• Show Date: 04/03/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Cath Moffat Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Ashton In Makerfield Canine Society

Many thanks to the Secretary and her committee for the invite to this friendly show where I enjoyed 2 days judging in a spacious venue, delighted to hear whilst travelling home my working group winner had taken BIS under Margaret Wildman (Wildax).



O 1(0)

1. Gavaghan’s Black Recording Angel Mandala at Vaghna (imp HUN). Nicely presented bitch of 5 years, dark eye, good strength in head and muzzle, strong neck and shoulders, top-line ok, good depth of chest, moved out soundly and presented in good coat and condition, BOB.


L 2(0)

1. Judd/Nagrecha’s Coldlea Five Star. Well presented young bitch of 22 months, kind, gentle head and expression, strong without losing any femininity, good bone and feet, she had a nice outline standing and moving, lovely proportions and good angulation to front and rear, moved out well and was presented in excellent body and condition, BOB & G4.

2. Tyrer’s Eyeobe Marks The Spot. 3 year old bitch, apparently at her first show, not sure she was too impressed! Would have liked a little more balance in head proportions, when she co-operated with her handler she had a fairly nice outline standing, sound in top-line with good bone, very reluctant to move but couldn’t fault her temperament.


P 1(0)

1. Buchwald’s Alfross Tulabo Deganwy. Young bitch of 8 months, feminine head and expression, dark eye, nicely angulated front and rear with good depth of chest, a little ‘bum high’ at the moment but she’s a nice prospect and she moved out well with confidence, in lovely clean coat and well muscled condition, Best AVNSC/AVNSC Puppy & PG2.

L 1(0)

1. Buchwald’s PS I Love You Nelly Bory Cysterskie. 6 year old bitch who was feminine but I preferred the head of my puppy in last class, strong neck, carrying little too much weight which spoilt her outline, lacked animation on the move, she had a lovely temperament and was shown in good coat.


G1 Myers’ Optimus Douglas. (Bullmastiff). 2½ year old male shown in the soundest and fittest of condition, nothing to mistake his gender here, strong masculine head with good head proportions, good bone and feet, nicely angulated all through, broad, deep chest and well ribbed, correct body proportions and very sound in rear, he moved out well with an easy reach and drive, stood out in this strong working group, delighted to hear later he was awarded BIS whilst I was driving home.  

G2 Ansell’s Justlazare Darknight Rises. (DDB). Have judged this dog before and he’s maturing really nicely, nearly 3 years, masculine, strong head with correct head proportions, good bone and feet, he moved out freely with purpose, presented in fit, well muscled condition.

G3 Blaney’s Esp Ch. Fenrirkin Can’t Be Late Sui JCh. (Greenland Dog). 2 year old bitch, feminine head and expression, excellent temperament, clean front with good bone and feet, liked her body proportions, she was balanced and free on the move and presented in excellent, fit condition.

G4 Judd/Nagrecha’s Coldlea Five Star. (St Bernard).


PG1 Myers’ Optimus Daisonville Hello Again. (Bullmastiff). Very feminine young bitch of 11 months, liked her head and expression, lovey front with good bone and feet, sound body proportions, she was free and purposeful on the move and handled to bring out her very best qualities.

PG2 Buchwald’s Alfross Tulabo Deganwy. (Leonberger).

PG3 Griffiths’ Dinodanes Rose Quartz. (Great Dane). 8 month old bitch, ok in head, decent length of neck and sound in top-line, would like more bone and substance, even at this young age, however she showed some decent free movement and was in well muscled condition. 

PG4 McPhail’s Anchorbrook Aye Aye Cap’n. (Newfoundland). Male of just 6 months giving his handler such a hard time, gentle head and expression and nice body proportions, he moved out well when he settled, presented in good coat and body condition. 


1. Horton’s Ch. Juffther Happy Bunny JW. 7½ year old Rottweiler bitch turned out in fit and well muscled condition, feminine head and expression with dark eye, good front and feet, correct bone, nice proportions and sound top-line, moved out well covering the ground with ease.

2. Austin’s Baranova Big Bopper of Elbear JW ShCM. Nicely presented Newfoundland male of 8½ years, so masculine all through, strong kind head, good shoulders and front, good bone, liked his body proportions and strength, lovely outline standing and moving, just starting to lose a little strength in his rear.

3. Danson’s Ir Ch/Int Ch. Newruff Centurions Army at Alcaro ShCM VW.



P 1(0)

1. Jerrett’s Coldlee Eternal Sunshine. Promising sable youngster of just 10 months, feminine head and expression, well set ears, good head proportions, would like a slightly bigger eye, nice reach of neck with straight, clean front, good bone and feet, nice outline standing and moving, just needs to tighten in front movement as she matures. BP & PG2.

L 1(0)

1. Davies/Brown’s Breckamore Blessings at Wystry JW. 2½ year old bitch with feminine head and expression, well set ears, good eye and standing looked well in outline, clean front with enough bone and good feet, free and easy on the move she was nicely angulated front and rear and well ribbed back, would benefit from more body condition overall, shortlisted in a huge pastoral group, well done, BOB. 


P 3(1)

1. Carrier’s Tonyfre Leah at Sylcarr. Young bitch of nearly 9 months, feminine head and expression, ok in front, good depth, strong neck and shoulders, good body proportions, showed some decent profile movement when settled and was fair moving away, BP.

2. Finnigan’s Reyakosa Diablo. Very unsettled male of nearly 8 months, masculine head and expression, dark eye, ok in front, body proportions were good, showed some sound profile movement but very untidy in rear moving away, presented in good coat and condition.

J 2(1)

1. Vorrias’ Windgunn’s Firestarter. Masculine youngster of 12 months and one who I have judged before, strongly made with the kindest of head and expression, excellent bone and tight feet, strong pasterns, good depth of chest and well ribbed back, sound body proportions and lovely top-line, liked his angulation front and rear, when settled moved out well from all angles.

L 4(2)

1. Davies’ Samstag Dana. Bitch of nearly 3 years, sound enough, kind feminine head and expression, lovely temperament, in the middle of throwing her coat, clean front, she was ok in outline and showed some decent movement in profile, top-line was ok, she was disadvantaged by the size of the ring. 

2. Cudahy’s Frandarma Thor. Male of nearly 3 years where I would like a better placed front, strong, masculine head with good eye, strong muzzle, good reach of neck and good depth of chest, well ribbed back, not sound in top-line and very untidy in rear when moving away.

O 6(4)

1. Vorrias’ Windgunn’s Matheos. Beautifully presented male of 3½ years, lovely masculine expressive head with dark eye, good ears and strong muzzle, clean front with correct bone, good feet and strong pasterns, good depth of chest and well ribbed, lovely angulation front and rear, sound top-line, he moved well from all angles covering the ground effortlessly, he had strong drive from the rear and was shown in well muscled, fit condition, BOB & G4.

2. Finnigan’s Reyakosa Brando. Male of 5½ years where I would have liked a better front and tighter feet, masculine head and expression, strong muzzle, a little upright in shoulder, his top-line was ok, movement was fair in profile, shown in well muscled fit condition. 


1. Broadhead’s Strathlon Spirit of Ecstasy. Retriever (Golden). Beautifully presented bitch of nearly 11 months, so nicely proportioned all through, feminine expressive head, lovely dark eye, good reach of neck and well laid shoulders, nicely angulated front and rear, she produced a lovely outline both standing and moving, sound, strong top-line, she moved out well from all angles.

2. Mann’s Silbertips And All That Jazz. Samoyed. Well presented young bitch of 7 months, appealing feminine head with strength, lovely eye and dark pigment, good feet and bone, nice body proportions and good tail carriage, in excellent coat and condition, she moved freely when settled.

3. Watts’ Vilmos Vincenzo. Hungarian Puli.


1. Vorrias’ Ch. Surfstone Coolio for Windgunn. GSD. Male of nearly 11 years presented in the fittest of condition, strong masculine head with lovely expression, well set ears and good strength in muzzle, good length of neck with well set shoulders, he had good depth to his chest and was well ribbed, excellent angulation front and rear, he was sound in top-line and certainly belied his age with his sound, easy movement, pleased to hear he later took BVIS, well done!

2. Collinson’s Ch. Nikara Diamond Jubilee with Norjack. Samoyed. Lovely bitch of 11 years, very vocal and full of herself! Feminine head and expression, good length of neck and well laid shoulder, liked her body proportions, good bone and feet, sound in top-line with good tail carriage, a very opinionated bitch full of character! 

3. Cunliffe’s Chanangel Falling Leaf JW Cen VW.