• Show Date: 03/06/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Carolyn Hall Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Rhodesian Ridgeback Club Of Great Britain

Thank you to the officers and committee for inviting me to judge the special award classes at the open show. It really was an honour and a pleasure to assess all my entries and I would like to thank all those that entered but also to those around the ring who applauded and generally helped to create a warm and wonderful atmosphere ringside.

All dogs were found to have the correct scissor bite and correctly formed ridges. Our breed standard calls for feet to be “compact, well arched toes” and I feel this is something we must be mindful of going forward as some exhibits seem to be starting to lose this feature some with almost hare like feet.

Special Award Junior (5,1)

In my notes I put “would expect these two to swap places frequently as they mature” and I look forward to watching them progress in the show ring.

1st Davies’ Gunthwaites Fancy Man – 11-month-old handsome young male. Balanced head with pleasing expression. Good neck for age flowing into good shoulders and a nice topline. Elbows were close to body, and he has a nice deep chest with plenty of room for the organs Slight rise over the loin and a pleasing rear with a good turn of stifle and a good tail set. Nice compact arched feet. He held his topline well on the move and was straight fore and aft.

2nd Hodge’s Kxoxo I’m Old Fashioned for Colkeririn (IMP FIN) another 11-month-old male who had a lot of similar qualities to 1st place. Lovely light wheaten with eyes complimenting his colouring beautifully with a nicely proportioned head and neck. Well-constructed front with good depth to chest. Nice length to the loin with correct amount of muscle in the rear for his age. Feet were lovely and compact with a nice arch to the toes. Just felt that 1st place moved slightly better today pipping this young man to the post.

Special Award Open (9,3)

1st Ashman’s Patemeliann Red Tarka at Kitaarka JW 5-Year-old powerful male who had a very intelligent expression. Head and ear set were good and eye colour was in keeping with his coat colour. Correct front assembly with good bone and another with good feet. Powerful neck with no throatiness, nice depth of chest and a good length to the strong body. Well-muscled rear with a good turn of stifle giving a very pleasing side profile. Great clean movement, he just seemed effortless on the move around the ring in sunny conditions.

2nd Darling Steele’s Saadani Storm Catcher with Sharufa 5-year-old female who was powerful but remained feminine. Pleasing head and ears set well. She had a kind expression and seemed alert too. Well boned with a good shoulder placement. Nice depth to chest and in good shape showing a lovely tuck to her waist. Moved out well.

Special Award Champions (4,1)

1st Hurn’s CH Diamondridge Dark Delight of Matikiridge 3 ½ year old male with a handsome outstanding outline. Head was of good length and in good proportion with a lovely sparkling eye giving just the right amount of aloofness yet remaining alert and dignified. He has a good front assembly, nice and straight with good bone and correct lay of shoulder. Nice deep chest with strong back leading into a good strong loin. Good muscle to 1st and 2nd thigh allowing him to move freely and effortlessly around the ring.

2nd Davies’ CH Gunthwaites Papa Don’t Preach 6 yr old male who was also in excellent firm condition. Very similar attributes to 1st place with a good typical head and expression. Another good front with elbows kept close to the body. Good depth of chest, strong back with slight rise over loin. Held his topline well on the move. A lot to like about this boy, just felt that movement was slightly more fluid in 1st place today.

Carolyn Hall (Cynami)