• Show Date: 31/05/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Anthony Allen Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/09/2023

Reading & District Kennel Association

Reading & DKA

31st May 2023

Judge: Anthony Allen

Afghan Hounds

Puppy (3)

1st Altside Hot Shot at Arushkhan. BP. RBOB.

I like this young cream lady, just 8 months. She has good proportions with a lovely feminine head and expression. Long neck leading into well-placed shoulders. Body well-made and well-developed quarters for her age. Had to settle into her stride on the move but once she did, she had a good action. Best Puppy and Reserve Best of Breed.

2nd Zendushkas Rolling Stone at Farakushk

This chap was having fun today and was playing the fool on the move. In the few steps he did I could see a good action. Overall, he is a bit at that in-between stage at the moment, but as he develops he should finish in to a smart dog. He has a well-made head with a pleasing expression and good overall shape.

3rd Affyneeta Rhapsody in Blue

Junior (2)

1st Sitana Mystique at Zarcar. BOB.

This lady had a pleasing head with a good eye shape, long neck leading to a well assembled front. Shoulders well set and a good return of upper arm. Stands on straight well boned legs, good width and depth of body, good topline. Balanced quarters. Moved with style to take Best of Breed.

2 Affyneeta Rhapsody in Blue

This chap was a young pup. At the moment he is rather raw but has lots of potential. Enough neck just needs a little more development in front. Body of good proportions, good short loin. Good bend of stifle and well let down hocks. Moved OK, just needs to settle in front and to find his feet on the move.

PG (1)

1st Affyneeta Psynderella at Georgele

Young bitch, just learning her trade in the ring and needs a bit more confidence. She has a pretty head and expression with a good eye that enhances her expression. She is well made in body with good angles front and rear. Moved out ok, just needs to find her feet.

Open (2)

1st Maalum Uzuri Vigiinia Hela NAF

Pleasing head and expression on this lady. Good overall shape and proportions, well assembled front and well angulated hindquarters with stifles well bent. Stands on strong feet. Scored in this class in movement with the smoother gait.

2 Affyneeta Rhapsody in Blue

Italian Spinone

Puppy (1)

1st Affilato It Had to be You. BP. RBOB. Group1

A very smart puppy of 9 months, who I was really taken with. I thought she had a super headpiece, lean with divergent planes and a good eye colour which gives that pretty expression. Ears well set. Clean neck in to well set shoulders. Stands on good straight legs and tight feet. Well made in body, good depth of chest for her age and filling her frame. Well made hindquarters, with a good bend of stifle. She moved out well with a steady free action. Close up for top honours today but just pipped by the open winner. Best Puppy, Reserve Best of Breed and later Gundog Puppy Group One – congratulations.

PG (1)

1st Ellisbell Beaufighter

This chap was well up for size, good overall balance. His head is masculine and of good proportions. Stands on well boned legs and a decent lay-back of shoulder. Well made in body with depth to chest. Stifles well bent and good coarse coat. Had plenty of drive but just need to get a little more coordinated on the move.

Open (2)

1st Macarica Fair and Square JW. BOB.

A quality bitch with the most super head and expression, she has those lovely expressive eyes. She is well made with good overall substance, strong in neck, shoulders well set. Well boned legs and correct feet. She has dept to chest and is good through the body, Quarters well developed and stifles well bent. Coat in good condition. Moved out well, typical gait to take the class and later Best of Breed. As with the puppy I understand she went on to top the Gundog Group One – congratulations!

2nd Colourbox Colonel Blink

8-year-old chap who was new to the showing game, but he took it all in his stride. Good type about him, he is typical in head with good proportions. Stands on well boned legs. Moved out with a good action.

American Cockers

Jun (1)

1st Taramount Golden Ticket. RBOB.

A lovely buff with a masculine head and dark eye, long arched neck leading to a decent lay back of shoulders and good front angulation. He is well ribbed and bodied for his age. He has well-made quarters, moved out well holding a correct topline. Pushed hard in the challenge Reserve Best of Breed.

Open (2)

1st Am Ch Rotojet’s Roll Call. BOB.

Good overall size and substance on this chap. Head piece is pleasing with a good eye. Good front assembly on him, personally would just like a little more depth of chest and spring of rib. Good quarters. Moved out well to take the class and later Best of Breed.

2nd Truly Yours Clear Magic for Taramount (Imp DNK)

I liked this dog on the stack, but he just wouldn’t play ball on the move and that cost him the class. He was so excited and enthusiastic, his tail never stopped wagging. Stands on good legs and round feet. Enough depth of chest and a good spring of rib. Compact and strong body and good quarters. Just a shade heavy over the shoulders.

Cocker Spaniels

Puppy (1)

1st Kasordon Maid of Fire. BP.

Nine months old black and tan. I liked her head piece which has a good overall shape enhanced by a dark eye, good ears. Well made in body, she has well set shoulders and a decent front assembly. Well made in body, ribs are springing as they should be for her age. Quarters developing nicely with stifles well bent. Needs to settle on the move which she will do as she matures. Best Puppy.

Jun (2)

1st Black Lord Wildest Dream at Frieljoanipa (Imo HRV). BOB.

This bitch presented a pleasing picture on the stack, she is well balanced and compact. I liked her head and feminine expression, lovely eye and low set ears. Neck is set into well placed shoulders and a good return of upper arm. She is well made in body compact and not overdone. Good hindquarters on her, stifle well bent. Moved out well to take the class and Best of Breed.

2nd Griffial Make It Count

I like this lady on the stack she had a good shape and outline. Lovely head piece on her with a kind eye of good shape and ears well set. Good front assembly, good neck in to well set shoulders, compact in body. Would like a little more development in hindquarters. Not as fluid as the winner on the move today.

Open (3, 2)

1st B. Lord W. Dream

Bedlington Terrier

Puppy (2)

Two very smart puppies in this class, little to choose between them.

1st Ratzwell Jolly Jubilee. BP.

I thought this young lady had a pleasing head piece with correct eye. She is good neck into well set shoulder. She has good overall shape, body developing nicely with proportionate depth of chest for her age. Well developed in quarters. On the move her footfall and gait was good. Best Puppy.

2nd Janmark Man in the Middle

Just six-month-old blue and giving a lot away to the winner in maturity. He was also being very puppyish and enjoying himself with his young handler. I thought he had good type about him, his head is developing nicely with strength and depth, dark eye. I liked his overall shape and make, just needs to fill his frame which he will do as he matures. Coat coming a long and showing good colour. Once he settled, he moved very well.

Jun (1)

1st Janmark Je Ne Sais Pas Avec Mickleview BOB

Although she stood alone in the class, I thought this 17-month-old lady was very smart. She is a beautiful bitch with a feminine expression. Her head is well made, narrow in skull, with a kind eye, and a super top knot to give that typical expression. Super front on her, shoulders sloping and stands on good straight legs. Well made in body, good depth to chest for her age, rise over the loin and tuck up. Good well-made quarters which she used to advantage on the move with a free action. Presented in super condition, please to award her Best of Breed.

PG (1)

1st Wollytop What’s It All About

Two year old lady, slightly finer set. Good overall balance. Feminine in head with a pleasing expression. Stands on good straight legs, needs to drop into her chest a little which I am sure she will do as she matures. Good body proportions, moderate quarters. Fluid action on the move.

Open (4, 2)

1st Ch Woolytop The Viking RBOB

I liked this dog when he walked in the ring and not surprised to see that he carries a title. I liked his headpiece; skull narrow with a good eye to give a masculine expression. Head set high with good carriage. Forelegs straight, sloping shoulder and he has depth to chest. On the stack you can see his shape with an arch over the loin with a tuck-up in underline. Well developed quarters, stifles moderately bent and hocks well let down. Moved out well with the distinctive action called for. In the challenge he lost his shape in the final run off and that gave the junior winner the edge. Reserve best of Breed.

2nd Wollytop Leading Lady

A 3-year-old bitch who it transpired was litter sister to The Viking and she pushed her brother all the way in this class. I thought she had good overall size and balance about her. Head is feminine, well made, good topknot and with lovely dark eyes to give a pretty expression. I liked her front assembly, stands on good straight legs and good feet. She has enough depth of chest, flat through the ribs, a good tuck up and an arched loin. Hindquarters have moderate angulation. Moved out well in the class.

Dandie Dinmont

Op (1)

1st Lairdship Labour of Love. BOB.

Attractive 3 year old pepper bitch, I thought she has a typical feminine expression enhanced by a lovely dark eye, super ears. Good shoulder placement, ribs well sprung and depth to chest and well-made quarters. Moved out well. Best of Breed.

Manchester Terrier

Wow, what an amazing class to be able to judge, three quality dogs, it was a real privilege – my thanks to the sporting exhibitors for bringing them.

Op (5, 20

1st Ch Talanors Typically Special. BOB.

A top-class lady who really was on form, I liked her size and overall balance. She has great ring presence about her. I liked her head and expressions, well made with well set ears. Clean neck in to well set sloping shoulder, into a super front. Well made in body, ribs well sprung, held her topline well throughout. Super quarters on her, well bent stifles. Good tan colour. Moved round the ring as if she owned it with good reach and drive. Pleasure to award her Best of Breed.

2nd Ch Talanors Typically Elite. RBOB.

Another top-class dog, who presented a super picture on the stack. I like his head piece, masculine with good fill under his eyes. Ears well set and correct shape. Neck long tapering from the shoulders. Super front on him, shoulder well sloped and depth in front. Well made in body, ribs well sprung, Strong hindquarters, stifles well bent and tail set on correctly and carried correctly on the move. In super coat and condition. Free action, just played up a shade and that gave the winner the edge.

3rd Ch Talanors Time for Fun

Parson Russell Terrier

Puppy (1)

1st Vixenview Gypsy. BP. RBOB.

10 months old, promising puppy with a good head and a keen expression, straight front, stands on good legs and super feet. She has ample bone. She held her topline and has a good bend of stifle and tailset. One the move she was true both ways. Pleased to award her Best of Breed and Best Puppy in Breed.

PG (3, 1)

1st Ruffntuff Rush of Love. BOB.

A littler nervous as she entered the ring, but confidence grew as the class went on. Head wedge shaped with a kind eye and pleasing expression. Clean through the neck, of good length into well laid shoulders. Good through the body, well proportioned, spannable, ribs well back. Well made quarters, good angulation and low set hocks. Moved out really well, covering the ground. Best of Breed.

2nd Vixenview Talia Shire

Two-and-a-half-year-old lady, head feminine with a good eye shape. Would like a little more lay back of shoulder and upper arm. Legs strong, good depth of chest, spannable. Decent quarters. Was crabbing on the move and not as fluid as the winner today.

Op (2, 1)

1st Fox Fur Newark

She is feminine in head and expression, eyes dark and of good shape, slightly broad in back skull. Ears well set. Neck clean, would like a shade more lay back of shoulder. Well made in body, spannable, strong back. Moderate quarters with enough bend of stifle. Moved well in profile just a bit untidy on the up and down.

West Highland White Terrier

Op (1)

1st Egremont Male Order. BOB.

I thought this chap had super type about him. I liked his overall size and proportions. I thought he had a super masculine head and expression, enhanced by a good eye. Muscular neck into sloping shoulders. He is well made in body. Good depth of chest and a firm topline. Coat harsh and well presented. I liked him on the move with that typical free action. A lot to like about him Best of Breed.