• Show Date: 04/06/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Camilla Bäckman Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Lagotto Romagnolo Club of Great Britain

Veteran dog 

2 entries

1st Nelson’s Gaesten Zippy Zingo at Nelbekio

12 years old shown in excellent condition. Excellent breed type, well proportioned with the correct height of legs. Lovely head and correct strong muzzle. Easy mover. 

2nd Grantham’s Mizani Dorocco Raffaele 

9 years old, well proportioned with lovely head and expression. Shown in excellent coat and condition. Slightly sloping at the croup but still an easy mover with enough drive. 

Puppy Dog

4 entries, 1 absent

1st Gilder’s Mikette Aye Aye Caption

The future looks bright for this young boy. 8 months old of excellent type and proportions standing perfectly in the square. Already well balanced and well angulated both front and rear. Strong body with super topline, croup and tailset. Parallell mover, strides out well seen from the side with excellent tailcarriage. Well developed coat for his age. His qualities took him all the way to reserve best male and he was a strong contender for best movement. 

2nd Clough’s Nelbekio Just A Breeze

8 months old, still elegant and light bodied. Well angulated and well proportioned. Underline showing a little too much tuck up today. Easy mover. 

Junior dog

2 entries

1st Worrall’s Moonreed Drake

Typical young male who could be more in the square but shows excellent height of legs. Normal angulation. Nice head and expression. Moves a little narrow in the rear but with an easy side gait. 

2nd Smith’s Pablo at Panrico (Imp Serbia)

Heavier built but well constructed and well balanced. Strong, well proportioned head. Super coat. 

Balanced mover. 

Novice dog

2 entries

1st O’Ciobhain’s Dark Darling of My Eye

Well proportioned male. Lovely head and expression. Sloping croup and a little narrow rear but still moves with ease. Excellent coat quality with correct curl and wool. 

2nd Smith’s Pablo at Panrico (Imp Serbia)

Limit dog

2 entries

1st Ferguson’s Truffalusa November Moon From Mizani

Squarely built dog showing the correct height of legs. Excellent skull and muzzle with well open nostrils. Correct and balanced angulation front and rear. Easy and energetic mover, with tail carried a little high. Excellent coat.

2nd Tollerfield’s Gaesten Top Tinker

A dog that is slightly longer lined but well built and well moving. Nice head which is correctly proportioned. Excellent coat.

Open dog

3 entries

1st Ferguson’s Dario Della Caveja

A fully mature male of excellent type and representing very much what is lagotto to me. He stands perfectly in the square which in combination with the correct height of legs makes up his superb proportions. Well balanced and well angulated without any exaggerations. Masculine head with strong muzzle and a beautiful expression. The coat could have a thicker wool on the day but curls are well defined all over his body. He carried himself beautifully around the ring all day and moved with the typical ease and energy. Well deserving of his Best of breed!

2nd Wittick’s Arcticbreeze Turbulence At Allsong

Another nicely built dog but slightly long in body. The head is strong and well proportioned with well open nostrils. He is well angulated both front and rear but there is a bit too much angulation in the hock. Moves around the ring with excellent drive. He has a super coat showing the correct curls, wool and texture. Winner of best coat of the day.

Veteran bitch

3 entries

1st Blunden’s Fullforge Free Horizons Con Mikette

Well presented in excellent condition. Feminine yet strong head and lovely expression. Well angulated front and rear moving with a lot of energy and drive. Coat was a bit open in curls on the day but showed the correct texture and wool. 

2nd Nelson’s Nelbekio Almost An Angel

Another well built veteran bitch shown in excellent condition. Feminine head with correct proportions but muzzle should be stronger. Well angulated and moving with ease, but carrying her tail a bit high.

3rd Cole’s Nelbekio Almost Aurelia

Puppy bitch

3 entries

1st Gilder’s Mikette Autumnal Equinox

At 8 months old already well balanced and well bodied. Squarely built with excellent angulations front and rear. Feminine head and expression with the correct proportions and strength of muzzle. Moves well with great drive. Excellent coat for her age. This very promising young female went all the way to Reserve Best Bitch.

2nd Nelson’s Nelbekio Just The Ticket

Still very immature in body but showing excellent proportions and height of legs. Feminine head and expression. She has a nice frame to grow into. Easy mover. Coat is still very puppy like.

3rd Allen’s Uk Amadar Sweet Child ’O’Mine

Junior bitch

3 entries, 1 absentee

1st Wittick’s Allsång Nuova Luna

The most mature in the class. Slightly too long in lines but well constructed and well balanced. Feminine head with correct proportions and lovely expression. Excellent coat.

2nd Walker’s Camminare Tremia Cedrina

Nicely proportioned, very feminine young lagotto. Moves with ease but with a slight roach in her topline. Still soft and puppy like coat. 

Novice bitch

3 entries, 2 absentees

1st Hatch's and Johnson’s Nelbekio Elite Elenora At Danatro 

Well built and well balanced. Nice feminine head. Strong body. Easy mover. Coat of nice texture but it could show tighter curl.

Post graduate bitch

7 entries

1st Cole’s Nelbekio Elite Emilia

Feminine yet strong showing excellent breed type and proportions. Well angulated without exaggeration. Easy mover. Shown in short coat but still exhibiting the correct curl and texture. 

2nd Slater’s Regun Nara

In close race for first place. A well built bitch and a super mover. Would just have preferred more depth of muzzle and a tighter curl of the coat.

3rd Bransby’s Nelbekio Million Dreams

Limit bitch

7 entries, 2 absentees

1st Lillicrap’s Mizani Sebio Iola

For me the most complete bitch in the class showing correct height of legs. Feminine head with enough strength. Well angulated front and rear. Easy parallell mover.

2nd Blunden’s Mikette Maledictus

A well balanced bitch that excels in proportions, standing perfectly in the square. Feminine head that should have a bit more strength. Well angulated and a very easy mover. Coat not in top condition on the day.

3rd Whittick’s Moonreed Warbler At Allsong 

Open bitch

3 entries

1st Monk’s Mizani Diorbe Of Vienna

A female exhibiting a lot of breed qualities. Nicely proportioned. Well built and well balanced both standing and moving. Super topline and tailset. Excellent coat quality and condition. Beautiful feminine expression and head is well proportioned but could show a little bit more strength.

2nd Bransby’s Nelbekio Be It Bambalina

Well built and well balanced but slightly low on legs and heavier in body. Feminine head and expression. Nice coat and presentation.

3rd Lightfoot’s Gaesten Dannys Delight At Joydon