• Show Date: 10/06/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Bev Dummett Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Ashfield (Notts) Canine Society

Bracco’s. A real family affair and the exhibits all had similar breed type and characteristics.

Junior, (3, 1a) 2 litter brothers here. 1st and Res BOB, Smiths Teverlani stick to your guns. This lad impressed on the move as he holds a good outline. Liked his head, neck, shoulders and depth of chest. He scored over his brother on maturity in rib and body today but in the future this could all change. Strong through body and well muscled up. 2 Bond Treverlani keep the faith. Also very typy and similar comments to 1 Pleasing head, deep chest. Not as settled on the move today, but when he does come together, feel he has promising future.

Post grad, (2) now the turn of the litter sisters. 1st Bond Teverlani cama de rosas. 2 Smiths Teverlani sweet dreams. Again similar to the brothers just in a feminine mould but not so mature . Both held good outlines, well off for bone, feminine in head and eye, on the day just preferred head and movement of 1st. I imagine they change places many times.

Open (2). Now the parents.. 1st and BOB Smiths Fancyguns I have a dream. Gorgeous girl, loved her head, strong through body with good depth of chest and rib. Good rear, well muscled up. Moved well with drive which took her over 2nd. 2nd Smith Valentino Rossi, All male and passing his type on, similar comments to his kids. On the day he was unsettled on the move and throwing his legs about, so lost BOB and Res BOB, but never the less a quality boy.

GSP. Junior (1) 1st Staleys Jomeel Olivias Choice, Feminine girl, lovely outline stacked and on the move, clean head with soft eye. Good forequarters and rear and in good condition. Well handled. Must have promising future.

Post grad, (6, 1) 1st and BOB Merritt Sperant chocolate cosmos JW, been admiring this girl since she was a puppy and she didn’t disappoint. Lovely outline, feminine head, deep chest, good shoulders and neck, short back and strong thigh. Moved well. 2nd Nixon Quintana lunar eclipse, nice head but I just preferred 1st head. Also held good outline, deep chest, short back, good through body and strong rear. 3rd Jomeels Olivias choice.

Open (7, 2 a) 1st Res BOB Collins Barleyarch Hoopla at Forestpoint, headed a nice class. All male with clean head, deep chest, short back, held good outline, powerful mover, close up for BOB. Fit for purpose gundog. 2nd Brown / Filby Winterwell thatlldo for Desjiem JW, pretty head, graceful outline, good shoulders and chest, strong thigh, was feeling the heat as didn’t have quite the verve of 1st on the move, but close up. 3rd Merrit Sperant Pamplemousse.

GWP.. Open. 1st and BOB Only one turned up but she was a good one. Lovatts Ir Sh Ch Beechillawn Amarillo starlight of Shirostar CJW19. Had that cheeky look of you cant ignore me “Im special” about her. Balanced head, strong neck. Good through front to strong rear with good bend of stifle.Correct coat texture. Moved with power and drive.

Golden Retrievers. There was a big variation in type in all classes. Hind movement was erratic in many exhibits. Puppy (4, 1a) 1st BPIB Liggins/Hodges Swanavly popsy legacy at Nunsbrook Imp Srb, won on maturity in body and head, broad skull with expressive eyes, good bone for age, deep chest and rib. balanced outline, good coat and pigment. 2nd Walker/Roberts Lamancha trust your heart with Gloi, pretty headed puppy, kind eye and expression, not quite as mature in body as 1,but presented balanced outline and moved well.Lovely coat. Promising pup. 3rd Whites Dolmebyd Vixen.

Junior ( 10, 1 a) Strong class of youngsters. 1st Woods Strathlon shirli valentine, liked her feminine head and expression, presented a good outline as short coupled,good shoulders and chest, strong rear and moved out well, in great coat and condition. 2nd Phillips Shebelta sweet soul music, masculine head which I hope wont go over, good neck and shoulders, muscular thighs, won his place on balance and bone. In good coat and condition. 3rd Liggins/Hodges Silver passion glam fashion at Nunsbrook.

Post grad. (12, 2a) another good class. 1st and res BOB, Garget/ Morris Goldmarker coming home to Garvin, handsome lad, lovely head and expression, well off for bone, correct body proportions, clean neck leading to good shoulders and chest. Well-muscled up and in lovely condition. Moved with drive. 2nd Strathlon shirli valentine. 3rd Shebelta sweet soul music.

Limit (7, 1a) 1st S Shirl valentine. 2nd Bufton/Riley Phoslas polly flinders. Feminine head, kind expression,good pigment, holds balanced outline, good through front to strong rear, good coat, well handled. 3rd Staniland Johannson saint beatrich. Lovely veteran in good nick for age.

Open (9, 2a) 1st and BOB, Smiths Thornywait Iluminati at Goldmarker handsome lad, full of beans today but once settled moved out with drive. Liked his head and eye.Good pigment, Well laid shoulders leading to deep chest and balanced short coupled body. Strong rear , Good feet. Well muscled up. Great coat and condition. 2nd S Shirli valentine. 3rd Bufton/Riley Wylloh Anastasia .