• Show Date: 15/04/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Caroline Corner Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Humberside Hound Association

Humberside Hound Association Open Show 15th April 2023

Dachshunds All Varieties Critique - Judge Caroline Corner (CARCORN)

My sincere thanks to the Officers and Committee for inviting me for my first Judging appointment at this very well run show. A special thank you to the hospitality team for a warm welcome and lovely lunch. Grateful thanks to my two stewards who were wonderful keeping the rings running. Thank you to all the exhibitors for your entries, allowing me to examine your beautifully presented dogs and for your sportsmanship at my choices, I had tough choices to make. I had previously requested weighing scales for the miniature classes but following a mixup unfortunately they were not available.

Miniature Long Haired Dachshunds

Puppy – 1 Entry

 1st Hall, Hall & Borsuk’s Cliffmere Rustler 9 months old boy lovely head and eyes, good ribbing, nicely angulated, moved well, lovely temperament unfortunately stood alone today but worthy of his first place and BPIB.

Junior -2 Entries/2 Absent

Post Graduate – 4 Entries

 1st Yates’ Lyndarlea Just Brian Of Irisdax 4 year old stunning black and tan boy, nice conical shaped head, good angulations and moved wonderfully striding and flowing around the ring. Showed his best coat and was placed 1st in Open and my BOB.

2nd Talbot’s Irisdax Star Alistair Robin 1 year old boy a difficult decision when so similar to his sire (1st place above) lovely head and good topline, nicely presented and unfortunately was a little unsettled today. His day will come! Also 2nd in Open and my RBOB.

Open – 4 entries

1st Yates’ Lyndarlea Just Brian of Irisdax (see above)

2nd Talbot’s Irisdax Star Alistair Robin (see above)

BOB Yates’ Lyndarlea Just Brian Of Irisdax

RBOB Talbot’s Irisdax Star Alistair Robin

Miniature Smooth Haired Dachshund

Puppy – 1 Entry

1st Mills’ Nisyros Lorenzo 10 month old black and tan dog, nicely balanced and good angulations, confident movement and presented in excellent condition. A super young man. BPIB

Junior – 1 Entry

1st Hirt’s Gravelous Gold label 13 month old black and tan bitch, conical head and pleasing eyes. Good proportions and lovely top line, moved freely and with presence around the ring. RBOB

Post Graduate -2 Entries (1 Absent & 1 Withdrawn)

Cheetham’s Donnadoon Dusk Till Dawn 4 year old boy was unsettled on the table and uncooperative for stacking. Exhibitor chose to withdraw from this and Open Class.

Open 2 Entries (1 Withdrawn see above)

1st – Francis’ Stargang Hay Bob At Feebrick 3 year old red boy, had lovely neck and head, correct bite, rear quarters were well muscled and kept his topline on the move a worthy BOB too. Preferred his overall structure and movement to that of RBOB.

BOB – Francis’ Stargang Hay Bob At Feebrick

RBOB - Hirt’s Gravelous Gold label

Miniature Wire Haired Dachshund

Puppy - 2 Entries (1 Absent)

1st – Westwood & Livingston’s Rednapp Sandbanks 6 month old wild boar boy what a boy, moved confidently in the ring and stacked well for his first show. Good proportions and well angulated at front and rear, pleasing oval dark eye expression. A puppy to watch in the future also 1st Junior , BOB and BPIB. Preferred his overall structure to RBOB.

Junior – 2 Entries (1 Absent)

1st - Westwood & Livingston’s Rednapp Sandbanks (see above)

Post Graduate -3 Entries (1 Absent)

1st – Westwood & Livinston’s Lordscairnie Love Destiny At Hopewood. This lovely youngster was presented in excellent condition , good shoulder placement and length of ribbing. Moved purposefully around the ring and held his top line. RBOB and 1st Open

2nd – Hargrave’s Vilmadach Meenah Black Princess. This pretty youngster was in lovely condition, had a pleasing conical head and dark eye expressions. Good proportions but didn’t have the confidence or drive and movement of 1st. was also 2nd in Open.

Open – 2 Entries

1st Westwood & Livingston’s Lordscairnie Love Destiny At Hopewood. See above PG Class

2nd Hargrave’s Vilmadach Meenah Black Princess. See above PG Class.

BOB & BPIB - Westwood & Livingston’s Rednapp Sandbanks

RBOB - Westwood & Livingston’s Lordscairnie Love Destiny At Hopewood

Long-Haired Dachshund

Puppy – 1 Entry 1 Absent

Junior – No entries

Post Graduate – 3 Entries

1st Borsuk & Fossett’s Baltic Legacy Via Amberteckel. A lovely 6 year old bitch beautifully presented, lovely movement, good angulation and depth of body. Maintained her top line on the move. Also RBOB

2nd Fossett’s Brynsdax Skyfall this well presented 2 year old had lovely shoulders and balance at front and rear. Pretty feminine head and moved well around the ring. My preference was the overall presentation of 1.

Open – 4 entries

1st Paskin’s Kindeace Texas Ranger. A stunning 3 year old red boy who had the correct proportions, had balance and powered himself around the ring. Beautifully presented by his handler. My worthy BOB winner. A tough decision to choose between 1st & 2nd. It was 1st’s day today to shine.

2nd Fossett’s Brysdax Mamma Mia this lovely 3 year old black and tan girl had a lovely feminine head and pleasing eye expressions nice shoulder placement. Moved well across the ring.

BOB – Paskin’s Kindeace Texas Ranger

RBOB – Borsuk & Fossett’s Baltic Legacy Via Amberteckel

Smooth Haired Dachshund

Puppy – 1 Entry 1 Absent

Junior- No Entries

Post Graduate – 2 Entries

1st Clark’s Skydax Walking On Sunshine Von Wilarkhund and BOB A pretty 22 months bitch with a feminine head and pleasing expression. Good proportions nicely angulated maintained a topline when driving around the ring. Beautifully presented and my well deserved BOB winner.

2nd Hirt’s Gravelous Almost Perfect, Lovely bitch 22 months this youngster had lovely construction front and rear, a nice conical head and expressive eyes, moved well. I preferred the construction and movement of (1) today.

Open – 3 Entries

1st Hirt’s Colocensis Rex Mister At Gravelous. Lovely masculine 6 year old red dog prominent chest and lovely front and rear. Moved confidently and preferred his movement over (2) and RBOB

2nd Clark’s Tiesal Debutante Von Wilarkhund. 7 year old bitch this lovely black and tan girl had a lovely coat and was well presented by her handler. A pleasing conical head was backed up by nice movement.

BOB Clark’s Skydax Walking On Sunshine Von Wilarkhund

RBOB Hirt’s Colocensis Rex Mister At Gravelous

Wire Haired Dachshund

Puppy – 6 Entries

1st Eldred & Dickinson’s Dakotadax Check Mate. Black and tan 9 month old girl with beautiful dark oval eyes. Balanced head and length of neck,moved freely and confidently presented with a harsh coat. Look forward to seeing this girl’s career progress. RBOB and BPIB and Puppy Group 3.

2nd Scott-Johnson’s Dollydash Marvellous Ma’am. This wild boar bitch showed her socks off at just 7 months. Well proportioned head, pleasing expressions, lovely movement, presented with a gleaming coat. Unfortunate to come up against 1st as the results could be reversed another day one to watch for the future.

Junior – 3 Entries

1st Westwood’s Clipperdown Rocknroll Star At Hopewood. 10 months old wild boar boy was confident on the stack and on the move. Lovely conformation, head and expression. Nicely presented. Moved with a good stride to gain his deserved placing.

2nd Westwood’s Brumberhill Blink Of An Eye At Hopewood. 23 months bitch was presented in beautiful condition, lovely proportions and dark expressive eyes. Another tough decision but preferred the movement of 1st.

Post Graduate – 5 Entries/2 Absent and 1 Transferred to Open

1st Dickinson’s Derdledash Dakota At Dakotadax. This 2 year old bitch had an excellent coat, angles and proportions were correct. Presented beautifully by her handler. Moved well and stacked maintaining topline. She pulled out all the stops to gain her well earned placing.

2nd Patterson & McPherson’s Brumberhill Barbed Wire. This 11 month old bitch had a lovely head and eye expression. Beautifully presented, correct confirmation and held topline both on the stack and moving. A tough decision separated 1st and 2nd.Will look forward to watching her show career.

Open – 3 Entries/2 Absent

1st Eldred’s Derdledash Naughty Neptune. This wonderful 2 year old black and tan boy powered himself confidently on the move maintaining his top line. Well constructed front and rear and excellent muscle tone. Presented in his best jacket. His confidence and ring presence shone through to achieve his placing and my BOB winner

BOB Eldred’s Derdledash Naughty Neptune

RBOB & BPIB Eldred & Dickinson’s Dakotadax Check Mate

Caroline Corner (CARCORN)