• Show Date: 19/07/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Carol Moore Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Thame & Oxfordshire County Canine Society

Thame & Oxfordshire County Canine Society

19th July 2023

My congratulations to the hard working committee for such an excellent show, I was impressed with the venue and layout and most of all the attention to details that made for the most pleasant of days for judges and exhibitors alike. I must also express my thanks to the stewards who kept the rings flowing smoothly despite having to juggle jobs and rings throughout the day.

To my mind there is no better sight than a free moving dog that is a true representative of its breed and thanks must go to my fellow judges for sending me an excellent line up of dogs in the BIS ring that were such a delight to put my hands on. Out of these quality exhibits I finally selected the stunning Norwegian Elkhound CH Bowerhinton Bassanio who demanded attention from the moment he strode into the ring. He has a beautiful, wedge-shaped head with a kind expression and bright eyes, correctly shaped ears, erect and used well at all times. In glorious coat with glossy black tips to the guard hairs and a thick undercoat. Compact but powerful body, strong and clean in the leg and in firm, muscled condition. On the move he had that effortless ground covering action, so clean and easy to watch. Every time I looked around the ring he just filled my eye and thoroughly deserved to take BIS

RBIS The impressive Hungarian Vizsla Vizslanya Aragonia JW. This boy never put a foot wrong, his movement was a joy to see, so much power and drive. Loved his balanced moulded head, strong clean outline and depth and spring of rib. He pushed hard for the top spot and is a fabulous unexaggerated example of his breed

BPIS The delicious Bearded Collie Irisaddition Victorious with Ellishar another who took the ring by storm from the moment she came in. Just loved her feminine, typy outline, so pretty in head with a beautiful flow from neck to tail. She was so clean and true on the move, holding her topline beautifully, such an exciting prospect

RBPIS ETT Nasabe Play The Game So smart and clean in outline, she was in the line up for BIS but did look a little unfinished, here amongst her peers she shone. Her head and expression is exquisite and she is clean limbed with positive balanced action on the move

BVIS It is always a joy to judge veterans and today I was really spoilt for choice, all were presented in fabulous condition and a real credit to their owners.

I chose the Siberian Husky NL CH Snowmists Isaac at Articskies JW ShCM (imp CAN) Benelux W18 as BVIS, although at the top end for size his excellent angulation and strong clean limbs giving such powerful drive and smooth action really caught my eye. One the final appraisal he just couldn't be looked past

RBVIS Min Pin CH Tubize Manhattan by Pinicio JW ShCM such an elegant little bitch with the sweetest of heads, she is lovely to go over, compact and tidy with a good length of rib and balanced angulation. On the move she was straight and true holding a firm topline. Despite it being a bit windy she stood and showed well.

BIRIS Korean Jindo Yulyeong Rock Dee Jay This boy presented a most impressive picture, he is so smart with a lovely head, furrowed brow and clear, bright eye. He has a well made forehand that was balanced out by a firmly muscled rear and had a smooth ground covering movement suggesting plenty of stamina.

RBIRIS Portuguese Pointer Teisgol Calisto of Dappleline A strongly made bitch who stood well over the ground with a firm topline and plenty of deep well sprung ribs. She has a broad skull, correctly set ear and just the right amount of muzzle. So precise on the move with a tidy profile action.

Flatcoated Retriever

Puppy (3, 1abs)

1st Kulawand Casanova Very appealing, balanced 6 month old puppy with plenty of bone and a lovely outline. He has a well moulded kind head with a bright eye of good colour and shape. Pleasing length of neck leading into a well constructed forechest with plenty of depth and strongly made quarters, moved out confidently keeping a firm topline.BP

2nd Nancynooo Blue Diamond pretty liver bitch with a cheeky eye and nicely made head. She has good bone and depth, just a little unbalanced at the moment but showed a pleasing profile action.

Special Yearling (6, 1abs)

1st Stranfaer One Fell Swoop, headed a lovely class of youngsters which is always so good to see. This girl took the honours with her classic looks, kind expression and good eye shape and colour. She has a fabulous front construction with just the right amount of depth in her body for her age, she flows through her topline to strong rear quarters giving a ground covering movement.

2nd Gemswin Goody Two Shoes moderate girl with a classical head, pleasing eye shape and colour with a hint of naughtiness. She is clean through the neck into a well constructed front with just the right width and depth through the chest, a fraction longer coupled than my ideal but she showed plenty of power and drive on the move.

3rd Clandrift Bring Me Sunshine

Limit (8)

1st Moonstruck This Is The One. A typy, unexaggerated dog with all the breed essentials. Correct male head with a well shaped eye. Strong neck leading to a good front construction with depth of rib and oval bone. He presents a lovely outline and has neat feet. A lovely strong mover with plenty of drive.

2nd Hameldowntor Pedro Ximenez. Another classy dog with a very smart outline, well made throughout showing depth and strength, he moved out strongly just not quite as tidy in front action as my winner.

3rd Moontorn Better Half Of Me

Open (6, 2abs)

1st Never Say Never Oasis of Peace to Maddouse Loved the style and shape of this beautiful bitch, racy and elegant throughout. Correct in size with the best of outlines, she has a very pretty head with a sparkling eye.Lovely length of neck into well-laid shoulder, excellent depth and length of ribcage, she holds a level topline at all times. Her broad well shaped hindquarters gave a powerful, precise movement that was a pleasure to watch BOB

2nd Candiliz Funky Monkey at Clandrift. Much more matronly in outline but a beautifully put together bitch with the sweetest of heads and a very cheeky expression. She has a great depth and spring of rib and clean legs and feet. She moved out beautifully very much in tune with her handler which won her RBOB

3rd Hameldowntor Music Of The Night (imp)


Puppy (1)

1st Oryxes Kissing The Waves on Tivalake (Imp CAN) Dainty 11 month old bitch so very feminine throughout. She has a broad skull, moderate stop and a bright almond shaped eye. Firm in neck with well set shoulders and a lovely forechest. She is nicely balanced for one so young with a light clean action on the move, BP

Special Yearling (3)

1st Afonbach Syrax JW. What an exciting prospect this young bitch is. She has a classic head, wedge shaped with flat cheeks, tapering muzzle and bright amber eyes. She has lovely angulation fore and aft with just the right amount of clean bone. Strong level back with plenty of rib underneath it and her well muscled rear gave the correct amount of propulsion around the ring. In the challenge she seemed to just notch it up a gear and gave a stellar performance to win BOB over the striking open winner who I was informed later was her sire. The apple certainly hasn’t fallen far from the tree there.

2nd Sloetree Special Cuvee. Another typical bitch with a lovely feminine head and expression, she has a good length of neck but not quite as finished in front as my winner. She has plenty of rib and well muscled rear which she used to advantage on the move.

3rd Cfyre’s High Tea at Tollpepper JW (Imp Can)

Limit (4, 1abs)

1st Tollisty Moet En Chandon JW This boy is all male of a pleasing shape and size. He has a wedge shaped head with flat cheeks and a bright well shaped eye.He has pleasing angulation fore and aft with a good depth of chest and spring of rib. Short, strong loin leading to a well muscled rear. Light and clean on the move.

2nd Tollelkin Dream Dancer JW Close up decision between these two but I just felt this girl was not quite as firm in the rear. She has a well made head with a lovely ear set and bright eye. She is clean through the neck and shoulder with enough spring of rib. She moved out nicely with plenty of reach.

3rd Cfyre’s Spellbreaker at Tollpepper (Imp CAN)

Open (3)

1st CH Tollelkin Caife Americano SGWC ShCEx. A flashy, eye catching dog who has strength and power throughout. Masculine in head with plenty of strength in it, his almond shaped eye compliments his coat colour and he has good breadth to his skull. Firm and muscled neck flowed well into his well set shoulder, plenty of deep ribs under a strong topline. Broad well muscled thighs gave a lively, true movement RBOB

2nd Afonbach Winter Is Coming JW Another quality dog in this hard fought class. He has a balanced profile and is well made throughout..His head is nicely balanced and masculine with good back skull, medium stop, tapering muzzle and almond shaped eyes which gave an alert and friendly expression. He is a good size but has the correct front and rear angulation and covers the ground in typical jaunty fashion.

3rd Tivalake Temptation

YKC Members Stakes

AV Hound

1st CH Tokaj Moon Over Miami with Mutoko JW Charismatic Basenji bitch with a lovely head and expression and the desired wrinkle giving that questioning look. Lovely crested neck, very neat and clean throughout and so balanced. She moved out beautifully, very well handled

2nd Kenzduo Smooth Twirl 15 month Mini Smooth Dacshund who was a little overawed today but kept his confidence on the table. Pleasing head with a bright eye and good ear leathers, a touch longer in back which did unbalance his outline but he was steady and easy on the move.

AV Terrier

1st CH Robelroy Many Dreams at Furlongfox ShCEx. Very smart WFT with lots of ring presence. At first he was not too happy with moving on the grass but so settled and strode out well. He has a short back and lovely angulated quarters. He was put down in excellent condition

2nd CH Riplington Sea Your Dreams Tidy PRT who was lovely to go over, nicely made with a smart outline and neat feet. True and tidy on the move just not quite in his best coat today.

3rd Frazandmitch All Eyes On Me at Dajavel

AV Pastoral

1st Arrodare No Wonder. Border Collie of excellent breed type in fabulous condition. Bright, dark eye set in the most pleasing head, lovely layback of shoulder and depth of rib. Clean and true on the move, nicely handled

AV Toy

1st Abukadra Tutti Frutti Pug Fairly large head with lovely lustrous eyes, good muzzle and excellent pigmentation. Shapely and cobby in build with a good body and firm topline. She excelled on the move really covering the ground. Quietly and unobtrusively handled to advantage.

2nd Cavallibrook Why Oh Why Pretty CKCS with a soft expression and kind eye. She has a good front and firm topline just a little untidy at times on the move.

AV Utility

1st Kallierbelle Ceithir Dalmatian Classy and elegant but with strength and power throughout. She has a sweet head with balanced planes and well set ears which she used well. Nicely made throughout which reflected in her clean and true movement.

2nd Aprika Dallas Boston Terrier Square headed bitch with an expressive well shaped eye. Lovely clean bone just a little longer in body than I prefer but moved out covering the ground well.

AV Gundog

1st Arrowbien Ivy Queen American Cocker, this girl worked hard with her young handler to give a good account. I’m sure with time they will grow into an excellent partnership. She has a plush muzzle of good length and bright forward looking eye, clean neck and shoulder and a strong topline.

Judge Carol Moore (Gadhelic)