• Show Date: 22/04/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Bethan Evans Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

South Eastern Counties Toy Dog Society

South Eastern Counties Toy Dog Society

22nd April 2023

I would like to sincerely thank the officers and committee of South Eastern Counties Toy Dog Society for inviting me to judge and for their kind and warm hospitality throughout the day. Also thank you to the exhibitors for their entries and support.


Puppy {1,0}

1st Thomas’s Meritorous Forever Dreamer 10month old male but showed like a veteran. Small and well balanced Good open face which was well-cushioned, large dark eyes and open nostrils excellent pigmentation with short thick neck Heavy bone and correct forequarters and good rib-cage. Moved very well around the ring with confidence and style. Presented immaculately. Res Best of Breed

Junior 1,0}

1st Thomas’s Meritorous Welsh Whisper Fabulous 10-month-old puppy that took my eye immediately, litter brother to puppy class winner, correct head and skull beautiful dark eyes, cushioned face with expression very true to the breed, large dark round eyes open nostrils well placed with lovely black pigmentation Short little dog with good bone and good depth of chest finishing nicely with strong hindquarters. Moved well around the ring with confidence and style. Presented immaculately again by his owner. Best of breed and Best Puppy In Breed.

Open {1,1}


Puppy {3,0}

1st Davidson-Poston’s Spinillons Saffarina caught my eye as soon as she entered the ring. My first impression of her was her overall balance and ring presence. She stood straight in front, her topline level with a good turn of stifle to the rear allowing her to move freely. Her head was carried erect on a good reach of neck and her high set tail completed the picture. She has the sweetest of expressions with her dark pigmentation and expressive eyes. Best Puppy in Breed

2nd Marsden’s Finity Run The Gauntlet . Slightly larger than 1. Nice head and expression given by his dark round eyes, dark nose pigment and well placed ears.He has a good length to her body and correct rear angulation. Moved and showed well

3rd Walklett’s Farthinghall Dainty Doris At Angullyon

Junior {4,1}

1st Marsden’s Finity Truly Unique stylishly holding his head high and well-proportioned head and skull , dark eyes of medium size correct ear set and carriage, good clean correct dentition medium length of neck. he was presented with high tail set and reasonable plume and the makings of a good top coat. Level in topline which he held on the move he is well constructed and moved true covering the ground freely with free-flowing movement.

2nd Turner’s Feyetas Love Me Tender Nice expression given by his dark eyes set low in a slightly rounded skull and framed by his large ears. Good pigmentation dark rounded eyes, nice medium length of neck, level topline good spring of ribs, good tail set and carriage and well-turned stifle Moved confidently

3rd Lockhart & Farrell’s Chetruda Dark Secret

Post Grad {{2,1}

1st Turner’s Feyetas Mighty Atom Good outline on this male who held a striking shape throughout the class. Nice well shaped dark eye and good depth of forehead. Good front and rear which really showed when going round the ring moving freely.

Open Dog {3,2}

1st Davidson-Poston’s Sky Butterfly Elven Cron Prince Spinillons Imp Rus This male caught my eye on entering the ring. Today he was on top form and never set a foot wrong. Super show boy with loveliest of outlines. In great coat condition and showed his heart out. A masculine head with good symmetrical head markings, well-proportioned head and skull with good stop, good clean correct dentition , dark round eyes with dark rims medium length of neck, good forequarters, well spung ribs and well angulated rear. Good muscle tone. Moved with light free flowing action .Best of Breed

Open Bitch {2,1}

1st Davidson-Poston’s Ari De Pari Eadlin Darylyn Spinillons Imp Rus A quality Phalene who has it all, balanced in profile, she has a classic head and all the correct finishes - coat, condition, fringes. Her head has the slightly rounded skull, large well fringed ears, dark eyes and pigment, dark nose and narrow muzzle all in proportion, the fringing from her ears falling like a curtain. Her feminine head was carried proudly on the move. Her level topline and excellent front and rear angulation allowed her to move freely. Res Best of Breed

Judge Miss B.S Evans