• Show Date: 08/10/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Caroline Chambers Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 20/01/2024

East Anglian Gundog Society

East Anglian Gundog Society

October 8th 2023

Caroline Chambers (Hototo)

Chesapeake Bay Retriever

JD/B: (0/0)

PGD/B: (2/1) 1st RBOB Watts- Oakmarsh Indian Dream Maker For Cravessa. A happy dog with a good shaped head & correct ears set & size. Nice, straight front legs with good feet. Good depth of rib, tuck up good leading to muscular hind quarters. Moved well & balanced. OPEND/B: (4/2) 1st BOB Watts- Oakmarsh Acorn VW SGWC. This bitch was the shock of the day for me at 13 yrs old, this bitch is in excellent working condition. She has a good head with correct eye shape/colour & ear size/set. She has good length of neck with well laid shoulders & a well proportioned front assembly which places her straight front legs well underneath her. Good length of rib, short loin leading to a strong hind quarter showing good return/bend of stifle. On the move she was superb, moving effortlessly & soundly around the ring showing good reach/drive. Pleased to award her BOB. 2nd Watts – Oakmarsh Freedom. Slightly smaller & less bone than 1 but nevertheless still a lovely bitch. Again, correct in head shape/size, eye shape & colour, ear set & size. Well made front assembly showing good angulation. Good length of rib & short loin, nice tuck up. Hind quarters well angulated, hocks well let down. Moved well but not as free as 1.

Curly Coated Retriever

JD/B: (2/0) 1st RBOB Sutton, Whitehead & Whitehead – Foxriever Grey Ghost. A promising young male, Liver in colour. A substantial masculine dog, well balanced throughout. Good wedge-shaped head, good shape of eye & correct ear shape/set. Balanced angulation front & rear. Ribs nicely sprung, oval & of good depth. Moved with super reach/drive. 2nd Clack’s – Molokain Hocus Pocus. Another nicely made young bitch. She was a little unsettled today in the ring. She has a good shaped head, length of neck & nicely made forequarters showing a good length of blade. Front legs placed well underneath her. Good deep ribs, well sprung & of good shape, Good coat. Moved well but not settled. PGD/B (1/0) 1st Sutton – Kelsmere Kaddington. Lovely Black 7yr old male, Well built with good strong bone. Good wedge-shaped head & good oval eye shape. His forequarters are of good angulations with well laid shoulders, his forelegs are placed well underneath him. Good depth of rib with good oval shape. Short loin leading to hindquarters showing good bend of stifle. Feet of good shape. He moved extremely well showing good outline. OD/B (3/0) 1st BOB Group 4 Soloman – Foxriever Mystic Marvel at Elkysar 3.5 yr old Black male. I loved this dog as soon as I saw him, he has elegance & style about him. Presented in good coat condition. He has a good shape head, correct oval eye shape, small ears set correctly. Good length of neck leading to a well-proportioned front assembly. His forelegs placed well underneath him, he has a good depth of rib leading to a short strong loin & moderate tuck up. Well angulated hindquarters & good return of stifle, well let down hocks. On the move, he is a dog I could watch all day long, he is so graceful & elegant, showing super reach/drive & a fabulous outline.


PD/B: (7/0) 1ST BP Knight & Jacobs Mrs S, Mrs G & Mr M – Gemswin Maggie May. What a fabulous class this was. For me, this Liver bitch puppy was outst&ing at 7 months. She is pretty bitch with a good moulded head. Moderate length of neck with good well laid shoulders, well-proportioned front quarters. She is built with good oval strong bone, st&s on good feet. mature in body with a superb length of rib & a short, strong loin. On the move is where this girl excels. She is true, straight & parallel, holds her top line whilst driving well from behind. One to watch for the future. 2nd Beeson Mrs D – Esined Burning Bright . This was such a close class. Another lovely, Black bitch puppy at 10 months old. Pretty, feminine head, lighter in bone & type than 1. Lovely shape to her forequarter showing good width & depth. Lovely moderate angulation in the hind quarters, On the move she showed super reach & drive, holding her lovely top line. Another one to watch for the future. JD/B (0/0), PGD/B: (5/2) 1st BOB. Beeson Mrs D – Esined Double Delight. A stunning 3 year old bitch which I notice is half sister to the 2nd place puppy. A pretty & feminine head. A lovely medium sized, moderate bitch with good angulation fore & aft. The forequarter on this bitch is superb, allowing her front legs to be placed well underneath her body. She has a super depth of brisket, rib length & excellent short loin. Good feet. Moved true, with good reach & drive. 2nd Wilson Mr A J – Hameldowntor Pedro Ximenez – A close decision in this class. Lovely masculine, moulded head. Good length of neck. Deep in body, a little longer in loin than 1. Good moderate angulation in the hind quarters, hocks well let down, moved true and effortlessly around the ring showing good drive. OD/B (2/1) 1st RBOB Beeson Mrs D - Esined Pandora. This bitch took my heart. She is the mother of the 2nd Puppy & 1st PG. She is very pretty and feminine but has substance and strong oval bone. Lovely angulations fore & aft. Moved beautifully around the ring, lovely balance on the move showing good reach and drive, holding her lovely top line.


PD/B: (4/1) 1st BP & Group 4. Allen Mrs C & Mrs D – Timouron Hush Hush. A Black, 6 month old bitch puppy. What a poppet she is. A short coupled, well boned bitch. Pretty head with a kind generous expression. Angulation fore and aft is moderate and not overdone with well-placed front legs underneath her. Well sprung ribs and a lovely short loin. Good dense coat. Moved freely and balanced. 2nd Burroughs Mrs S C – Annakay Father Brown. A Chocolate dog puppy of 10 months. Heavier and longer in loin than 1 but still a lovely puppy. Good broad skull, correct eye colour and shape. Good strong bone. Good strength of neck. Well laid shoulders, deep in body, well sprung ribs. Balanced in angulation fore and aft. Good dense coat. Moved well. JD/B (2/0) 1st Walton Mrs S M B – Gallybob Tamarind. A 15 month old bitch. Balanced feminine head, good length of neck with a nice lay of shoulder. Good sound angulation fore and aft. Well ribbed with a good strong short loin. Moved well and balanced. 2nd Atkins Messrs M B & M M C – Reynbank Royal Anthem. A strong, well bones 15 month male. Very broad head with correct set, size and shaped ears. Strong bone, good feet, balanced angles fore and aft. Hocks well let down. Drove well from the hind quarter. PGD/B (3/1) A lovely class to judge. 1st BOB Harris J E – Winsleywood Wellington. A Yellow male. Nothing overdone with this dog. He is balanced in appearance throughout. An appealing head with a good, broad skull, kind and correct eye shape and colour. Good length of neck, well laid shoulders. Good depth of brisket. Short, strong loin. Moved effortlessly showing super reach and drive. 2nd McLellan Mr D N & Mrs S A – Saranden Montgomery. Another lovely male, a close decision between 1 & 2 . A black male with a good masculine, well-shaped head. Heavier in bone than 1. Good angles fore and aft, front legs placed nicely underneath him with good feet. Moved well but not quite as free in front as 1 on the surface of the arena today. OD/B (4/0) 1st RBOB, McLellan Mr D N & Mrs S A - Saranden Pensacola. A Chocolate male showing good strong bone. Masculine head, correct shape and set ears. Good shape of eye. Fore and aft are well balanced in angles. Good dense coat and strong thick tail. Moved very balanced holding his shape well. 2nd Scutcher Ms A – Winsleywood Wild Daisy JW. A well balanced, pretty , feminine bitch with a good shaped head and eye. Angulation is balanced fore and aft. Good dense coat. On the move she drove well from the rear.

Nova Scotia Duck Toller Retriever

A lovely entry of dogs and bitches. PD/B (5/0) 1st BP Smith Mrs K – Tollisty Raudr. A 7 month old male puppy. This handsome dog’s head is well balanced showing a good wedge shape. Well placed ears of good triangular shape. He is in good coat of a good length. Front angulation is balanced with the hind quarter. Good tight feet. Moved with a free, easy movement. 2nd Powley Miss C – Danehaven Haha. A very attractive, alert puppy and nearly 12 months old, shown in a dark, golden coloured coat. Good shaped head, eyes of correct size, shape and colour. Neck of good length. Deep in brisket with closely fitting elbows. Strong loin. Hocks well let down. Moved out freely. JD/B (2/0) 1st Smith Mrs K – Tollisty Raudr 2nd Strevens Miss H - Tollisty Shincha. Another lovely 7 month old bitch puppy. Beautifully balanced throughout, shown in a good coat, creating a lovely picture. A little finer in bone than 1. Pretty head of correct shape, good ear shape, set and size. Angulations in front and rear are well balanced. Elbows fitting nice and tight. Good feet. Moved free and true. PGD/B (7/1) 1st BOB Andrews Miss J – Tollekin Dream Spring at Jemmatee. I loved this bitch. Smaller in height than some today. Presented in good coat of good length. She has a very pretty and feminine head, nicely rounded skull and flat cheeks. Eyes are of correct shape and colour. She stands on good tight feet with straight front legs and close fitting elbows. She is well balanced in angulation front and rear, her stifles are well bent and hocks well let down. On the move she is powerful and energetic, covering the ground with ease, a real pocket rocket. 2nd Elkin Miss M L – Tollekin Dream Harbour JW. Another superb dog. He is a real eye catcher. A taller dog than 1. A very handsome and correct shaped head. Shown in excellent coat and condition. Very little to choose between 1 & 2 in terms of balance and angulation. Angles fore and aft are balanced, nice deep brisket, legs straight and strong, tight feet. Well ribbed with a short strong loin. Moved free, sound and true. OD/B (3/0) 1st RBOB Elkin Miss M L – CH Tollekin Caife Americano SGWC ShCEx - Lovely, striking dog, rich and dark in colour shown in good quality coat. He has an alert, happy expression, his head is of good, correct shape. His front angles provide the correct angles to place the front legs well under him, with close elbows, straight, strong bone and good tight feet. His angles in the rear quarter mirror those of the front with well bent stifles and well let down hocks. Moved effortlessly around the ring showing good drive. 2nd Collins & Powley Miss D & Miss C – Deveron Duchess of Danehaven. A very feminine bitch, lighter in colour than 1. Very pleasing head of good shape and size. Ears set well to the back of the skull and correct shape and size. Angles front and rear balance well. Front legs are straight with good tight feet. Moved sprightly across the ring keeping balance and shape.