• Show Date: 05/03/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Carol Moore Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Coventry & District Gundog Society

Coventry & District Gundog Society


Flatcoated Retriever

Puppy (2)

1st Durrant. Glenturret Gypsy Tart.Mature, well balanced liver bitch with a nicely moulded head of good length and correct stop, she has a bright eye of good size and colour. Lovely neck and shoulder flowed smoothly into a firm topline. She is well developed in chest with good bone and broad thigh giving a straight and true movement BP

2nd Turner. Dremford You Complete Me at Artois.Slightly taller bitch not as developed in front as my winner yet. She has a pretty head with well set eye, good layback of shoulder and enough width of thigh. Once she settled she moved out well.

Junior (3)

1st Colson. Windyhollows Ragged Robin. 16 month male with bone and substance, nice moulding on his head with good length and a bright eye. He has a strongly made front with deep rib and firm topline. Well muscled quarters gave powerful drive.

2nd Pingree. Teluran Final attraction among Heathridge. Lighter framed bitch with a feminine head, good length of neck but not as finished in front at this moment. Pleasing feet and bone with a good rear action

3rd Smitherman. Seaheart Diva

PGrad (7. 2abs)

1st Colson. Windyhollows Ragged Robin (Junior repeat)

2nd Wilson. Hameldowntor Pedro Ximenez. Well made dog who presented a clean outline with balanced angulation. Masculine head, powerful neck and deep chest with plenty of bone, moved out true just not quite the drive of my winner today.

3rd Smitherman. Seaheart Diva

Open (7. 1abs)

2 beautiful bitches headed this class, I was spoilt for choice between them

1st Romeo-Dieste. Hopevalley Morning Rainbow JW. Exactly what I was looking for, correct size and balance with such a typy head, she has the cheekiest of eyes and lovely moulding. Strong flowing neck leading smoothly into the best of fronts, plenty of rib and a firm topline held well standing and moving. Lovely broad thighs gave powerful ground covering movement. BOB

2nd Wilson. Hameldowntor Music of the Night (Imp). I loved her overall type and outline, very feminine head of good length with a strong jaw. She is well made throughout with excellent angulation and plenty of rib. The floor was not to her liking but she moved powerful and true on the back and to. RBOB

3rd Pingree. Calzeat Gentleman’s Agreement to Heathridge (imp SWE)

Clumber Spaniel

Puppy (4, 1abs)

1st Guy. Suelynda Kith and Kin among Jahanghir. Good sized boy with bone to match, strong in head with depth of muzzle and width of skull, Strong through the neck and shoulder with plenty of rib. Moved out well off good legs and feet. BP

2nd Morris. Suelynda Sophies Wish. Litter sister to first and on the stand I thought she would be my winner but she really wasn’t in the mood to show today. Classic head of good proportions with a well placed ear and bright eye. Balanced throughout with nice depth and spring of rib, she did settle on the move after the first go.

3rd Wareham & Dustan. Maursett Missy A promising baby at her first show just giving too much away in development today

PGrad (3)

1st Whitehouse. Maursett Muttley at Molvonia. Nicely made dog with depth of muzzle and a balanced back skull, clean well set ears, strong through the neck and shoulder with a pleasing amount of forechest. Deep well sprung ribs under a strong topline which he held well on the move. Broad well muscled rear with low set hocks gave drive, he pushed hard in the challenge and I’m sure with maturity he will certainly make his mark.

2nd Wareham & Dustan. Maursett Melwyn. Very similar to my winner just a slightly lighter framed dog, good head and eye with a pleasing expression. Well angulated throughout with good bone and feet. Good rear action but not as positive in front as first.

3rd Fenwick, Thompson & Langridge. Badgersmoon Mr Branson

Open (3)

1st Whitehouse SHCH Maursett Mallachie at Molvonia. Cracking example of the breed who really caught my eye on entering the ring. Well balanced with lovely masculine head full of breed type with a bright eye and clean ear. Strong all through with bone and substance, powerful through the neck and shoulder with a broad rump. He was a joy to watch on the move with true footfall. BOB

2nd Fenwick, Thompson & Langridge. Suelynda Second Edition with Badgersmoon. A different type to my winner but with lots to like about him. Mature in head which was balanced just a touch stronger than I prefer. He excels in neck and shoulder with plenty of bone and strong feet. Plenty of rib leading to a broad rear, balanced on the move very clean fore and aft. RBOB

3rd Wareham. Prestij Nachii Mandarin Shik (Imp RUS)

Sussex Spaniel

Junior (1)

1st Bradbury & Preston. Harasteorra Big Bear. What an exciting prospect this young boy is, I’m sure when he matures and fills out he will trouble the best. Beautifully balanced with a tidy outline and good angles front and rear. Masculine head with a pleasing eye and furrowed expression. He showed a lovely profile action, sometimes enjoying himself a bit too much but well earned RBOB

PGrad (2)

1st Bradbury & Preston.Harasteorra Big Bear (Repeat)

2nd Beecham. Meggamooch Xanadu at Rydonmist. Smaller, lighter framed bitch who is very feminine in head with a well set eye of good colour. Nicely made in front with enough depth of chest, broad thighs gave good drive, not as firm in topline as my winner today.

Open (5, 2abs)

1st Beecham. Crumbledor Albus Dumbledor at Rydonmist. Mature male with great depth and spring of rib.Masculine head with good width of skull and typical expression, he is strong in neck with sloping shoulders and a firm topline. Excellent rear angulation with broad muscled thighs and well boned legs giving great reach and drive on the move. BOB

2nd Allen-Line. Marquell Torscha Chaos Well built male with a balanced head and expression, he has a well set front assembly but not quite as straight in forelegs as my winner. He did not have the overall balance I was looking for but he has a pleasing action in profile and fore and aft.

3rd Mercer & Thomas.Stormacre She Believes in Me


Junior (1)

1st Anderson. Hollieseast Chanel Chic. 14 month bitch very much at the inbetween stage at the moment and was a little unsettled today. She has a lovely feminine head with correct ear placement, Lovely clean neck and shoulder leading smoothly into a strong topline. Balanced in angulation she moved ok once she settled RBOB

PGrad (3. 1abs)

1st Heuston. Parhelis Corrino. A very difficult class as neither were settled here today. This boy got it together a bit more on the move which gave him the edge. Once he settled enough to stand he presented a tidy outline, masculine in head with a good forechest and upperarm. He kept his topline on the move and had good bone and feet. BOB

2nd Anderson. Hollieseast Chanel Chic (repeat)

Judge Carol Moore (Gadhelic)