• Show Date: 28/01/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Averil Cawthera-Purdy Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Wellingborough & District Canine Society

Wellingborough & District CS Open Show January 28th 2023

Judge: Averil Cawthera-Purdy

It was both an honour and a pleasure to be invited to be the BIS judge at this well run and well supported show. I was very well looked after throughout the day and my special thanks to the secretary Anne Mar-Gerrison, Show Manager Graham Dowdy, other members of the committee and my two lovely stewards for the Toy Breeds. It was the first time at the KC Building for the Society but ithanks to their careful organisation it worked well.


The group judges had done their jobs well and I was given a lovely selection for the top award but filling my eye was the top quality young Whippet, Wilton-Clark’s homebred boy, Shalfleet Chasing The Wind. Shapely and elegant up on his toes and giving the correct outline, excellent construction, strong movement, drew the eye without trying, my BIS. Into the Reserve spot Santoriello’s Min Pin Pinicio Red Rebellion JW. Again his movement attracted, so sound and with excellent breed specific gait. Loved his correct outline with good reach of neck and depth of chest, so well balanced throughout and giving his all for his handler, including cheekiness!


For BPIS I was spoilt but fell for the 6mth old Dobe Wetherall’s Kodam Hotspot. She is very soundly constructed and already moving with both power and grace. So feminine in head and expression, lovely outline. RBPIS went to the Min Pin Watkins & Budgens Hawksflight Hot Pursuit, I was captivated by the charms of this little character. Excellent breed type, loved his outline which commands attention, soundly made and moving with purpose. Such a pleasing head and expression. So much promise!


Burrage’s Cesky Terrier Ch Komidion Night Music at Sametova ShCM ShCEx VW at 12 ½ years young this evergreen young lady totally belies her age. Excellent breed type and super movement. Not surprised to hear she can still compete successfully against youngsters in her breed at the top level!

No rosette for Reserve which saved me having to decide between the Crested and Toller both of which I loved and were deserving of top awards.

Toy Group

A strong group, with some quality puppies placed who are going to give their owners some real fun.

TG1 Santoriello’s Min Pin Pinicio Red Rebellion JW. See RBIS

TG2 Crow’s Chinese Crested, Kojiki’s Love To Hate Me at Casacavallo. Only 6mths but this lad is all quality, beautifully proportioned and well put together. Good mover. Pleasing head and expression, lovely topline and tail carriage.

TG3 Phelps’ Pug, Bilohka Beretta. This 9mth old is very nice indeed. Meets the standard well, correctly constructed with a good outline and pleasing head and expression. Works so well with his handler and gives of his best.

TG4 James, D’Arcy & Duffield’s Pom, Angelrock Bringing Up Baby. 2 ½ yr old with lots of positives in her favour. Like her head and expression, compact and giving a good outline, excellent well carried plume, moved and showed well.

Toy Puppy Group

TPG1 Watkins & Budgens Min Pin, Hawksflight Hot Pursuit. See RBPIS

TPG2 Crow’s Chinese Crested, Kojiki’s Love To Hate me at Casacavallo. See TG2

TPG3 Phelps’ Pug, Bilohka Beretta. See TG3

TPG4 Li’s CKCS, Avalcier Ace. 7mths Tri lad. Good head proportions with melting expression. Typy and sound, liked his balance, well constructed, good level topline and correct tail carriage.


PD/B (2 Entry) Abs 1

1st: Lees Lafford Black Onyx. Soundly made, somewhat erratic in movement until he settled then fine. Liked his size, good topline and outline, well balanced in head with good ears and the start of nice fringing. BOB & BPIB

JD/B (3 Entries) Abs 1

1st: Holmes’ Kasper Magenis at Summerjade (NAF TAF). Plenty of quality in this Tri lad. Good head and expression nicely balanced, moved out to win here.

2nd: Nash’s Ookiimimi Quicksilver B/W good head and shape was somewhat erratic on the move today.

PGD/B (6 Entries) Abs 3

1st: Nash’s Ookiimimi Pirouette. Feminine, liked her size and sound construction, went well here but was holding her ear slightly in the challenge.

2nd: Slater’s Lafford’s Golden Nugget. Up to size but honest, soundly constructed and moving well.

3rd: Holmes’ Summerjade Red Hot Vanilla.

OD/B (4 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: Slater’s Baillion Black Obsidian for Zizula. Well made of pleasing type and balance. Good coat and plenty of fringing. Correct in topline. Moved well. RBOB

2nd: Holmes’ Elfuago Booyah, well constructed and a good mover, up to size and lacking in furnishings today.


PD/B (7 Entries) 4 Abs

1st: Li’s CKCS, Avalcier Ace. BPIB RBOB (See TPG4)

2nd: Bennett’s Rishtte I’m Tanisha of Remmya. Feminine Ruby 10mth old. Liked her head and expression. Good topline and tail carriage. Moving out nicely in front and side profile, needs to strengthen behind.

3rd: Mancey’s Estrid Alberta

JD/B (4 Entries) Abs 3

1st: Dawson’s Luphenex Highland Fling. Quality exhibit, liked his make and shape. Good topline, moving soundly once settled with good tail carriage. Nicely feathered.

PGD/B (4 Entries) Abs 3

1st: Hobbs’ Beaconsfylde A Dorable. And she is, I found lots to like in this 22mth old. Very feminine with a lovely head and expression. Soundly constructed and moving well.

Open D/B (6 Entries) Abs: 4

1st: Rhodes Calonlan Grand Royale. Lovely lad, impressed in head and expression, soft and melting and so correct. Beautifully constructed and moving well. Liked his type. Showed well here. BOB Unfortunately, took his bat home in the TG, despite his handler’s best efforts.

2nd: Hobbs’ Beaconsfylde Catch The Kiss JW ShCM VW. 8yr old Blenheim. Again liked her type, pleasing head and expression, well constructed and a good mover.


PD/B (9 Entries) 0 Abs

A stunning class of quality Toy puppies who are going to do their owners proud!

1st: Watkins & Budgens Min Pin Hawksflight Hot Pursuit. RBAVNSC Toy TPG1 (See RBPIS)

2nd: Fabian’s Bolognese Tumbril Tokyorose. 7mth old baby but so much of what I was looking for. Excellent breed type, good pigmentation, well constructed and moving to prove it.

3rd: Santoriello’s Min Pin Pincio Twist And Shout

JD/B (2 Entries) 0 Abs

1st: Wasilewska’s Maltese My Leya Satiamore (Imp Pol). Excellent type, good size, excellent coat and good pigmentation. Well constructed and moved out well here to win.

2nd: Amsel & Rishworth’s It Greyhound, Artmeis Three Card Trick. Excellent breed type and conformation close up just not as confident on the move.

PGD/B (4 Entries) 1 Abs

1st: Twigg’s Min Pin Teffys Felix Felicis. Stylish little lady. Excellent outline soundly constructed and moving well.

2nd: Wallace Horne’s It Greyhound Skylar’s Chico. Another quality exhibit. Liked his flowing lines. Moved well.

3rd: Suggitt’s Griffon Brux, Aptrick One Day Like This.

OD/B (5 Entries) 2 Abs

1st: Santoriello’s Min Pin Pinicio Red Rebellion JW. BAVNSC Toy TG1 See RBIS

2nd: Tower’s Bolognese Enjanicka Evening Emerald. Loved her. Excellent breed type, well constructed and sound moving.

AV Toy

PD/B (9 Entries) 2Abs

1st: Pike Hill & Mallinson’s Pug Eivisah Sonnetanz. 7mths promising lad. Liked his head and expression. Good tail set giving nice outline, plenty of bone. Moved well once settled.

2nd: Byrne’s Milucksin Millionaire Close up to one and plenty to like in this 6mth baby, just needs to settle in front on today’s performance.

3rd: Suggitt’s Griffon Brux Aptrick Buttersky

OD/B (10 Entries) 5 Abs

1st: Dawson’s CKCS, Luphenex Highland Fling. (See CKC JD/B)

2nd: Gooch’s Pom, Paavali’s Night King at Cassibawn. Typy lad, up to size but with a pleasing head and expression. Coat of excellent texture and amount. Well constructed and moving soundly.

3rd: Burrows’ Pug, Twirlytops Lest We Forget.

VD/B (11 Entries) 3 Abs

Stunning class of Toy veterans, all a credit to their owners and so lovely to see!

1st: Crow’s Chinese Crested, Ch Just Kidding of Angel’s Legacy at Casacavallo JW ShCM (Imp NLD). Headed this trio of Chs on his true breed type, excellent conformation and strong sound movement, totally defying his 9 and a bit years!

2nd: Amsel’s It Greyhound, Ch/Am Ch Artmeis Golden Oriole of Regallust, just over the 7 yrs and what beautiful little lady this is, loved her curves, loved her conformation, excellent breed type.

3rd: Santoriello’s Ch Tubsize Manhattan by Pinicio JW ShCM

AV Imported Register

SYD/B (1 Entries) 0 Abs

1st: Hobbs’ Russian Toy Grande Misterio Carte Blanche AOC for Beaconsfylde (Imp LVA). BIR, BPIR. Promising baby. Somewhat raw but well balanced and well constructed. Pleasing head, nice length of leg. Good mover.

Averil Cawthera-Purdy