• Show Date: 08/05/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Bev Dummett Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Great Yarmouth Gorleston & District Canine Society


I would like to thank the committee for this judging invitation and to all my stewards who kept things running smoothly in our ring. Lovely to hear applause and cheers too around the ring.

Hungarian Vizsla . Spec Yearling(5) 1st and BOB, Joyces Zuzus petals by Ranchstar, feminine head, strong smooth neck leading to correct front, holds nice outline both stacked and moving, well muscled. 2 and BPIB Porters Wallaroo duncan disorderly,bit raw at this stage but promising pup, good chest developing , good front and rear . also holds nice balanced outline, moved ok. 3 Coopers Happyears chillin by the sea.

Limit (4) 1st Coopers Kentwone ellaria with happyears, so well handled by a confident young lady who moved her charge at the correct pace and with flair. Feminine head, good neck and chest, good profile stacked.. 2 H chilling by sea. 3 Happyears maddelena magic .

Open( 2) 1st Joyces Ranchstar Vyvyan Handsome lad, balanced head, has lovely outline, good body proportions, strong back and well muscled up, for BOB his daughter just outmoved him. 2 Sladdens Duchess of Cambridgeshire, 11 years young and in good nick, just starting to show her age but still has qualities and was well handled. Enjoying her day out.

Irish Setters. Spec Yearling (2, 1a) 1st and BPIB Poplawska Shelindair sing to a rainbow, 7 month pup at only her handlers second show.Has nice shape and nice head. Good coat for age. Keep practicing with her.

Limit repeat of yearling.

Open (2, 1a) 1st & BOB Adams Harreds Sophie at Danbryeli, Has nice head and expression. Huge coat which does distract from her outline, has good neck and chest, kind eye and expression.

Nova Scotia. Spec Yearling (1) 1st Powleys Cfyres prancing across the sky to Danehaven, happy chap, liked his head and expression, deep chested with medium neck, good rear and moved ok as tended to pace at times.

Limit (2) 1st and BOB, Finchams Danehaven Macdonald and 2nd Powley/Collins Danehaven Madeleine, litter mates and both have similar type and qualities. Both had wedge heads, well laid shoulders and well muscled up behind. 2nd was slightly less mature in body and not as confident today but am sure they change places.

Open (1) 1st Powley/Collins Deveron duchess of Daneheaven, very full of beans today which cost her BOB as unsettled on the move, holds nice profile when settled , feminine head, good through body and well muscled up.

Cocker Spaniels. A quality entry of these. Splitting hairs in classes.

Puppy (4,1a) 1st , BPIB, Puppy group 2, Brothwells Wissant Moonlit Sky, headed a good class , liked her overall balance and outline, feminine head and expression, body developing nicely, moved out with purpose and drive, well handled and presented. 2nd Marshalls Wissant moon and stars, brother to 1st and a masculine version of her, sharing same qualities, just pipped by his sisters more positive movement today. 3rd Clarke Harvethol look magical tyme, unlucky to meet 1 & 2 today as a nice pup.

Spec Yearling (5, 1a) 1st Brothwells Wissant dear darling, older sister of the 2 pups. Again so similar in outline, lovely head and expression, compact and strong body, great coat and condition, moved with drive. Close for BOB. 2nd Hutsons Stobytill bootlicious, slightly preferred head of 1st, but this girl holds nice outline, good chest , front and rear. In good coat and condition, well handled. Moved out well. 3rd Davies Mablehope Melrose miss if Peacevale.

Limit (6, 2a) 1st Brothwells Wissant uptown girl. And another quality blue roan from this kennel.Feminine head, kind expression, good neck and shoulders, compact body, moved with purpose, lovely coat and condition, was also close up for BOB. 2 Fawcett Annilann mister dickens, handsome lad, just preferred head and expression of 1st, He holds good outline and has good front and rear, well muscled up and in good coat. 3 Hutson Stobyhill after the storm.

Open (5). 1st, BOB and Group 2. Marshall Wissant very special agent. And special he is too. Blue roan in his prime. Handsome head, correct body proportions, good depth of chest, moved out driving from hocks, in great coat and condition. Well muscled . Took BOB in strong competition from his kennel mates. Moved even better in group. 2 Brothwells Wilanorah ticket to moon at Wissant, happy chappy who is dad to earlier winners and passing on type. Couldn’t quite match his relatives on the move today, but has same qualities, Shown in good coat and condition. 3 Fawcett Helenwood cool breeze, completed a nice trio. Looking well for her age.

English Springers Spec Yearling, (3,1a) 1st, BOB, BPIB PG3. Osbournes Tiroen Typically Braego, liver/white/tan puppy of quality. Head and body developing well for age, good length of neck leading to good shoulders. Correct body proportions, muscular loins, good driving hocks which showed on the move. Will follow his progress. 2 Cockell/Nicklin Carlyquinn Morwenna, Feminine girl just out of puppy, lots to like but not as positive on the move as 1 today. In lovely coat and condition.

Limit abs. Open (3, 1a) 1st Osbournes Petranella Exclusive to Braego, 7 years young, lovely head and expression, good body, tight feet, well muscled up and in good coat. In challenge couldn’t match pup on the move for BOB. Close up though. 2 Harris Melverly Burano with Coastalglows, lovely girl but today I preferred movement and head of 1st. Strong through body, well muscled rear, tight feet, great coat, well handled.

Weimaraner. Spec Yearling (5). 1st BOB, Suetts Silbermiss Saucy Mare. Nice to see her again and is maturing well. Feminine head, kind expression, clean neck leading to strong forequarters, correct body ratio, held good topline on the move, moved well. 2 BPIB, PG1, Suetts Silbermiss Pecker pouncer, also judged before and pleased to see how he is progressing. Handsome balanced head, correct body ratio, good forequarters and rear, shown in hard condition. Moved well holding topline. 3 Davies/Brown Gunalt polished at Wystry. Completed a nice trio.

Limit (2) 1st Davies/Brown Wystry one mint julep. 2 lovely girls in this class. Feminine head, clean neck, good shoulders and depth of chest, correct ratio, well muscled up, well handled. 2 Anderson Chanel chic, presents nice outline, feminine head, not as positive on move as 1st today.

Open (1) 1st Suetts Silbermiss Solitaire, mature girl, liked her head and profile, good depth of chest and rib. Sound happy mover but just lost topline in the challenge to the younger girl. Good muscle tone.

AVNSC Gundog, These classes were filled with quality and I was splitting hairs with show attitude and ring presence playing a part. Some quality dogs went cardless Im afraid.

Spec Yearling (9 2 a). 1st Forbes Canemamans primo al fine JW, Bracco. Stood out for his balanced noble outline, liked his head, all male, well chiseled, powerful neck leading to good front and shoulders, strong body, well muscled up and well handled, 2 Slacks Bonapartist Snow goose, Brittany, stunning head, expressive eyes, cobby body, well made girl, moved with brisk stride, well handled to earn her place in this strong class. 3 Heath Robinson Pinseeker Pep Guardiola GSP, Another quality dog.

Limit (11, 3a) 1st and BAVNSC Group 1. Latheron Fynder Reacher IWS. Another I have judged before and done well. He is maturing well . Has a cheeky look at me attitude. Good head, Strong body, well sprung ribs, short back, good coat, powered round ring with drive and show attitude. 2 Wellsteads Aftermarine gold effect, parti American, very similar to my lines, pretty head, compact body, holds strong topline on the move, in fab coat and condition, moved with drive to earn her place. Unlucky to meet 1. 3 Rams Jilony brown velvet Pointer.

Open (5, 1a) Watts Sh Ch Oakmarsh Chestnut Chesapeake. Broad head with good nostrils, well boned girl with good chest and shoulders, correct coat texture, can see why she is a champ, a fit for purpose gundog. 2 Sladdens Bushwacker dangerous dave at Canemamans jw presents good outline, powerful neck leading to well laid shoulders, good rear and hocks.well boned and shown in hard condition. 3 Williams/ Carless Lagotto Fullforge Floral Dancer.

Gundog Import register.

Open, 1st Best Import and Group 4. Sladdens Braque D’auvergne, Khyannes Villette at Canemamans Imp Hung. Stood alone but a very worthy winner. First one of these I have judged and she fits the standard so well, feminine head, good front and rear, well boned, holds lovely outline, moved out with purpose.


Gundog Puppy . 1st Weim, S Peckham Pouncer, 2 Cocker Wissant moon and stars. 3 Viszla W Duncan disorderly.

Junior. 1st Weim S Saucy Mare, 2 Goldie Benco just in time del Avrain , lovely size and shape, handsome head, kind expression, good chest and front, well off for bone, well muscled up. 3 NSDTR C prancing across the sky at Danehaven

Open. 1st Cocker W Uptown girl. 2 Watts Oakmarsh Freedom, lovely girl, feminine head, well set ears, strong and powerful through body , fit for purpose gundog. Correct oily coat. 3 Chespeake Oakmarsh Chestnut.

Veteran. One of my favourite classes, all present were in very good condition for their ages and enjoying their day out. Difficult decisions . 1st English Setter, Phenset Firefly. Oozes quality and ring presence. Feminine o/w who presented classic outline, good through body, glamorous coat, graceful movement, flowed round ring. 2 American Cocker Combleywood al be back. Another one in glamorous coat and condition. Liked his head piece and expression, compact in body and holds correct slightly sloping topline on move, 3 Viszla Wallaroo all that jazz. Completed a lovely trio.

GUNDOG GROUP 1st IWS, 2nd Cocker, 3rd English Setter, Silvamoon storm trooper for Phenset JW, Handsome tri lad, shown in fab coat and condition, long muscular neck leading to correct front, good rear with well developed second thigh, moved with drive. 4, Braque D’avergne.

PUPPY GROUP. 1st Weimaraner, 2nd Cocker, 3rd English Springer, 4th Lab, Kimbajak prince Paddington, happy chap, tail never stopped, liked his head which is maturing nicely. Good body proportions, level topline, well handled .