• Show Date: 04/06/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Carol Moore Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Ripon & District Canine Society

Ripon & Dist Canine Society


Golden Retriever

Puppy (3, 2abs)

1st Lamancha Trust Your Heart with Gloi 6 month dark gold bitch with excellent pigmentation, good length to her muzzle and a kind eye. Strong through the neck with a good layback of shoulder and deep rib. She has cracking bone and feet and her broad thighs were well muscled giving plenty of drive. BPIB

Junior (10, 4abs)

1st Strathlon Spirit of Ecstasy This 13 month bitch really filled my eye, she has a lovely outline and is correctly balanced throughout. Her head is feminine with a pleasing length to muzzle and gently rounded backskull. She is deep in rib with a firm topline and lovely rear quarters which she used to great advantage on the move, lovely in profile and clean coming and going. BOB

2nd Shebelta Sweet Soul Music. Strong masculine dog of 14 months with a balanced head and nicely shaped eye. He is firm through the neck with well set shoulders, I would prefer a touch more upperarm to balance him out. He has deep ribs and broad thighs with a good amount of bone. He had good rear movement just a little untidy in front today.

3rd Dantassie Doobie Do

PGrad (6, 1abs)

1st Strathlon Spirit of Ecstasy (repeat)

2nd Gloi You Make Loving Fun. Honest bitch with a kind eye and good width of skull. She has pleasing angles but I would prefer a more balanced leg length to body ratio. She has plenty of rib and a strong topline which she kept well on the move showing a good profile action.

3rd Jaymardy Sweet Caroline JW

Open ( 8, 1abs)

1st Bowbarl Twistnturn Moderate dog of good size, he has a pleasing head with a soft expression. Good length of neck and deep in rib with clean straight bone and tidy feet. Broad stifles, well muscled rear gave plenty of drive.

2nd Shebelta Sweet Soul Music (repeat)

3rd Palton Pavarotti

Labrador Retriever

Puppy (4)

1st Flyenpyg Amy Swinehouse Black bitch who I have judged recently and my opinion of her has not changed. She is just the right size with a cracking make and shape and is clean and true on the move. BPIB

2nd Stormrose Good As Gold 8 month pale yellow dog with lots of substance and bone. He has a well made head with a soft brown eye, just a touch throaty for me. He has good construction front and rear and plenty of rib. He was a little unsettled coming into the ring at the last minute but I did get to see a good profile movement.

3rd The Girl Is Fun from Linjor

Junior (6, 1abs 2 w/d)

1st Foxrush Jane Ayre JW 17 month yellow bitch with a classic outline. She has a lovely foreface and sweet feminine expression. Strong and firm in the neck with a lovely layback of shoulder and good length of upperarm. She has well sprung ribs under a strong topline and broad thighs giving true driving movement. A well deserved BOB.

2nd Hurstmeon Hey Look Its Me at Flyenpyg Another top quality bitch who pushed hard, she did not have quite as good an undercoat as the winner but with being a dark chocolate you could see where it had been. Lovely construction throughout and so neat and clean on the move.

3rd Wynfaul Carbon Copy at Beskerby

PGrad (10, 2abs 1w/d)

1st Burnthorn Morning Mist Well made black bitch with the most beautiful head and eye. She has tidy ears which she used to advantage, strong neck leading to a well made front and good topline. Plenty of rib and broad rump with lots of drive.

2nd Northernjoy Rambling Rose Pretty chocolate bitch with a classic outline, she has a balanced head with a soft expression and well set ear. Clean flow through the neck and shoulder with enough upperarm and good bone. She has well sprung ribs and wide stifles, moved out well in profile.

3rd Flyenpyg Amy Swinehouse

Open (5)

1st Flyenpyg Porky Pig JW OSW Mature yellow dog of the correct size and substance, he has a masculine head with the cheekiest of expression and well placed ears. He has balanced angulation throughout and really excels on the move which won him the class.

2nd Carriegame Daisy May to Amegilla.Chocolate bitch with a good length of foreface, correct eye and good pigmentation. She has balanced angulation fore and aft with plenty of bone for her size. Moved out well, not quite the reach of my winner

3rd Burnthorn Box Office

Retriever (Flat Coated)

PGrad (3, 1abs)

1st I Know Him So Well at Rokaness 15 month dog still quite raw but he has everything in the right place and it fits so well. I loved his moulded head with a bright well shaped eye of good size. He flowed through the neck and shoulder with a good return of upperarm. I liked his racy outline and clean driving movement.

2nd Gloi Dubh Kristopher Robin JW A much bigger dog with a lot of bone and substance. He has balanced angulation and a lot of depth and spring of rib. I would prefer tighter feet and a more settled movement, he looked good in profile but not as tidy coming towards me.

Open (2)

1st Gloi Dubh Just One Look. Well constructed, sound dog with a profuse coat, he has an all male head with good moulding and a soft expression. Good angulations front and rear with a pleasing flow to the neck and shoulder and plenty of rib. On the move he showed plenty of reach and drive BOB

 2nd Levelmoor Blackadder. A very pretty feminine bitch with a beautiful head and expression. She has a racy outline that flows from neck to tail with correct angulation. Unfortunately today she was not as clean and true on the move as the dog being a little too exuberant


PGrad (8, 2abs)

1st Goosepoint Zsazsa Gabor Striking 11 month liver bitch with a lovely typy outline. She has the sweetest of heads with a bright expression and nicely placed ears. For one so young she is beautifully balanced with a flowing topline leading to a well set on tail. Broad muscled thighs gave strong driving movement so straight and true every time. BPIB BOB PGroup 2

2nd Cushatlaw Athena JW Compact liver and white ticked bitch she is feminine throughout with a kind expression. Firm in neck with a good layback of shoulder and plenty of rib. She has a broad well muscled rear giving drive just not as tidy in front today.

3rd Keigame Signe

Open (4, 2abs)

1st Cushatlaw Serendipity JW Lovely size and type with a feminine head and expression, she has a strong neck into shoulder with the correct amount of forechest.. Straight forelegs and well made tight feet. She tended to hunch a little in the wind today which did affect her topline but this did not impede her movement which was a true ground covering stride.

2nd Brevathos Tanna. Unplaced in the earlier class but was much more settled here. She has a typical head with a pleasing eye and good length of neck, still needs to finish in front but has depth of rib and good feet.

Bracco Italiano

Open (8, 6 abs)

1st Whitgun Renegade Master at Owlspoint JW This boy has a lovely head piece on him, just the right amount of lip and a large spongy nose with open nostrils, he has lovely chiselling and a bright eye with tight rims. Following on the rest of him does not disappoint a lovely forehand with a broad chest and well angled rear. He showed strong ground covering movement, just not the finished article in the group but one I will watch with interest BOB

2nd Piccorino Potente Bellezzo At his first show which he found a little overwhelming but kind handling allowed me to go over him. He has lovely bone and substance and a masculine head with a good sized eye and divergent planes. He has plenty of rib and broad thighs. He moved steadily and will improve with time and practise.

Hungarian Vizsla

Open (4, 1abs)

1st Vizslanya Sziena JW Mature bitch in her prime she had everything I was looking for. The most feminine of heads with a kind eye. Good reach of neck leading to a well laid shoulder. Excellent length of back with spring of rib. Brisket down to elbow, and well turned stifle. Shown in hard condition which was so apparent on the move where she covered the ground effortlessly. BOB

2nd Casatledogley Firenze Pretty baby with lots of promise, she was giving her handler a lot of work to do but this was sympathetically managed. She has a lovely shape and a feminine head with a bright eye. Clean bone and tight feet gave a good action on the move BPIB

3rd Vizellven Eks Velvet

AVNSC Gundog

Puppy (3, 1abs)

1st Nadavin Neala Field Spaniel 7 month black bitch with the sweetest of heads, correct in muzzle with a soft brown eye and good backskull. She has a lovely length of neck and good layback of shoulder which flows into a firm topline. She has plenty of rib for her age and is balanced in angulation. Still a baby on the move but she has a lovely profile action BP BAVNSC PGroup 4

2nd Krisada Not In Kansas Gordon Setter 10 month male well up to size with bone to match, he has a masculine head with good stop and a dark eye. Good reach of neck but he still needs to break in front. He kept his topline well on the move showing drive.

AV Gundog


1st Melverly Iridescent ESS 9 month bitch right out of the top drawer, she has the most beautiful make and shape with fabulous angles and lovely forechest. Her head still needs to finish but she is correct in muzzle and has the most gentle expression. On the move she is eye catching with that swing from the shoulder and driving action so true and accurate, one who has a promising future

2nd Norrayshas Madam Cholet at Mycalley’s Buff American Cocker with a square plush muzzle and dark, bright eye. She has a good layback of shoulder and a nicely sloping topline. Moved out clean and true

3rd Krisada Not In Kansas


1st Moorbrook Miss Marple avec Byedales English Setter Strong blue belton with a lovely balanced head and the softest of expressions. She has a lovely outline , clean through the neck and shoulder with plenty of rib under a firm topline. Loved her movement so strong with plenty of reach

2nd Black Lord Wildest Dream at Frieljoanipa (imp HRV) Black bitch carrying a touch more weight than I’d like, She has a really pretty head with dark eye and nice amount of backskull, she is straight in front and well bodied with good angles front and rear.which gave driving movement.

3rd Shebelta Sweet Soul Music


1st Rhythm Lacey Chocolate Labrador not in the best of coats but she has a pleasing shape and a lovely expression. She is clean in outline and showed a good profile action.

2nd Shebelta Sweet Soul Music

3rd Kimpa Kwarta Korki


It is always a joy to judge these wonderful older dogs who all show that a well made dog will look good for many, many years. Thank you for the honour of judging them

1st Palton Panetela Golden Retriever in the most fabulous condition for his 9 years. He has a gentle expression in a masculine head, strong through the neck and shoulder with balanced leg to body ratio. So strong and firm in topline with lovely angles he moved out so sound and true, a real credit to his owner BV

2nd Roqfolly Black Label Just edged his fellow ESS on his stronger rear action today. So balanced in outline with lovely depth and spring of rib

3rd Chanangel Falling Leaf JW CentVW 23 VW

Gundog Group

Both groups had depth of quality, I could have awarded many more rosettes, my winners all put on top performances to gain their placings.

Group 1 Sussex Spaniel SHCH Eald Dances With Wolves among Nyliram JW ShCEx OSW What an excellent example of a Sussex, he has a masculine head with correct foreface and strong brow giving that true expression. I loved his powerful clean bone and balanced body which combined with his angulation allowed him to stride out showing great drive. Delighted to hear he took RBIS

Group 2 Irish Setter Colemist The Name Of The Game. Eye catching Irish Setter turned out in excellent order with a lovely dark coat. Melting expression with soft dark eye under a quizzical brow. He is strong in neck with excellent properties throughout, moved out with drive and was true coming and going

Group 3 ESS Melverly Iridescent (see AV Gundog Puppy)

Group 4 Clumber Spaniel Maursett Marnie Clumber Spaniel A beautiful feminine example of the breed showing a classic head and outline. Put down in tiptop condition with plenty of muscle to give strong clean movement

Puppy Group 1 ESS Melverly Iridescent

Puppy Group 2 GSP Goosepoint Zsazsa Gabor

Puppy Group 3 SWD Sierrasalvas Calabaza SWD Lovely head with expressive eye,she has a strong top line and tail set and moderate rear angles with width of thigh, she moved with power and drive, finished off in a nice rustic coat.

Puppy Group 4 Field Spaniel Nadavin Neala

Judge Carol Moore (Gadhelic)