expression, good muzzle and head proportions, good neck, nicely angulated front and rear, she moved out well with purpose and was presented in well muscled condition, BOB & G3. 2. Gilling’s Princess Mulan Ilharess of Talocan JW (imp POL). Cream sable bitch of 2 years, a little stronger in head than 1st although feminine, dark eye, well set ears, nicely angulated, she moved out well in profile but could be slightly tidier in rear going away, presented in lovely coat. 3. Clements’ Tulibell Diva Pawtrol. O 3(0)
1. Campbell’s Tulibell Nevile Longbottom. Fawn sable male of 4 years, masculine with well cushioned muzzle and dark eye, good feet, he was presented in a quality coat of good texture, neat hare feet, he moved out well with a free and positive stride. 2. Campbell’s Tulibell at Hogwarts JW ShCM. 7 year old gold sable bitch of nice quality, dark eye, feminine head and expression with good neck and body proportions, she moved out well with purpose and was in excellent coat and condition. 3. Gilling’s Ya Asia Ilharess of Talocan (imp POL). TIBETAN TERRIER J 1(0) 1. Pettit’s Rogspa Sunbeam. 13 month old black bitch, feminine head and expression, scissor bite, dark eye, can mature on in body, nice in outline standing, sound level top-line and ribbed well back, could have a little more reach on the move, presented in well muscled condition, in good coat. O 1(0) 1. Metcalfe’s Pippalata Overtime Magic. 3 year old b/w bitch who initially was not happy to move around the ring, feminine head with dark eye, sound in top-line with good angulation, when she relaxed and focused she showed some effortless profile movement, coat still developing, BOB. AVNSC UTILITY P 5(2) 1. Roulston’s Ivyjewel Put A Light On Me (Boston Terrier). Very smart young br/w dog of 7½ months, appealing in head with good ears, dark eye, good bone, straight legs, sound all through, moved out well in profile but a little close in rear going away, in well muscled condition, BAVNSCP & PG1. 2. Peebles’ Weebullz Parabellum (Bulldog). R/w male of just 6 months at his first show, full of confidence and with a lovely temperament, broad and compact, masculine skull which is developing, eyes set wide apart, small rose ear, he presented a promising shape on the stand and he moved out positively, his coat was clean and smooth. 3. Queen’s Serenaubach Kiara at Martellkees (Keeshond). PG 3(1)
1. Jobson/May’s Doriken Royal Keepsake (Japanese Shiba Inu). Red dog of just 12 months, masculine head and expression, small ears, good bone, sound in top-line, nicely angulated, nails could be shorter, dense coat, moved out well in profile. 2. Roulston’s Ivyjewel It Should Have Been Me (Boston Terrier). Male of 7½ months, litter brother to previous class winner, masculine head and good eye, very smart standing but uncooperative on the move with his handler, presented in well muscled condition. O 3(1) 1. Gleave’s Ch/Ir Ch. Montravia Enchanted Code by Ryneco JW ShCEx OSW (Poodle (Standard). Elegant black bitch of nearly 3 years, lovely make and shape both standing and moving, long lean head with dark expressive eye, straight legs, good neck, sound top-line, she moved out well with an excellent free gait, presented in immaculate coat and condition, BAVNSC & G1. 2. Roulston’s Ivyjewel Dare To Dream (Boston Terrier). Lovely male of 20 months, full of confidence and attitude, liked his masculine head and dark eye, intelligent expression, lovely angulation front and rear with correct top-line, a lovely shape standing, moved out with a positive, free gait, in well muscled condition. UTILITY GROUP G1 Gleave’s Ch/Ir Ch. Montravia Enchanted Code by Ryneco JW ShCEx OSW (Poodle (Standard). G2 Schuckardt’s Kutani Black Opal at Frenchlands JW (Lhasa Apso). G3 Campbell’s Tulibell Bad Habits (Tibetan Spaniel). G4 Collier’s Ch. Stoneyburn Banna (Schipperke). UTILITY PUPPY GROUP PG1 Roulston’s Ivyjewel Put A Light On Me (Boston Terrier). PG2 Thompson’s Toynbee Young Hearts (Lhasa Apso). PG3 Newton/Newton O’Brian’s What You See Is What You Get Passionate About You for Chizzmic (imp BEL) (Dalmatian). Male of 11 months, quite strong in head for me and very mature for his age, looked well on the stand but I would have preferred a little more elegance all through, moved well in profile but untidy going away. AV UTILITY O 7(4) 1. Campbell’s Tulibell Bad Habits (Tibetan Spaniel). Repeat. 2. Chesterfield’s Phareal Heartbreaker into Burnsett (Lhasa Apso). Repeat. 3. Metcalfe’s Pippalata Overtime Magic (Tibetan Terrier). V 7(1) 1. Schuckardt’s Timazintis Peppermint at Frenchlands (Lhasa Apso). Beautifully presented 8 year old gold and white male, lovely masculine head of good proportions, balanced outline, good angulation throughout, excellent top-line and well carried tail, he moved out with a purposeful, easy stride, well muscled and immaculate, delighted to see he was RBVIS later in the day, well done. 2. Collier’s Ch. Stoneyburn Banna (Schipperke). Repeat. 3. Campbells’ Tulibell Su Pryze Partii JW (Tibetan Spaniel). CATH MOFFAT