• Show Date: 20/06/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Cath Moffat Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Cheshire Agricultural Society

Many thanks to the Society for inviting me to judge at this lovely County Show, it was a beautiful day only interrupted by one heavy rain shower, my stewards did a first class job of keeping the ring moving efficiently, thank you.


PG 2(1)

1. Pullin/Mountstephens’ Whitewalker Winter’s Gold. Nicely presented bitch of 18 months, feminine head with small, well set ears, dark eye with keen expression, strong neck and shoulders, good bone and feet, good depth of chest and well ribbed back, sound angulation throughout, in good coat, she moved out easily around the ring, RBOB.

O 5(3)

1. Brandenburg/Smith’s Chayo Its Kurt for Taronakits JW. 2 year old, all male, lovely masculine head and keen expression, small, well set ears, strongly made throughout, good depth of chest, straight, clean front, liked his bone and substance, moved out with ease with good reach and drive, presented in excellent coat and condition, BOB.

2. Copley-Holland/Hug’s Am Gchb Adair ’N’ Hug Rythm and Blues. 4 year old male, strong head with good eye, small ears, excellent pigment, good bone and substance, nicely angulated throughout, preferred the top-line of 1st and this male wasn’t quite as settled on the move today, in good coat.


P 3(1)

1. Jones’ Lady Li Grand Aiveko to Bavaruki (imp CZE). Young bitch of just 8 months, feminine head and expression with good front and bone, good depth of chest and well ribbed back, nicely angulated front and rear, sound top-line, she moved out well in profile but needs to tighten up a little on the out and back, presented in beautiful condition, RBOB & BP.

2. Derbyshire’s Lord Of My Heart Grand Avieko. Litter brother to 1st, presented in lovely condition, masculine head developing well, strong neck and shoulders, front could be a little cleaner, he had a good depth of chest and was well ribbed, top-line needs to settle which I’m sure it will do with maturity, not quite as free in movement as 1st.

J 3(1)

1. Jones’ Anjaleo Coconut Ice to Bavaruki. Really liked this promising young bitch of just 17 months, expressive head with oval eye, she was very feminine and had good substance and bone, strong neck and shoulders, correct feet, good depth to her chest, she was well ribbed with short loin, nicely angulated front and rear with good proportions, she moved out well with an easy, ground covering gait, presented in beautiful coat and condition, delighted to hear she later won the Working Group, congratulations, BOB.

2. Buchwald’s Alfross Tulabo Deganwy. Young bitch, just turned 12 months with lots of maturing to do, nice make and shape and very feminine throughout, strong neck and shoulders, good depth of chest and well ribbed, she just needs to mature on and fill out, showed some lovely free movement in profile and was presented in first class condition with good muscle tone.

PG 2(0)

1. Westwood’s Hillhaven Your A Heart Breaker (IKC). Bitch of 18 months who initially was quite wary and a little nervous but she soon came round, feminine head and expression, strong neck and shoulders, good depth of chest and well ribbed, needs to tighten in her top-line but she showed some free and effortless movement in profile.

2. Berrington’s Alfross Romabo Drummer. 2 year old male, very masculine throughout, all male head with good eye, decent neck with fair angulation throughout, sound top-line and good depth and shape of rib, presented in good coat, showed some nice profile movement but quite untidy on the out and back.


J 2(0)

1. Rowley’s Wiggenhalls Isabella. Brindle bitch of 16 months, nicely balanced throughout, feminine head with strong muzzle, tight eyes, good bone and correct feet, good depth of chest and well ribbed, short loin, she was nicely proportioned with good angulation front and rear, moved out with an easy, ground covering gait, shown in excellent condition with good muscle tone, RBOB.

2. Chambers’ Elljayart The Great Master. Fawn male of 15 months, no mistaking his gender! very strong masculine head although I would have liked a tighter eye, broad skull, good depth of chest, nicely proportioned throughout, sound top-line, feet could have been tighter, showed some decent movement in profile but quite untidy going away, in fit, well muscled condition.

PG 2(1)

1. Harris’ Lady Lion Luna. 21 month old bitch, very feminine but her head still needs to develop, strong neck and shoulders, well let down chest and good front, ok in top-line, nicely angulated front and rear with good bone and feet, preferred the head of my RBOB but this young bitch moved out with powerful reach and drive in all directions, she was presented in beautiful, well toned condition, BOB.