• Show Date: 15/10/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Bethan Evans Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 14/11/2023

Wales & West of England Pekingese Association

Wales & West of England Pekingese Association


I would like to sincerely thank the officers and committee of Wales & West of England Pekingese Association for inviting me to judge and for their kind and warm hospitality throughout the day. Also thank you to the exhibitors for their entries and support.

Puppy {1,0}

1st Morley & Hitchcock Lizlanmor Nevinson Short compact and cobby puppy who had personality plus. I liked his shallow head and face which contained a dark eye, open nostrils, nice firm underjaw, short thick neck , broad chest  and good pigmentation. Picked up heavily, correct coat texture and moved with a true roll. Res Best Puppy in Show & Best Puppy Dog.

Minor Puppy Bitch {2,1}

1st Morley & Hitchcock Lizlanmor Queen Of The Night : Well-balanced Good open face which was well-cushioned, large dark eyes and open nostrils excellent pigmentation with short thick neck, Heavy bone and correct forequarters and good rib-cage. Moved very well around the ring with confidence and style. Presented immaculately Res Best Bitch

Puppy Bitch {2,2}

1st Rogers Ralshams Lady Madonna Super head and expression, flat top skull, correct nasal folds. Not too big , black pigment, large dark round eyes ,correct set ears, short nose with open nostrils, firm under jaw, shortish thick neck, level topline, high tailset, broad deep chest, good spring of ribs, , large feet,  correct bone in super coat. Best Puppy in Show, Best Bitch and Best Puppy Bitch

2nd Thomas’s Meritorous Love of My Life beautiful sized female who moves with confidence and correct dignified rolling gait, flat top skull, well placed ears, dark round eye, black pigmentation, firm underjaw, level topline, high tailset, well off for bone and substance.

Junior Dog {1,1}

1st Thomas’s Meritorous Forever Dreamer. excellent body that is short and shapely and handles so well, handsome head and expression with correct placed ears, nicely set dark eyes, well placed nose, with good pigmentation and wide-open nostrils, good level back, well placed shoulders, good solid front, firm strong neck. Very well balanced on the move with lovely topline, well-placed tail. Moved and showed well.

Limit Dog {3,1}

1st Thomas’s Meritorous Welsh Whisper Fabulous litter brother to junior winner took my eye immediately when entering the ring he has an envelope shaped head the most exquisite face and expression which just draws your attention. Large lustrous eye, short nose with open nostrils and correct pigmentation and well cushioned cheeks. Sound heavily boned forelegs which sit tight into his deep chest. Level top line and firm hindquarters. Coat of the correct texture. Beautifully presented and moved with dignity and the correct roll. Best in Show & Best Dog

2nd Benson’s Chisprite Code Breaker Another pretty male, good solid body which is well barrelled, well-defined waist, wide shallow head, good pigmentation, nicely placed nose and good nostrils. Good firm under jaw. Correct forequarters, and good depth of chest with well sprung ribs, Moved and showed well.

Open {1,0}

1st Morley & Hitchcock Lizlanmor King Of Hearts Another well balanced beautiful male not over coated but well fringed and very shapely; correct head and skull with correct proportions, dark large round eyes and correct set and shape of ears, short well pigmented nose with open nostrils, correct firm under jaw, short thick neck, good forequarters a well ribbed body, level topline well placed tail. Very typical dignified movement. Res Best in Show & Res Best Dog

Post Grad Bitch {1,1}

Special Open Dog or Bitch White, Cream or Parti Coloured {1,0}

1st Benson’s Chisprite’s Luck Dragon } Shapely with a pleasing head and expression, good mouth and jaw. Dark large round eyes, Adequate bone, well ribbed, short body with well sprung ribs, broad chest, level topline and good tail set and carriage coat of correct texture, she moved well in profile with good tail set and carriage.

Judge Miss B.S Evans