• Show Date: 23/09/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Carol Henry Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 21/10/2023

Belfast & District Irish Setter Club

Belfast & District Irish Setter Club Open Show 23rd September 2023

Best In Show Loughlin’s Ir Sh Ch Rohanmor Along came Polly JD, JCh

Reserve Best in Show Donnelly’s Ir Sh Ch Forfarian Mind yer manners  

Best Veteran in Show Murchinson’s Pawsword Paperback Writer for Corphin VW  

Thank you to Belfast & District Irish Setter Club for the invitation to Judge their open show, as a replacement judge I would also like to extend my thanks to the exhibitors who took my decisions with grace. I was pleased to hear clapping and cheering around the ring for the winners.

I was a little concerned at the lack of muscle in some exhibits, generally the back movement and narrowness of the rear on a few of the dogs gave cause for concern.

Veteran   7, 3abs

1st   Murchinson’s Pawsword Paperback Writer for Corphin VW Best Veteran in Show

7-year-old male, excellent condition for his age. Masculine in head, good earset, good length of neck with no sign of throatiness, into well laid shoulders, strength in his topline, good depth of chest moved out well.

  2nd   Tom’s Clannrua Birch

8-year-old male, slightly finer in frame, presented in good coat and condition, just preferred the outline of one. Moved ok.

3rd Tupper & Rosie’s   Staratlanta Elliot ShCM VW

Graduate Dog 2, 0abs

1st Walker’s Gwendariff u can’t touch this JW

Balanced fore & aft, racy in appearance, oval skull, slightly sloping firm topline, deep in chest, with flowing feathers completing the picture

2nd Desmond’s Clannrua cu Chulainn

Of nice proportions, neck moderately long, a little upright in shoulder, nice bend of stifle presented in good condition, let down today by his erratic movement

Post graduate Dog 3, 0 abs

1st Bayne ‘s Corranroo Celtic Storm

Long lean head, moderate length in neck, deep in chest, well-turned stifle, moved ok

2nd   Desmond’s Clannrua cu Chulainn

3rd Cove-Print’s Umbala Hobsons Choice  

Limit Dog 5,2abs

1st Hughes’s Gwendariff plays the Flute Reserve Best Dog

Of Racy appearance, but so masculine, good depth to chest, showing the required narrowness in the front, gentle slope to his topline, with good length from hip to hock. Strong in loin, Moved out with drive.

2nd Murchison ‘s Kerryfair Please please me Corphin

Longer cast than one, but still a well-presented racy male, with a pleasing well balanced head, well-muscled in neck, slightly longer in hock. Moved at one with his handler.

3rd   Walker’s Gwendariff Flags are Flyin  

Open Dog  4,2abs

1st   Donnelly’s Ir Sh Ch Forfarian Mind yer manners BEST DOG & Reserve Best in Show

Overall, a picture of racy, well-balanced male. Pleasing long lean head, good length of muscular neck, slightly firm sloping topline, good length from hip to hock, well let down hock. Good depth in chest and strength in his loin, moved out with drive.

2nd   Tom’s Ir Sh Ch Toberbilly I wish You Luck Jun CH

Well presented in good coat, just preferred the balance of one, small well arched feet. well let down on the hock moved out ok

Yearling Bitch    3, 1abs

1st    Vallance’s Lynwood Rather ravising at Corcencone Reserve best Bitch

Such a gentle expression on this girl, nothing flashy just well-constructed, balanced fore and aft, enough depth of chest to give lung room, well-muscled with developed 2nd thigh. Moved with drive and strength in her rear movement.

  2nd   Tom’s Ladysdale Maud Gonne Jun Ch

Another lovely young girl, who gave her handler a bit of a hard time, but when settled moved out well. Just carrying a little weight to day which spoiled her outline, well presented in good coat and condition.

Graduate Bitch 1, 0abs

1st Peter’s Corranroo Hot Sensation at Shirlilah

Although standing alone, deserved her first place, feminine in head, a little heavy over the shoulders today, presented a racy out line well-turned stifle, well developed 2nd thigh and muscled in the rear.

Post graduate Bitch 1, 0 abs

1st     Bayne’s Corranroo Rainbow Shimmer

Feminine in head, kindly expression, good length of neck, balanced fore & aft, deep in body, plenty of straight bone. Well-turned stifle, moved well

Open Bitch   6,2abs

1st Loughlin’s Ir Sh Ch Rohanmor Along came Polly JD, JCh Best Bitch, Best in Show

A girl who fulfils the breed standard, racy in appearance but oh so feminine, presented in good coat and condition. Head long and lean and well proportioned, good length of neck, into well laid shoulders good depth in chest with plenty of heart room, strong in loin with good width to her hindquarters. Well-developed second thigh, moved with drive, with a lovely free flowing stride.

2nd   Brady’s Ir ShCh   Forfarian Red or Dead

Finer in frame to one, presented in good condition, feminine in head with dark eye, ears well set on.  Deep in chest, with sufficient heart room. A little longer in the hock which showed when moving away.

3rd      McKelvey’s Toberbilly Element of Luck for Edenveys Jun Ch

Carol Henry