• Show Date: 30/09/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Bev Dummett Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 31/10/2023

Cornwall Gundog Club

Thanks to the committee for the kind invitation to judge Cornwall’s prestigious gundog show. I had a lovely day with plenty of quality dogs to assess. Thanks to my stewards who were very efficient. It was such a shame the rain came down in time for BIS, so we relocated to the shed where some dogs didn’t like the ground that much and movement wasn’t as positive as outside.

BIS. From a quality line up, I chose the Hungarian Vizsla bitch, Challis Vizslanya Csibe JW, Classy girl, with oodles of ring presence, feminine head ,classy outline, has good neck and shoulders, good through body and shown in hard condition. More than capable of a days work and at one with her handler the whole time. Res BIS and close up was Stirks Stanegate its Bianca, another lovely girl I have admired ringside several times this year and was not disappointed on handling her. Good head, strong neck, well off for bone, short back and deep chest. crisp dense coat .Heard this win gave final points for show certificate of excellence. 3rd BIS was Pikes Irish Setter, Redclyst Boris. A good day for the breed which shows depth of quality down here. Handsome lad with glamourous coat and lovely outline, loved his head and expression, super rib and chest, muscular loin, good stifle and hocks, well handled. BIS 4 Hardings Kingmist miss marple JW, Feminine black field, liked her last year and now has matured into her frame. Good shoulders and rib, strong back, correct body proportions and size, moved with drive and purpose. Gleaming coat and condition. I would think all 4 should make up as worthy of their titles. Several others made my shortlist where I was splitting hairs and decisions made on show attitude and movement.

Best puppy in show. Prangles Clonagerra it’s a new dawn at Heathclare. Beautiful pup of almost 12 months, head to die for, muscular neck leading to good shoulders and depth of rib, lovely profile with correct topline, glamourous coat and moved with drive. I could have easily taken her home. Will watch her progress with interest. Res BPIS SWD, Searles Rommy de ubbadat at Cravessa, imp, I had judged her earlier but now really came alive on the move. Rustic in appearance, cheeky personality, good body proportions, level topline, well-muscled behind. 3rd BPIS Osmans English Setter, Bournehouse Sirocco over Marissolo, just a baby but has bags of potential and quality, lovely head and expression, good through front to rear, good topline and tailset, happy on the move. 4th Lab, Trevails Menadue should be dancing, pretty girl, kind eye and expression, holds good outline stood and when moving, good coat and condition, nicely handled.

Best veteran in show. Prangles Irish Setter, Heathclare American dollar JW shcm, handsome lad who is only just in veteran but doesn’t look it. Good head and eye, strong neck, deep chested, holds good topline stood and moving, in excellent coat and condition. Res BV, Hardings Field Kingsmist lady in black, mum of G4, and similar remarks apply. Same head type and body. Hard to believe she is veteran now, but fields mature late in life. Moved with unhurried stride to earn her place over 2 other stunning oldies. Also in excellent coat and condition. All 4 contendors were a credit to their owners and they were a privilege to judge. Best of Res BOBs was the lovely flat coat, Fords Lussac yawl of Percuil, very feminine head, well moulded with kind eye, lovely outline, good chest and rib and strong hind quarters, moved out with free flowing stride with happy waggy tail.

Golden Retrievers’. Puppy (2). 1st and BPIB, Gebhards Calacarey shell seeker, 6 months old so still bit raw and playful. Feminine head and expression, body developing nicely, well balanced, held topline and tail on the move, 2nd Garbitts Santandore Toscanini, again 6 months old and much to like, At this stage I just preferred head and rear of 1 but she has lots of qualities and will swap places many times Im sure.

Junior (2,1a) 1st Bond Trebell Tuppence, Lovely rich golden colour, sadly today she decided to muck about on the move. Liked her head and expression, shown in good coat, well off for bone, has depth of chest.

Special Yearling (3, 1a) 1st and BOB Lewis Fairwinds in space man JW, handsome chap who carries himself well holding good outline and tailset. Well off for bone and substance. In BIS, didn’t move as well inside on final run round but was a serious contender. 2nd Leemings Kadaka Kalypso at Iscadu JW, bitch with good body proportions, clean neck leading to deep rib, on the day I preferred rear and hocks of 1st, in lovely bloom.

Grad (4, 2a)1st and BOS, Res BOB. Thomas Santandore Honesty, liked her overall profile, well balanced, with tight feet and correct tailset, moved with purpose but not quite the style of yearling winner when it came to BOB. 2nd Coads Tinklersroc Bon bon, dark lad who I feel needs a bit of thinning on neck coat as makes him look bit stuffy when he isn’t , has good rib, shoulders and rear quarters, lovely coat and condition.

Post grad (3) 1st Thomas Santandore blonde over blue. Brother of winner of grad, and very similar. Bit sluggish on the move at first but overall outline and balance won him his place.Good chest and rib, In good coat and condition. 2nd Jenkins Chriskerry Night whispers, Head ok with kind expression, good coat ,well muscled, could be more animated on move. 3rd Gebhards Calacarey Ragamuffin Rose.

Open dog (3, 1a) 1st as previous S blonde over blue. 2nd Mains Denmarella mr bright skies over gwyngala, liked his head and eye, good through body but also has lots of neck coat, well muscled up and in lovely coat, I just preferred tailset of 1ST , a lovely lad.

Open bitch (3) 1st as grad, S Honesty, 2nd Williams Fleur so sweet, little unsettled on the move and not the rib of 1st but holds good outline and tailset. Pretty head and eye, in lovely coat. 3rd Bond Trebell Tiddlwink. Veteran abs.

Weimaraner, Grad (2) 1st and BOB Jefferies Silbermeer annie get ya gun, graceful girl who is still maturing but has good neck, depth of chest and correct body ratios. Opens up on profile movement but needs to firm in rear. 2nd and BPIB Goords Dartview formula one, handsome boy, well made and balanced and holds pleasing outline on move. Well muscled up with firm feet. Limit and open abs.

Gordon Setters. Grad (3) 1st and res BOB Taylors Graylacier blue marlin, always liked this kennels stock and it was a close call between him and 2nd place. Good head with defined stop and lean cheeks, good shoulders, deep brisket, moved well with drive holding good profile. 2nd Smiths Amscot airborn vua Kewstoke, feminine all through, in fabulous coat and condition and also holds good outline, just not as positive as 1 on move today but close up. 3rd Balls Kilnrae black sapphire.

Limit (3) 1st Leonards Painted lady at Tregarrick, again another close decision in this class. Feminine head, dark eyes, good through front to rear , moved with drive and in gleaming coat. 2nd Jones Roydack the duchess, just preferred the profile of 1st today, but also has lovely head and eye and good through body. Well muscled up. 3rd Balls Lignum Caribou.

Open (1) 1st and BOB Hendersons When I was your man black lofty shces imp Pol, A stunning dog, he really came alive on the move showing drive whilst holding his shape. Good neck, shoulders, chest and rear, in gleaming coat and condition.

ESS Open Bitch (1) 1st and BOB Kibbys Trimere taylor maid at Pinhays JW, feminine head with kind eye and expression. Nice front and rear, moved well here but later in BIS got bit distracted which was a shame, in great coat and condition.

IWS Open (1) see Res BIS S its Bianca.

SWD. Open (4, 2a) 1st Searles Adormidera apache rose at Cravessa, robust girl with strong head, muscular neck and good shoulders, well developed second thigh and strong rear, moved ok. 2nd see Res bpis. Rommy de u at C.

NSDTR Post grad (3, 1a) 1st and BOB Palfrey Eusanit wild atlantic way, handsome lad, wedge head with moderate stop, jaunty mover with drive but carries tail a little high, well made through body,good coat.

2nd Hughes Abacot into the unknown JW, pleasing lad but not as settled on the move today as 1st, good through body and in lovely coat and condition with lovely headpiece. Open dog abs.

Open bitch (2). 1st and res BOB Hughes Eusanit Gemstone at Abacot , relative of BOB and very similar in type. Alert head and expression, good front and rear, moved with drive, just lacked show attitude of BOB today but close up. 2nd Hipkiss Afonbach first sign of spring at Deltandamba JW, pretty girl with lots to like. I just preferred overall body of 1st as more mature, in good coat and condition. Well muscled.

Import register open( 2) Both Braque d’auvergnes. Second time I have judged some of these and an interesting breed they are. 1st and BIR Condrons Coco dianell Morava at Coverney Imp cze, and 2nd Condrons Khyannes valence at Coverney imp hun. close call between the 2. 1st was more settled on the move today as 2nd was busy looking round at the other ring. Liked both. Heads of correct proportions and easy to tell the sexes apart. Large dark eyes and well set ears, good depth of chest and well angulated rears. Well muscled up behind with tight feet.

Varieties; Veteran dog 7-9 years. (9, 2a) 1st and best veteran in show,Irish Setter H American dollar. 2nd Challis Highforce future legend for Vizslanya JW Shce VW, Vizsla, very close up to 1st, realized afterwards is dad to BIS, so throwing type. Liked his head and expression, nice outline, well muscled up and moved with purpose. 3rd Blackfords WSS Ambelight galatea.

Veteran bitch 7 to 9, (7, 1a) 1st Hardings Kingmist lady in black, Res BVIS. 2nd Courtier Sh Ch Maycourt crimson moon, quality curly coat, can see why she is a champ, looks good in profile, deep chest, good ribs, strong thighs, coat just a little dull today, probably time of year. 3rd Tregaskis Pointer Moenfair Tinpenny tod tails.

Veteran 10 plus. (6, 4a) Lovely class of 2, both credit to the owners. 1st Challis Vizsla, Sh Ch Beo Valentina by Vizslanya, remember seeing her in her youth, moved out well for 13 years and was close up to for best veteran in show, feminine head, great outline and well muscled up. 2nd Hughes NSDTR Eusanit cut and run at Abacot, in great bloom and condition, liked her head and body proportions, just pipped by 1 on movement but was close.

Vulnerable Breeds stakes. (16, 6a) 1st Gordon setter BOB, When I was your man. 2nd WSS Morlidges Kurzeja Kalina , well balanced girl with great outline, liked her head, good through front and rear, in lovely coat, well handled. 3rd Field Trotters Clandrift Diplomat,

Show cert of merit, (2) repeat, 1st Gordon Setter When I was your man. 2nd Vizsla Highforce future legend for V.

Special working gundog, (3, 2a) 1st Trotter Ch Lussac winter wizard jw shce, Handsome flat coat, worthy champion, masculine head, good body proportions, moved well with constant wagging tail.

Capable of days work easily.

Good citizen (11, 4a) 1st ESS see BOB, T Taylor made. 2nd Cocker, Salmons Crimicar Indigo eclipse, handsome blue roan boy,kind eye and expression, compact in body, good angulation, in good coat. 3rd Pointer Trehaskis Moenfair sanguineum JW,

Brace or team. (5) All were good matched. Lewis Goldies,one was my BOB. 2 typy dogs, full of quality and moved well together. 2nd Thomas Goldies, also from earlier, again typy and moved well together.3rd Hughes NSDTR.