• Show Date: 02/07/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Anthony Trinder Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 05/10/2023

Berkshire Downs & Chilterns Golden Retriever Club

Thank you to the committee for inviting me to judge at this lovely well run show, it was a lovely day and the exhibiters were a pleasure. Thankfully the weather held off even if it was a bit windy. SVD (2 Entries, 0 Absent) 1st Barber’s STVINCENT GOLDEN GUN FROM SWANSREACH ShCM VW, love this freestanding boy with his ever-wagging tail, nice head and kind expression attentive to owner. Super topline which was maintained, nicely angled front and rear moved well and with drive. BVD. 2nd Lade’s GILLBRYAN RUM PUNCH AT HUNTERDEAN, lovely masculine head, with correct expression, nicely angled and good topline. Well off for bone and substance, not so forward on the move. A delight to see this boy enjoying his day. MPD (0 Entries, 0 Absent) PD (2 Entries, 1 Absent) 1st O'Gorman’s BERRYMEADE BILLY SUMMERS (AI) Dark golden boy with good proportions well up on leg and well off for bone. Kind expression which you could look at all day, good shoulder placement leading onto a strong level topline which was maintained. Completed the picture being free stood moved well for such a youngster, stood alone in this class but could not be denied BPD and BPIS. JD (3 Entries, 0 Absent) 1st Black’s BENCOE JUST IN TIME DEL AVRAIN A well sized pale boy with a masculine head and kind expression, good length of neck and well laid shoulders, strong topline and correct tailset and moved well. Delighted to hear this was his JW point, congratulations. 2nd Henson’s CINDERBANK MOVE IT JW A smaller framed boy that 1, masculine head and strong neck, nice shoulder placement and well off for bone, moved ok. 3rd Moore’s PURBARN FRIENDS TOGETHER YD (4 Entries, 1 Absent) 1st Black Mrs A & Mr I BENCOE JUST IN TIME DEL AVRAIN 2nd Henson Mr K CINDERBANK MOVE IT JW 3rd Moore’s PURBARN FRIENDS TOGETHER ND (2 Entries, 1 Absent) 1st Manton’s REDRIFT A DREAM'N GOLD, a dark golden boy with a masculine head and kind expression and a balanced outline. Well off for bone with good substance and coat, level topline and correct tailset, moved well. UGD (5 Entries, 3 Absent) 1st Williams’ BERRYMEADE KILTERNAN OF BUSHEYHALL, masculine head with a kind expression strong neck of a good length, strong topline balanced outline, lovely layback of shoulder and correct tailset and carriage, handled well. Moved well. 2nd Ward’s MITCHNEL HE WHO LAUGHS LAST, Masculine head with a lovely expression, balanced outline with correct length of leg and good bone, good topline and tailset which maintained on the move, lacking in coat today. Moved well. GD (4 Entries, 1 Absent) 1st Lade’s SANDAULA BANKING ON YOU AT HUNTERDEAN (AI) Correct head and expression on this male, strong neck leading into well laid shoulders, level topline with correct tailset, moved well, was carrying slightly too much weight for me. 2nd Ward’s MITCHNEL HE WHO LAUGHS LAST PGD (2 Entries, 0 Absent) 1st Clunie’s WARRENTOR BOLD AS BRASS JW, one I have judged before, masculine head and kind eye, lovely length of neck with well laid shoulders, strong topline and balanced angles. Handled freely with a happy tail a delight to see. Moved well, pushed hard for the top spots, wasn’t so enthusiastic in the challenge. 2nd Barber’s MESSANO JUST GOOD FRIENDS WITH SWANSREACH, lovely head and expression and clearly all male. Good topline and tailset standing freely away from his handler, moved well from his well muscled rear . LD (3 Entries, 0 Absent) 1st Simms-Stelling’s PENBRIDGE PLAY FAST AND LOOSE FOR STVINCENT, really loved this boy with a correct head and expression, with a strong neck of good length, strong topline and lovely tail while moving, well balanced in outline and it all becomes true with hands on. Moved well with well muscled quarters. RBD. 2nd Norris’ FENPINQUE MAGNUM OPUS AT MOLESTREAM JW, Larger cream dog with a kind masculine head, well angulated front and rear and well let down hocks, lovely topline and tailset, shown in profuse coat. Moved well. 3rd Wallington’s WYNRITA SCHOOL DAZE OD (2 Entries, 0 Absent) 1st Turner’s AMILONE ROYAL SCOT, Dark dog with a masculine head and moderately angled with a balanced outline, super topline and tail carriage which he maintained, powered around the ring on a well-muscled hind. 2nd Black’s BENCOE JUST IN TIME DEL AVRAIN SWGD (1 Entries, 0 Absent) 1st Williams’ BERRYMEADE COEUR BLIMEY AT BUSHEYHALL SGWC, This boy gave everything today and it showed, standing alone in this class and in the challenge held his edge over the other males. Masculine head with a kind expression, strong neck of good length leading on to well laid shoulders, super bone and topline and tailset, really used his powerful hind to go around the ring with super reach. Completed the picture freestanding with a wagging tail. BD, RBIS, BOS. SVB (6 Entries, 2 Absent) 1st Turner’s GRAIN OF GOLD'S ARWEN OF AMILONE (IMP SWE) SGWC, Just loved seeing this 13 year old girl enjoying her day and still moving with such drive and power. Beautiful head and expression, lovely neck and well laid shoulders, balanced in her angulation front and rear plenty of leg and bone. Super topline which was maintained. Pushed hard for top honours, BVIS. 2nd Harding& Start’s EVENINGHILL MOMENT TO SHINE, unfortunate to meet 1 today, more moderately angled than 1, but still moves which such reach and drive. Beautiful level topline which was maintained throughout. 3rd French’s LINIRGOR LUV POTION FOR CAFFIMBRA MPB (3 Entries, 1 Absent) 1st Taggart’s ALTINDAN USER FRIENDLY, pretty head and clean neck onto welllaid shoulders in this young girl, balanced outline and well angulated front and rear, lovely topline and tail carriage, moved well. 2nd Harding’s EVENINGHILL RED SKY AT NIGHT, a smaller more compact bitch than 1, nicely angled front and rear, with a good topline. Shown in profuse coat, moved ok. PB (4 Entries, 2 Absent) 1st Mandley’s MALTQUDOS ENCHANTED, pretty girl of good size and proportions. Feminine head with correct expression, well laid shoulders and correct topline. Lovely tail action while moving and moved well. BPB. 2nd Gayler’s CAROLAKE X'MARKS THE SPOT, longer cast girl than 1, pretty head with kind expression. Nicely angulated front and rear, lovely topline. Moved ok. JB (5 Entries, 2 Absent) 1st Clunie’s WARRENTOR NOHKALIKAI, mid golden girl, with super bone and substance as always from this kennel, lovely head and expression, well angulated front and rear giving that balanced outline, lovely topline and moved well. 2nd Chan’s WEMCREST SOUND OF MUSIC, more moderately angulated than 1. Pretty head and clean neck and shoulders, well off for leg and bone. Strong topline which she maintained, moved well. 3rd Oldring’s FAIRWINDS SKY FULL OF STARS OVER FLAXENGOLD YB (5 Entries, 2 Absent) 1st Mell’s SANSUE LOVE ACTUALLY AT MELOAK, 2nd time I have judged this girl and really like how she is developing, pleasing head and expression, beautiful length of neck leading down to well laid shoulders, so balanced in outline and matches when hands on, level topline and correct tail carriage. Moved exceptionally. Really excited to watch her progress. RBB. 2nd Chan’s WEMCREST SOUND OF MUSIC 3rd Skrabule’s GAMORA ZEN NB (6 Entries, 2 Absent) 1st Price’s PALTON QUINTESSENTIAL, Smaller compact bitch with correct head and expression, nicely placed shoulders and good topline and tail set. Well angulated front and rear, moved well. 2nd Clunie’s WARRENTOR NOHKALIKAI 3rd Skrabule’s GAMORA ZEN UGB (7 Entries, 5 Absent) 1st Price’s PALTON QUINTESSENTIAL 2nd Skrabule’s GAMORA ZEN, Feminine headed bitch with correct expression, well up on leg and moderately angled giving a nice balanced outline, moved well once she settled. Lacking in coat. GB (6 Entries, 3 Absent) 1st Russell-Bond & Cole’s ROSINANTE SILHOUETTE JW, really liked this girls proportions, pretty head with correct expression, well angulated front and rear with a super topline and tail carriage which she maintained on the moved. Moved with purpose. Another I considered for top honours. 2nd Price’s PALTON QUINTESSENTIAL 3rd Wooden’s CATENAE CANDY FLOSS AT SALAKO PGB (3 Entries, 1 Absent) 1st Turner’s AMILONE PINKSTER (AI) well made blonde girl, lovely feminine head and expression that really appeals, lovely length of neck leading to well laid shoulders, well up for leg and beautiful angulation front and rear. Super topline and tail carriage, moved well with super reach and drive. Again another I considered for top honours. 2nd French’s CAFFIMBRA TATTERED LACE, smaller girl with a correct head and expression, she had a well angulated front and rear with a super topline, moved ok. LB (9 Entries, 3 Absent) I have to say how much I loved this class filled with 6 lovely bitches it really was a pleasure to judge, heading this class was: 1st Chan’s LOVISSA HELLO DOLLY OF WEMCREST, my notes just read stunning, this girl stood out today from free standing to moving everything was effortless. Feminine head with a kind expression that draws you in. Beautiful neck and length leading down to well laid shoulders, super bone and substance throughout. Beautifully angulated front and rear. Topline like a table with a beautiful slashing tail while moving. Moved effortlessly with reach and driving from her well muscled rear. BB, BIS. 2nd Price’s PALTON UP, UP AND AWAY, similar comments apply to this girl as 1, I just preferred the overall balance, and movement of 1. 3rd Russell-Bond Mrs SE ROSINANTE DEJU VU OB (8 Entries, 6 Absent) 1st Cole’s ROOKSBURY PHANTASIA JW, dark bitch with a lovely head and kind understanding expression, clean neck and shoulders leading onto a strong level topline and short coupled, beautiful balanced angulations with super bone. Moved with real purpose. 2nd Fry’s FENPINQUE COCO CHANEL, longer cast girl than 1, feminine head and expression. Well angulated and super topline, lovely tailset and tail carriage which she used to advantage on the move, moved ok. 3rd Skrabule’s GAMORA ZEN SWGB (2 Entries, 2 Absent) Anthony Trinder