• Show Date: 26/11/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Cath Moffat Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 11/12/2023

Sedgley & Gornal Canine Association


O 2(1)

1. Bruintjes-Schaap’s Wyfke Opale vd Vanenblikhoeve. 2 year old bitch, feminine head and expression, flat skull, strong muzzle, well set ears and good neck, strong bone, sound top-line, compact and strong body, coat and condition could be better but moved ok, BOB.


J 2(0)

1. Atkins/Cunningham’s Qimugta Hendricks. Well presented male of 10 months, masculine head with lovely expression, dark eye, good neck, large feet, good body proportions and powerful outline, moved out cleanly, in good coat and condition, BP.

2. Bailey’s Gerifreki Devil’s Food Made by Akna (imp SWE). 11 month old male who would not co-operate with his handler making him difficult to assess, liked his masculine head and expression, good neck and angulation, sound top-line, moved out nicely when settled into his stride.

PG 1(0)

1. Bailey’s Akna Ice Station Zebra**. 2 year old male, another who was very unsettled, masculine head, well set ears, good neck and nicely angulated front and rear, would like a little more condition throughout, he moved out well enough when settled.

O 2(0)

1. Byrne’s Aavuuta Qimmiq Akiak (imp CAN) Bel JCh Ir JCh. Well presented male of 23 months, lovely masculine head and expression, well set ears, good eye and strong muzzle, sound feet and bone, nicely angulated front and rear, good top-line, well set tail, strong bone, in good coat and condition, moved out well, BOB.

2. Graham’s Akna Voorhees**. 3 year old bitch, she was feminine with a gentle expression, good ears, strong neck leading into a good front assembly, sound in top-line, nicely angulated all through, would like a better tail carriage, moved out ok.


J 4(1)

1. Griffiths’ Korifey Axl at Amious. Male of 12 months who was just out of puppy by 1 day, balanced head with lovely eye, good feet, strong front, nicely angulated and well muscled, took a while to settle on the move but when he did so showed some promising movement, well handled and presented, BOB.

2. Merchant’s Cockneyoka Get Over It at Mandareus. Male of 17 months who I liked very much, masculine balanced head and he was nicely constructed all through, preferred the feet of 1, good neck, sound top-line, he was a pleasing outline on the move, well handled.

3. Webb/Mullins’ Protocol’s The Midas Touch (imp USA). BP.

O 1(0)

1. Webb’s Swiss Ch. Shalissa’s Perfect Blend. Young bitch of 21 months, feminine head and expression, strong jaw, good forechest and neck, sound in top-line, she was quite distracted by the activity in the adjacent ring which made it difficult to assess her movement, overall well presented in good condition.


J 3(2)

1. Gardner’s Ravendane Gandalf. Blue male of 14 months, masculine head and correct bite, clear eyes, feet ok, good bone, could have more width and depth of chest, sound top-line, well angulated, good croup, in well muscled condition, BOB.


J 1(0)

1. Williams’ Evrussky Black Widow (AI). I really liked this young bitch of just 10 months, very feminine with well balanced head, excellent pigment and lovely dark eye, good length of neck leading into a really nice shoulder placement, sound in top-line, she had lovely angulation in rear, good croup and tail set, she was so free and easy on the move and was pleased to award her BOB, BP and Working Puppy Group.

PG 1(0)

1. Pope’s Shadlian Jazzy Jicinth. 2 year old male, very strong and masculine all through, good neck and nicely placed shoulder although not the shoulder of my previous class winner, a little long for balance, he moved out ok when he settled into his stride, coat and condition ok.

O 2(0)

1. Clelford’s Kenig Forein Blek Berkut (imp RUS). Very strong male of 2 years with an equally very strong head, dark eye and good muzzle, nice outline when stood, good bone and in profuse coat, sound in top-line but would like a tidier rear action going away.

2. Pope’s Shadlian Jazzy Jicinth. Repeat.


P 1(0)

1. Millward’s Saintdiamond U and Me In Paradise at Millvosi (imp HUN). Very raw bitch puppy of 8 months with a lot of maturing still to do, feminine head which still needs to develop, good bone but would prefer better feet, sound in top-line and angulation ok, just needs to pull it all together on the move, BP.

O 2(0)

1. Forrest/March’s Tombears Ready For Anything at Philandros. 4 year old male who is very strongly made all through, heavy masculine head, top-line could be better but he has fair angulation and moved out with purpose, good coat and condition, BOB.

2. Forrest/March’s Ch. Tombears Who Dares Wins over Philandros. Another strongly made male of 6 years old who moved well for his age, preferred the proportions of 1, nicely angulated throughout, deep broad chest, tended to plait on the move.


G1 Powell’s Varenka Silver Arrow for Riversrock JW. Rottweiler. Strong male of 5 years presented in excellent, well muscled condition, nice make and shape both standing and moving, moved out well with good reach and drive.

G2 Taylor/Taylor-Morris’ Ch. Pelenrise Don’t Let Me Go JW. Siberian Husky. 2½ year old bitch who covered the ground well with her easy, free action, presented in the most immaculate condition. 

G3 Lear-Schofield/Schofield’s Alfross Romabo Harper. Leonberger. 2 year old powerful male, nicely balanced throughout with good angles, he moved out with purpose and was shown in excellent, well muscled condition.

G4 Perfitt’s Samjoe Shadowhunter. Alaskan Malamute. Nicely presented young male of just 13 months, lovely head and nice body proportions, he moved out with purpose and was presented in excellent condition.


PG1 Williams’ Evrussky Black Widow (AI). Black Russian Terrier. Repeat.

PG2 Smith’s Belleville Snooze You Lose. Portuguese Water Dog. Very feminine young bitch of 6½ months, lovely head and dark eye, good angulation producing a nice shape both standing and moving, in lovely coat and condition. 

PG3 Davies’ Reesley’s Game Changer for Coulbymoor. Very raw but very promising young male of just 6 months, pleasing head and good eye, well set ears, good neck, nicely angulated front and rear, once he got the idea of how to move he did it well with a lovely stride.

PG4 Heginbotham’s Sulandi Fallen Angel (IKC). Leonberger. Beautifully presented young bitch of 10½ months, feminine head, good neck and shoulder, a little long cast but she moved out well and was presented in well muscled condition. 


1. Tinker’s Esquimaux A Kind of Magic JW VW. In amazing fit condition for a dog of 12 years, nice head with well set ears and eye, nicely angulated, sound all through, moved well with good reach and drive, in super condition for age. 

2. Tinker’s Zaltana Midnight Express at Lolotea (imp POL) ShCM. Male of 7½ years, nicely proportioned although I did prefer the head and ears of 1, he was balanced standing and on the move, presented in well muscled condition. 

3. Lewsley-Lewis’ Redlous Blaze of Glory.