• Show Date: 26/02/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Barbara Stamp Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Yorkshire Gundog Club

Yorkshire Gundog Society

26 February 23

Thanks to the committee for inviting me and to my steward for running the ring so efficiently.

Italian Spinone

Puppy (1.0 abs)

1 Fordham’ s Locoru Blow a Fuse at Cloudnine

11 month orange roan dog who is growing well . Square in shape , handsome head with divergent head planes, powerful neck, correct top line with gentle slope towards the rump from dip behind the withers and strong well-muscled loin., compact feet, moved well Best Puppy

Junior (1,0 abs)

1Kay’s Annilann Floosie

13 month white bitch that still needs to mature but her overall shape is promising. Feminine head, she has strong oval bone and has long thighs and well let down hocks

Open (2,) abs)

2 beautiful examples of the breed and was a close decision between them. 1 being masculine and 2 was very feminine which gave me a difficult decision to make.

1 Littlemore’s SH CH Inostricani Bell Ragazzo via Krismoor JW

2 yr. old orange roan who deserves his title. Have judged this dog before and just think he fulfils the breed standard to a tee. Handsome head with divergent planes, strong muscular neck, correct top line with broad chest and elbows fitting tightly, good spring of rib and broad croup, long thighs and well let down hocks. Moved on a relaxed stride to take BOB.

2 Bennett’s Testerverde Irma Capece Del Hochpeppa.

This brown roan bitch should be made up. Very feminine with her oval skull and her prominent Occiput, kind eyes with pendular ears, short strong neck Large front feet and well-padded toes. Close fitting skin and dense course coat. Correct outline, just loved her

Wilkinson’s Flinthill too Hot to Handle

7 month black and white bitch who is very mature for her age. Built on flowing lines with a well-balanced head and correct well defined stop and pronounced occupit fairly high set long ears. Long muscular neck, long sloping shoulders and well let down brisket. lengthy pasterns, well sprung ribs and short coupled loin. Good turn of stifle, oval feet and well cushioned toes. Moderate length of tail tapering towards the end. Moved with drive lashing her tail from side to side BOB and BP

2 Booth’s Lundgarth Jubilee

White and orange female that was not quite as mature as but still a promising puppy. Chest needs to develop but am sure when mature she will turn out to be a beautiful bitch.

3 Turton’s Tanglebrook Solitaire

Junior (3,1 abs)

1 Booths Lundgarth Jubilee.

2 Huxleys Woodfleet Quacie

Black and white bitch who was not as balanced as 1 and a little straight in shoulder. Good depth of chest and moderate tuck up, well arched feet.

Novice (1,0 abs)

1 Huxley’s Woodfleet Quacie

Open (2,1 abs)

1 Wildfleet Wild is the Wind

Lovely 7 hear old girl who enjoyed her day out, Feminine head with correct head planes , straight forelegs of oval bone , well sprung ribs and strong slightly wide loins and well turned stifles . Moved well.

Field Spaniels

Puppy (1,0 abs)

1 Shipton’s Heartwood Mishules Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Brown and tan l7nmonth boy who is well balanced, noble looking with well chiselled cheeks and moderate stop, almond shaped eyes, moderate long low set ears. Long neck going into well laid shoulders, level top line, hocks well let down, should have a bright future.

Junior (1,0)

1 Shipton’s Heartwood Mishules Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Open (1,0 )

1 Shipton’s Broomeece FirecCracker over Mishules

3 yr. old bitch with good feathering, Noble head and feminine expression. Correct ear set, well laid back shoulders, well sprung ribs , strong loin and level topline. Tight round feet, good depth of chest and well let down hocks, close up to her kennelmate for BOB but the puppy had the better movement than this bitch.

Irish water spaniels

Junior (2,0)

1) Foody’s Lospith storms over ar Cairteila

16month month girl with high domed head and long muzzle with a large nose, almond shaped eyes , short back and deep loins . Well angulated stifle giving low set .hocks. Tight ringlets covered her body and legs with clean neck. Moved out to take Bob over the open winner

2 Williamsons Finchmill Secret Surprise

10 month bitch of good quality, Liked her expression and coat with correct ringlets, lost out on maturity to the winner.

Open (2,1 abs)

1)Foody’s Kendella Louisa at Cairtella.

2 yr old girl of a good stamp, correct size and shape , square clean muzzle, large nose , low set oval ears with tight ringlets all over body Just preferred the presence and movement of the junior

Sussex Spaniels

Puppy (1,0)

1 Hope and Kane’s Konnie Cova Da Ira for Jenesta (imp Pol)

8 month old puppy who is very feminine wide skull with pronounced stop, thick large ears, and strong neck. Sloping shoulders and good length of back with correct tail set . BP

Special Yearling (3,0)

1Barnes’ Saxonbejayz John Kerr

13 month masculine boy, with broad skull and a distinct median line bushy eyebrows and hazel eyes.

Big lobular ears and well boned legs. short coupled with short legs and large hocks. Round well-padded feet and moved with a rolling gait

2 Barnes Harasteorra Beta Canis at Saxonbejayz

14 month feminine girl, good length of back but not as good a top-line as 1. Straight forelegs with moderate angulation.

3 McAndrews and Hague’s Prytaneion Lakhesis

Limit (4,1)

1 Barnes’ Saxonbejayz John Kerr

2 Meggamooch Winterfell

2 yr. old bitch with strong bone. Feminine yet substantial head , . Well feathered short forelegs. Topline is not her best feature.

3 Barnes Harasteorra Beta Canis at Saxonbejayz

  Open (1,0)

1 Alderson’s SH CH Meggamooch Ulysses

Worthy show Champion of good size. Correct head expression with moderate rounded head and a pronounced stop. Frowning eyebrows with large eyes and a soft expression. Long thick lobular ears. long straight neck with sloping shoulders Deep chest and well developed loins. Deep ribs and a cigar shaped body. Strong boned short legs with large well let down hocks. Round well-padded feet, lovely flat coat of golden liver and good feathering. Moved with the breeds distinct rolling movement to take Best of Breed.

 Barbara Stamp