• Show Date: 14/05/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Carol Moore Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Stockport Canine Society

Stockport Canine Society


Congratulations to the Committee on putting together a great show especially after such a long break. I was delighted to be invited to judge Gundogs and BIS and would like to express my thanks to the committee and to my hard working stewards, sadly a single exhibitor showed poor sportsmanship but that was not going to be allowed to spoil my day.

BIS was a cracking Norwich Terrier Kreatin Truly Extra who owned the ring from the moment she walked into it, low and cobby but so feminine with a bright, alert expression and good width between her well set ears, she really sparkled on the move with a fabulous ground covering action, put down in wonderful condition with a harsh jacket and nothing out of place.

RBIS was the delightful Whippet Silkridge In A Moment at Mazargo so feminine and elegant she flows beautifully from tip to tail, nicely filled in front with correct flat muscle, arched loin and strong in thigh which all fitted together to give a lovely daisy cutting action on the move.

BIS 3 was the Pointer Millpoint Simply Scrumptious JW still in great form, clean and true

BIS 4 was the Shih Tzu Emerson Alpiu Slenis of Alchez (imp LTU) JW ShCex OSW beautifully presented standing and moving

BPIS The engaging Pug Eastonite Aramis Croftren so smart with a typy outline, cobby and substantial for one so young.with an excellent head, round expressive eyes, neat ears and open nares. He was a joy to watch on the move so clean and precise.

RBPIS The characterful JRT Reulemill Quacajack he has a great shape and a fabulous head with a very cheeky eye. Full of sparkle standing and moving he pushed hard for the top spot just found the day a bit too long so made his handler work to keep his attention.

BPIS 3 was the Cocker Spaniel Riondel Enigma still showing well after a long day and a variety of handlers

BPIS 4 The Norwegian Buhund Leggatts Dakota at Knytshall so smart and precise standing and moving.

BVIS The Tibetan Spaniel Mennimoonz Sleepy Slug just short of her 12th birthday and certainly nothing sluggish about her standing or moving, so alert with a pretty head and just lovely make and shape. I really couldn’t look past her today.

Golden Retriever

Puppy (1)

1st Swanavly Popsy's Legacy at Nunsbrook (imp SRB) 9 month pale dog with a pleasing head, good earset and strong through the neck. He has enough front for his age and kept his top line standing and moving. Broad thighs and tight feet, moved out true BP

Junior (2)

1st Silver Passion Glam Fashion at Nunsbrook JW (imp DEU) 16 month masculine dog with a kind expression and lovely pigmentation. He is balanced throughout with deep spring ribs under a strong topline. His well muscled rear gave driving movement.

2nd Sybiton Ginger Nut. At that inbetween stage at the moment where his body needs to catch up with his legs. He has a tidy outline with angulation front and rear, plenty of bone and muscle. He showed a lovely profile action just not as positive in the rear as my winner

PGrad (2)

1st Golmas Guard of Honour at Jarabees JW Eye catching dog who does not disappoint when you get your hands on him. Masculine head with a lovely eye and expression, really well made throughout so moved accordingly BOB. He pulled out all the stops in the group to earn a well deserved Group 2

2nd Sybiton Ginger Nut ( repeat)

Open (1)

1st Sybiton Ginger Nut (repeat)

Labrador Retriever

Puppy (6, 3 abs)

1st Sharouns Inspector Gadget Very animated 10 month yellow dog strongly built with the best of fronts he really excels in upperarm and shoulder. Firm topline with plenty of well sprung rib underneath. Obviously at this age his head is not the finished article but it is balanced with plenty of brainroom and tidy ears which he used to advantage. Lovely broad stifles gave a powerful movement BP and PGroup 3

2nd Meadowline Heartbreaker Such a kind and gentle expression on this boy, lovely dark eyes and balanced proportions with good width to the backskull and depth to the muzzle. He is strong through the neck and holds his topline well, not as developed in front as my winner, showed plenty of drive.

3rd Blackwen Ambassador

Junior (4, 2abs)

1st Gamblegate Tilly Tuppence Charismatic yellow bitch with the sweetest of heads, well shaped soft brown eye gave a gentle expression. Clean and firm through the neck and shoulder with plenty of depth and spring of rib. She has just the right amount of bone for her size and a strong topline which she held well on the move.

2nd Harrop Ravenheart Lighter framed black bitch with a balanced feminine head. She is even in angulation with well muscled thighs. Not quite as form in topline as my winner today, moved true.

PGrad (7. 3abs)

1st Cinders Salty Sea Striking black dog with the best of heads, good length and depth to his muzzle, plenty of work throughout and well set ear. Lovely size and substance throughout with a clean neck and pleasing front assembly. He flowed through his topline to a well set tail. Moved out with reach and drive on well boned legs and tight feet. BOB, disappointed he did not appear in the group.

2nd Carriegame Carry on Camping Avec Isaiki Masculine chocolate dog strong male head with good backskull, powerful in neck with a good front and rib. Moved out with plenty of drive, just preferred the coat condition of the winner.

3rd Aughtonchase Honey Pie

Open (8. 4abs)

1st Allanine’s On The Sea Shore Mature yellow bitch, balanced, feminine head with a kind well shaped eye. Very tidy in outline with good angulation front and rear, lovely bone and tight feet. Moved clean and true, just not in as firm a condition as the dog when it came to the challenge.

2nd Aughtonchase Mr Sandman Upstanding masculine yellow, a touch strong in head for me but plenty of backskull. Nicely made with deep well sprung ribs and a firm topline, he was a bit too enthusiastic on the move which made him look untidy at times.

3rd Oakhouse Only Avec Isaiki


Puppy (3)

All were a little unsettled today making their handlers work hard.

1st Millpoint Shropshire Lad 7 month male who made the best of his time in the ring. He has a balanced head with a good length of foreface and width to the skull, pleasing earset and clean through the neck. He has a firm topline and good depth of chest. Strong and clean in bone with tight arched feet and well muscled rear. Still a baby in the move but went well. BP

2nd Codnorhawk Starlight This baby girl was working hard to please her handler, she stood well with a clean outline, she has a sweet eye and nicely placed ear. Standing she shows promise with balanced angulation, good bone and feet, she kept her topline on the move just not as practised as my winner.

3rd Millpoint Kiss Me Kate at Casdellda

Junior (1)

1st Joneva Azelia Banks 16 months old bitch with a lovely outline she has clean head planes with a pleasing eye and a good amount of stop. She flows through the neck and shoulder with a good depth of rib and holds her top line well standing and moving. On the move she really comes alive with great reach and a beautiful profile action, she pushed hard for top honors just not quite the finished article yet

PGrad (2)

1st Collholme Angelique Elegant flowing bitch with the prettiest of heads and a kind eye, good length of forface and width of skull. She has a lovely front assembly with correct bone and tight feet, deep in rib with plenty of lung room under a firm top line. She has a lovely rear action with plenty of drive, another who pushed hard for top honors.

2nd Millpoint Heart and Soul at Casdellda good sized bitch with plenty of skull and a well set ear. Strong through the neck, deep rib under a firm topline. Broad rear gave strong rear action not as tidy in front as my winner today

Open (2)

1st Millpoint Simply Scrumptus JW Stylish and upstanding L/W bitch with a feminine balanced head and a lovely expressive eye.She is very smart with good balance and construction, each part flowing seamlessly into the next, excellent in topline with deep ribs and a curvaceous underline. Super hindquarters, wide and muscular with a nice sweep of stifle, on the move she eats up the ground with lovely reach and drive BOB Group 1 and BIS3

2nd Collholme Balthasar Up to size male with a masculine head and kind eye, he has a good length of neck and deep rib with strong bone and tight feet, firm in rear which he used well on the move.

Cocker Spaniel

Puppy (5, 2abs)

1st Riondel Solitaire B/Roan bitch nearly 12 months old, so pretty and feminine throughout with the sweetest of heads and dark expressive eyes. She has a cobby body with plenty of rib and the right amount of bone. Lovely angulations front and rear with a broad rump that gave strong driving movement and that true merry cocker action.

2nd Dartemis Tania Borealis. Smaller sized b/t bitch full of character and animation. She has the cheekiest expression and a sparkling eye. Nicely made throughout with a gently sloping, firm topline and well muscled rear, lively on the move with good reach

3rd Kerriglow One Step Closer at Crankwoods

Junior (3)

1st Riondel Enigma Wow, I was taken by this 12 month b/roan boy from the moment he stepped into the ring although still only a baby he has all the makings of a top draw cocker, There is no way you could mistake him for anything other than a male, square muzzle, lovely dark eye and low set well feathered ear. Really good reach of neck and lay of shoulder, lovely width and depth of chest, neat thickly padded feet, hocks well let down, beautifully presented he has a lovely merry, nature. He moved with plenty of drive from his strong rear showing great reach. BP BOB Group 3 Puppy Group 1 BPIS3

2nd Tomarisroan Star Maker Lovely bitch who was unlucky to come up against the dog in such top form. Pretty head with the kindest of eyes, Firm through the neck and shoulder gently sloping to a well made rear, she has good bone and well padded feet which she used to advantage on the move.

3rd Sandlauga Jester

PGrad (5, 1abs)

1st Riondel Blu Savana Beautiful b/roan so balanced and compact. Not a big girl but has everything in correct proportions. Beautiful gentle expression, square muzzle and dark eye. Good reach of neck and lay of shoulder, well ribbed and short in loin, deep chest under a strong topline. Moved out straight and true, presented to perfection.

2nd Rockllocers Bright Mercury at Crankwoods Pretty black bitch of good type. Very appealing in head with a dark eye and kind expression. Good strong neck. Well made throughout. Short deep body. Sound merry mover just caring a touch too much weight for me.

3rd Sandlauga Maverick

Open (3, 1abs)

1st Rockllocers Blissful Blush Honest gold bitch of smaller size but nicely balanced. Cheeky eye, enough length of muzzle and lowset ear. Gently sloping topline with good rib underneath. Moved out straight and true.

2nd Sandlauga Soul Man Classically handsome male with a lovely balanced head, strong through the neck and enough angulation fore and aft. Deep well sprung rib under a decent topline. Looked good in profile just a touch untidy coming towards me today.

Lagotto Romagnolo

Puppy (1)

1st Kan Trace Emit Remmus Although the only entry today, what a quality entry he is. So typy throughout, square muzzle, correct amount of stop and large expressive eyes. Lovely angles and construction throughout straight, clean bone and tight feet. Lovely curl and texture to his coat, he showed straight true movement but the noisy surroundings made him a little tense at times. BP BOB Group 4 Puppy Group 2

AVNSC Setter

Puppy (1)

1st Ravensett Calvaro 8 month orange belton with a pleasing head and kind eye, nicely made throughout, still very much a baby but with plenty of promise, he kept his topline well on the move and has good bone and feet, moved straight and true BAVNSC Setter

PGrad (2)

1st Glenvarna My Girl Solid honest Irish Setter with a feminine head, kind eye and soft expression. She has a good length of neck and well set shoulders which carried on to a firm topline, enough width of thigh and clean legs and feet. She moved steady and true coming and going. Whilst I do not give the highest priority to presentation, some judicious grooming would improve her appearance greatly.

2nd Shudorared Amor Dillon IS Beautifully turned out but too strong in head for me, he was missing that gentle expression. Good length of neck, plenty of depth of rib, not as well set in front as my winner which showed in his untidy front action.

Open (3, 2abs)

1st Thendara Soul Sister IS Finer bitch with a kind eye and expression, good eye and ear set, strong neck to well laid shoulder, just a touch lacking in forechest. Strong through the topline with well shaped rear, good bone but feet could be tighter. Moved out true.

AVNSC Gundog

Puppy (5, 1 abs)

1st Camusmor Ca Canny with Acanuck NSDTR 10 month bitch with a lovely kind eye in a wedge shaped head, substantial throughout with a lovely balanced outline, strong and clean in neck with a pleasing front assembly. She has a firm topline with plenty of rib underneath, broad thighs giving balanced tidy movement BP PGroup 4

2nd Eald Bull Eagle Sussex Sp a cracking typy dog with a lovely furrowed brow and the kindest of eyes. Powerful neck, strong and deep in chest with plenty of angulation front and rear. Still a bit of a baby but showed balanced movement.

3rd Ravensett Calvaro

Junior (2, 1abs)

1st Enryb Tickled Pink JW HWHV Medium sized bitch with the correct amount of bone, she has the sweetest of heads with a well shaped eye, good length to her muzzle and just the right amount of furnishings. Firm in neck, well laid shoulder with plenty of chest, deep ribs showing good lungroom. Strong well muscled rear gave powerful drive. Lovely harsh thick jacket finished the picture, I was splitting hairs when it came to best avnsc and I’m sure when she matures she will trouble the best.

PGrad (4, 2abs)

1st Braithwaite Northern Boy Weimaraner, well up to size with a clean outline, masculine in head with good balance and strong jaws. Well boned, straight front leads to good lay back of shoulder. Balanced length of body with depth and strength, firm topline and tail set, moved straight and true.

2nd Eald Village Urchin Sussex SP Feminine little bitch with a well shaped head, balanced with a bright eye. Good neck and shoulder with depth and length of rib, wide enough in rear but not as steady on the move as I would like.

Open (5, 3 abs)

1st ShCh Eald Village Scandal JW Sussex SP She just shouts Sussex. Presents a balanced shape, outline and held her top-line when on the move. Feminine head with good stop and frowning brows, deep muzzle. Nice straight front and strong bone.moved out with purpose with well angulated rear action Best AVNSC Gundog

2nd Isara Kurzhaar Whistle GSP Classic head with good planes, strong underjaw and a well shaped eye. Strong neck and shoulder, not as firm in topline as she could be but she has a good width of thigh and moved true, I was surprised to hear she was over 10 years of age, she is wearing well.

AV Gundog Veteran (6. 4 abs)

1st Carneval of Golden Duck Cobey at Jarabees (imp SRB) 8 year old Golden Retriever of a very pale colour, he has a masculine head with a kind eye and broad well shaped skull. Strong and clean through the neck and shoulder with a lovely deep body and balanced length of leg. Lovely and firm in topline with broad well muscled thighs giving ground covering movement. BVIG

2nd Isara Kurzhaar Whistle repeat

Gundog Group

Group 1 Pointer Millpoint Simply Scrumptious JW

Group 2 Golden Retriever Golmas Guard of Honour at Jarabees JW

Group 3 Cocker Spaniel Riondel Enigma

Group 4 Lagotto Romagnolo Kan Trace Emit Remmus

Puppy Group

Group 1 Cocker Spaniel Riondel Enigma

Group 2 Lagotto Romagnolo Kan Trace Emit Remmus

Group 3 Labrador Sharouns Inspector Gadget

Group 4 NSDTR Camusmor Ca Canny with Acanuck

AV Stakes

Puppy (17, 11 abs)

1st Sibertips And All That Jazz Samoyed full of breed type with that wonderful expression and pigmentation, well made throughout with good bone and substance. Shown in fantastic condition, moved out with a fabulous action

2nd Leggatts Dakota at Knytshall Norwegian Buhund. Such a smart young black bitch her head is neat and tidy with bright eyes and alert and expressive ears. Compact body nicely made with pleasing angulation. Moved out smartly

3rd Millpoint Kiss Me Kate at Casedellda

Open (10, 7 abs)

1st Emerson Alpiu Slenis of Alchez (imp LTU) JW ShCex OSW. Shih Tzu male with a real ‘look at me’ attitude. Such an arrogant expression with large, rounded eye. Reachy neck set into well laid shoulders. Good width to chest and well ribbed. Pleasing bone and substance with correct body proportions. Moved with style and flair.

2nd Marinbox Murder in Three Acts. Upstanding Boxer, all male with enough length to foreface and a broad skull. Strongly made with a deep, broad chest and wide thighs giving plenty of drive.

3rd Nosregor Cassiopeia at Shelayne

Champion (4, 1abs)

1st Ch Juffther Happy Bunny JW ShCEx Classy Rottweiler bitch, hard to believe she is a veteran and had there been an award for RBVIS it would have been hers. Square muzzle, bright in eye and broad in skull, full of style and animation she has a cracking body and pleasing angles. A very enthusiastic driving movement finished the picture.

2nd Ch Ashmakin Bodacious Smooth for Jaxtzu (ikc) JW ShCM ShCEx. Shih Tzu Classically made boy with size and substance. Shown in excellent condition, moved cleanly just lacked the verve of my winner.

3rd Ch Chadbower Nevaeh Lahetti

SP Beginner (11, 8 abs)

1st Edkbangels ZenniaI was surprised to see this sassy little Pomeranian in this class, I’m sure she will soon be over qualified for it. So neat and tidy with a pretty expression, she stood beautifully at all times and has a tidy body under her beautifully presented coat.

2nd Sybiton Ginger Nut

3rd Poolheywood Barney

Judge Carol Moore (Gadhelic)