• Show Date: 18/02/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Cath Moffat Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

National Working & Pastoral Breeds Society


Many thanks to the exhibitors for entering and attending the show today, it’s not easy with a large breed at an indoor show and the ring, unfortunately, wasn’t as spacious as I would have liked, your entry was appreciated very much. Many thanks to my brilliant stewards Joe and Adam who kept the ring running so smoothly and efficiently. 

P 4(0)

1. Schofield/Lear’s Alfross Tulabo Montgomery. Beautifully presented male puppy of 8 months, head developing well with good eye, mask and well set ears, strong muzzle and lovely expression, nicely angulated front and rear with clean, straight front and good bone, liked his proportions and sound top-line, he moved out steadily showing some promising movement, in profuse puppy coat, BP.  

2. Schofield/Lear’s Alfross Tulabo Beaumaris. Litter brother to 1 where similar remarks apply, strong masculine head with lovely expression, good eye, strong neck and shoulders, sound proportions, he was well angulated front and rear and developing along the right lines, just felt 1st was a little ‘cleaner’ moving away, another promising youngster.

3. Read’s Bavaruki Suba Swish.

P 4(0)

1. Lempilejonan Uneimien Prinssi (imp FIN) JW. Handsome young male of 18 months presented in lovely coat, really liked him, darkest of eyes and good mask, masculine head and expression, clean front with good bone, good depth of chest and correct rib, good body proportions and well angulated, moved well from all angles.

2. Bodle’s Lionsridge Lord Of The Rings. Another nice young male of 20 months, lovely expressive head with correct head proportions and dark eye, strong neck and shoulders, he was well angulated all through with a sound top-line which he carried well both standing and moving, moved out well.

3. Schofield/Lear’s Alfross Romabo Harper.

OD 3(0)

1. Bodle’s Fairy Clocks Bonus Catch The World into Lionsridge (imp NOR). I have judged this boy before but now feel he is really starting to mature and come into his own at 2½ years, beautifully presented, strong head with lovely expression, nothing overdone or exaggerated, liked his body proportions, good depth of chest and well ribbed back with short, strong loin, good bone, he moved out well with good reach and a strong drive, he has lots of promise for the future, pleased to award him BOB, further delighted to hear he won a large Working Group and later declared BIS.

2. Read’s Lionscourt Prince Kuhio with Onaway. Another lovely male of 3 years, masculine head with lovely expression, strong neck and shoulders, clean front with good bone and feet, sound in top-line which he carried well standing and moving, nicely angulated front and rear, had a tendency to pace on occasions but did show some nice movement in profile.

3. Schofield/Lear’s Alfross Kapuko Haruki.

OB 1(0)
1. Bodle’s Hima Psia Psota into Lionsridge JW (imp POL). A really lovely bitch of 4 years, she has the most beautiful temperament, kind, expressive and feminine head with lovely dark eye, well set ears and strong muzzle, she has a good neck and well laid shoulders, liked her body proportions, she is well muscled all through and has a strong top-line, liked her angulation front and rear, she moved out well but another who wasn’t keen on floor surface, RBOB.


J 1(0)

1. Lyons/Grubb’s Snowfordhill Nimrod. Male of 14 months, strong masculine head, strong neck and shoulders, good bone and feet, moved out ok with a steady, careful stride, sound top-line, presented in the most immaculate coat, lovely sound temperament.

O 2(1)

1. Deegan/Jennings’ Chandlimore Gunz For Hire. Handsome 2½ year old male presented in the most immaculate and fit condition, lovely masculine expressive head, good bone, clean front, well angulated front and rear with sound top-line, liked his angles fore and aft, he moved out easily with a good reach and strong drive from the rear, BOB.