• Show Date: 10/06/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Carol Parkinson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Dundee Canine Club

Firstly, I'd like to thank the committee at Dundee Canine Club for the invitation to judge at their open show at a lovely venue. Also thank you to my Steward on the day who kept the ring running smoothly. Also to all the exhibitors who brought their beautiful hounds for me to go over and accepted placements with grace. 

Some very nice dogs went cardless.


1st Anderson & Watt. Nisyros Luciana. 11 month old bitch. Keel developing nicely. Lovely neat head, nice expression. Good neck and shoulders leading into strong legs. Nice spring of of rib and short loin. Good angulation. Moved out well. Kept topline on profile. BOB, BPIB, PG1. Well done!

2nd. Anderson & Watt. Shantallah Song of The Lark By Nisyros. 7 month old bitch who was a little shy but this will improve with experience. Pretty head with a dark eye and feminine expression. Nice shoulder into a good return of forearm and strong leg. Nice length of back with good ribbing, short loin into well angulated rear. Moved out well and in profile she moved ok once settled, but I felt that the length of the grass in the ring didn't help her.

3rd. Morrin. Captain Stripes By Arlatdax.


1st. Morrin. Code Red Again. 6 month old dog presented in beautiful condition. Lovely coat. Handsome head with sweet expression and dark eye. Good shoulder, strong legs and level topline. Forechest starting to develop well. Moved with drive for one so young. BOB.


1st. Kirkwood- Emery. Helydon Nifty Nairn. Nice bitch in lovely condition. Good head and expression, well developed keel. Good shoulder into nice return of forearm, legs tucked nicely into ribs. Well ribbed with short loin and good rear angulation. Holds topline well on the move which she did with drive. BOB and HG3. Well done!

2nd. Kirkwood. Helydon Quickstep Queen. A very inquisitive little girl who made her handler work! Very alert with a cheeky expression. Nice head with a good dark eye. Lovely neck into a good shoulder and forearm. Good spring of rib and short loin. Held her topline well. Just thought she didn't perform as well today as she could have done.

3rd. Kirkwood - Emery. Helydon Jinglebells.


No entries.


1St. Christie. Tannahill Bergen At Decalleigh. Stood alone in his class but wow! I was very taken by this smart boy. An alert expression with a dark eye and good head. Well developed keel and nice front. Strong well laid shoulder into a good straight leg. Beautiful topline with a well sprung rib and good loin. No exaggeration on angulation. Moved well going , coming and on profile. At one with his handler who prestented him in pristine condition. BOB.


1st. Balfour. Clentry Mickey Mania. Nice red bitch of good size in lovely condition. Lovely feminine head and expression. Good depth of keel. Nice topline which is held on the move. Good angulation front and rear. Moved with drive and well handled. BOB.

2nd. Balfour. Clentry Mango Passion. A very inquisitive 16 month old red bitch who had fun with her handler! Nice head with dark eye. Good shoulders, level topline, nice spring of rib and short loin. Moved ok. Should settle with age and maturity.


1st. McKenzie. Courtborne Joy At Aberlark (imp Nor). Very striking brindle bitch of 6 months. Lovely alert expression. Good flat skull, strong under jaw. Nice long neck with graceful arch. Strong shoulder with correct angulation into good return of forearm, strong legs with good spring of pastern. Lovely depth of chest, well sprung ribs and good length of loin with nice ruck up. Correct rear angles. Super movement for one so young. Will watch her with interest. BPIB.

2nd. Downing-Christie. Zigouse Runnin Up That Hill. 10 month old brindle and white dog. Lovely masculine head with alert expression. Skull flat, with neat ears. Long elegant neck, shoulders well bladed leading into good return of forearm. Strong pasterns and feet. Nice depth of chest with good spring of rib for his age. Good rise of loin. Well angulated rear with sufficient bend of stifle and low hocks. Moved ok but made his handler work which cost him the class. There's a lot to like about this boy. Another baby to watch grow up and settle down .


1st. Leslie. Windwalker In A Heart Beat. Fawn bitch of nice size. Beautiful expression. Ample front fill. Good flat skull and sweet expression. Graceful neck leading into a good well laid shoulder with lovely return of forearm. Good spring of rib and short loin. Excellent topline leading into a well angulated rear with good bend of stifle and let down hocks. Moved with ease and elegance. Pushed hard for Best of Breed in the challenge.

2nd. Dawson. Zenobia Dragon Knight. Fawn male of correct size. Nice head with flat skull and strong jaw. Good length of neck leading into a well placed shoulder. Plenty of heart room in his deep chest and good spring of rib. Angulation front and rear correct. Moved out well and on profile.

3rd. Mckenzie. Courtborne Natal At Aberlark (imp Nor).


1st. Leslie. Windwalker Eddie Brock. Brindle parti dog, very flashy. Masculine head with nice expression. Good front with sufficient fill. Nice long neck into strong, well laid shoulders with good return of forearm. Good leg with spring of pastern. Nicely sprung ribcage and depth of chest with plentry of heartroom. Gentle rise of loin. Good topline into nice rear angulation with ideal bend of stifle and low hocks. Moved soundly and with drive.

2nd. Mckenzie. Aberlark Burning Love. Fawn parti dog. He has a flat skull with lovely expression. Long neck but delicately arched. Good shoulder, return of forearm and pastern. Good spring of rib and depth of chest. Nice angulation front and rear. Didn't feel he quite had the movement of 1 on the day.

3rd. Martin. Aberlark Devil In Disguise At Lorabar.


1st. Leslie. Agrith Ailis White Heart. Fawn bitch who caught my eye straight away. Lovely curvy girl who is very balanced. Pleasing head and eye with a very femine expression. Ample front fill. Excellent neck which is gracefully arched leading into a good strong well laid shoulder with a lovely return of forearm. Strong legs and spring of pastern. Lovely depth to her chest with plenty of heart room. Nice tuck and rise over the loin. Good topline with correct fall of croup into a nice angled rear, bend of stifle and well let down hocks. Moved out well with precision and drive. Good straight front coming back. Topline held as she moved on profile with ease, grace and elegance. A very well balanced lovely bitch that I couldn't fault. BOB.

2nd. Mckenzie. Aberlark Cookies N Cream. Fawn and white bitch of 8 years old but not showing her years. Very feminine head with the sweetest of expressions. Dark eye, flat skull and neat ears. Nice length of neck into good bladed shoulder. Level topline with graceful arch over lion. Good rear angulation. Sound movement coming & going. Held her topline beautifully on profile.

3rd. Hunt. Feorena Another Venture.