• Show Date: 25/06/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Carol Moore Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Eastbourne & District Canine Society

Eastbourne & District CS


Hungarian Vizsla (3, 1abs)


1st Afanleigh Caitlin Rose of Solencia Lighter framed 13 month bitch nicely balanced fore and aft. She has a good length to her muzzle and width of skull, just needs to finish in underjaw but she is a baby. Clean neck and shoulder with enough rib and well muscled quarters. She moved out well in her classes but a change of handler did affect her in the challenge. RBOB

2nd Vizslanya Varur A lovely looking dog just a little tall for me. He has a masculine head with a noble look and squared off muzzle. Not as finished in front as my winner which showed in his forward action but again he is young and has time for it to all mature and settle. He showed plenty of drive from his well shaped rear

PGrad (3)

1st Afanleigh Caitlin Rose of Solencia (Repeat)

2nd Vizslanya Varur (Repeat)

3rd Sheepcothill Lilo

Open (3)

1st Roughshoot Heaven Sent of Solencia JW Balanced dog with nothing overdone, good head ratios and ear placement with a gentle but masculine expression. Pleasing front assembly with a lovely flow through the neck into topline. Well sprung ribs giving heart and lung room and a good width of thigh all provided a true free flowing movement. BOB

2nd Vizslanya Varur (Repeat)

Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla

PGrad (1)

1st Thoradale Rule The World Standard sized bitch with a pleasing harsh coat, she has a feminine head with a soft eye and good width of skull. She has a strong topline and firm rear, just a touch shorter in upperarm than my ideal, showed plenty of drive from the rear. BOB

Golden Retriever

Puppy (2)

1st Van Gogh of Sunshine's Valley with Toddrosa 8 month pale gold dog with lovely dark pigmentation, soft well shaped eye and gentle expression. Lovely neck and shoulder with a good length of upperarm and pleasing forechest. Plenty of depth and spring of rib under a strong topline, just a fraction short in overall length for me. Broad sweeping stifles, clean and true on the move. BPIB

2nd Rumwood Solar Eclipse Pretty, feminine bitch with a sweet expression, good length of neck leading to a firm topline, not quite as developed in front as my winner. Deep in rib with good bone but a touch shorter in leg than I prefer. She showed a clean profile action on the move.

Yearling (2, 1abs)

1st Cinderbank Move It JW An eyecatching young dog who really impressed me both standing and moving. He has a classic, masculine head with a very cheeky expression. So balanced throughout with the cleanest of outlines, strong bone and lovely muscling giving him plenty of power.. On the move he was at one with his handler showing a smooth ground covering action with plenty of forward reach and rear propulsion. BOB

Grad (3, 2abs)

1st Sunnyoak Silver Bullet at Grayales. Bold upstanding dog with a strong outline. He has a masculine head with a good length of muzzle and plenty of width between his ears. A firm neck leading to laid back shoulders, plenty of deep well sprung ribs and firm rear giving power and drive.


1st Sunnyoak Silver Bullet at Grayales (Repeat)

Open (1)

1st Rumwood Three Times a Lady. Mature, feminine bitch with a pretty eye and good width of skull. She presented a well angulated shape with a strong topline, just a fraction shorter in the leg than my ideal but her many attributes and sound clean profile movement gave her the advantage to take RBOB.


Junior (1)

1st Eusanit Pride and Joy 12 month puppy so pretty and feminine with a lovely wedge shaped head and bright eye. She has a lovely flow of neck into shoulder with a cracking front assembly. Firm in topline with a strong coupling and broad thigh. Although it was very hot she still moved and showed well. One, I’m sure, who has a bright future. BP RBOB

PGrad (5,2abs)

1st Eusanit Pride and Joy (Repeat)

2nd Acadiabyrne Tibetan Coral Handsome young dog with a balanced, correctly shaped head and bright eye. He has a good length of neck and firm topline, still a little immature in front but he has plenty of body and a well made rear. Moved out on a balanced stride.

3rd Acadiabyrne Mexican Fire

Open (1)

1st Tollelkin Dream Cove at Sheldrake JW. Fully mature moderate dog with a broad wedge shaped head slightly shorter in muzzle, he has a well set ear above his almond eyes. Straight legs with tight, round feet, excellent forehand assembly. Level topline, good depth of chest and ribs well sprung leading on to a strongly made rear with stifles well bent. Moved well in profile with typical jaunty action. BOB


Junior (3)

1st Silberliss Peckham Pouncer. A strong masculine dog who wasn’t playing ball today and gave his handler a hard time that said once he did settle he presented a clean typy outline with a pleasing masculine head and a lovely flow of neck and shoulder. Plenty of lung room in his well developed ribs helping to give a strong ground covering movement.

2nd Silberliss Saucy Mare. Lovely feminine head with balanced ratios. Long arched neck leading to well placed shoulders and front assembly. Good height to length ratios, strong firm topline and a muscled thigh width gave plenty of drive

3rd Stormdancer Plum Pudding

PGrad (2,1abs)

1st Silberliss Saucy Mare (Repeat)

Open (3, 1abs)

1st SHCH Gunalt Lustrous with Roydack Beautiful bitch with an impressive outline, she is so feminine in head with correct length of muzzle and the moderate stop called for in the standard, her strong slightly arched neck flows smoothly through a lovely forehand, firm topline and short loin finishing off in a lovely well shaped rear with muscled thighs and clean legs and feet. On the move she really shows her quality, such a clean ground covering action. Well deserved BOB and delighted to hear she took Group 4

2nd Silberliss Solitaire Lovely head and eye with moderate stop and high set ear. Presents a clean, well balanced outline with soundness of construction throughout. Clean-cut neck of moderate length into well placed and shoulders. Ample depth in chest, well made though the body with typical underline, sound and true on the move RBOB

AV Puppy

1st Foveaux Queens Gambit Lancashire Heeler, full of charm and charisma with quality throughout. Bright, alert expression and used her ears well at all times. Very striking in profile with a firm topline, short coupling and excellent angulation, happy and energetic on the move sharp and true.

2nd J'adoremy Mr Red'n State. 11 month Shih Tzu with a well shaped head and large round eye, nicely balanced outline with a level topline held on the move, good spring of rib and depth of chest, moved well with style.

3rd Valdosta Galadriel at Faemadra

Judge Carol Moore ( Gadhelic)