• Show Date: 19/03/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Ann-Marie Finlay Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Retford Canine Society

Retford Canine Society


Ann-Marie Finlay (Dalfin)

First of all thank you to Jacqueline Tune and the committee of Retford for my invitation to judge my beloved breed and where better to carry out my first appointment than on my “Home Turf”

Thank you to my Steward’s Ant & Emma for keeping me in order  

Thank you to each exhibitor for bringing your beautiful dogs for me to assess. It is an honour to judge your breed at any level and my entry certainly did not disappoint.

I have waited a long time to start my judging career as I wanted to be confident that I would do your dogs justice and you did not make it an easy task for me with so many lovely dogs to go over.

Sadly, the nature of judging is that you cannot give all a first place as much as you would like to. When I stepped into the centre of the ring I was looking for a Dalmatian that was sound and that could easily go all day. They are after all an endurance breed that should be capable of covering many many miles.

All of the dogs today were presented in good clean condition with the correct scissor bite and had excellent temperament, kisses were abundant and at this point I was grateful that they all had clean teeth, they were a credit to you all.


Puppy (3/0)

1. Kaal’s Schunnikka Ifor Dream

9 month Black spotted dog that is so very balanced and promising for one so young. Still very much a puppy but his movement is so steady and economical. He has the softest expression framed by well marked ears and had the correct dark eye. When he settles on the stand he is evidently all male and a show man through and through. Deep Chested with plenty of lung room. He is well muscled all round for stage of his development. Pushed much more mature dogs hard in the challenge but lost out on that maturity. Could not deny him BPIB.


2. Jenkins & Ridgway’s Luccombe Strawberry Ripple

Beautiful 11-month Liver girl of the ideal size with the richest pigment who has everything in the right place and personality by the bucketload. Well laid back shoulders and elbows set close with straight legs onto ideal feet. Long arched neck onto a level topline which she held on the move. Another who is so balanced and shows much promise. Well-muscled whilst retaining her obvious femininity I would have liked to see her move at a slightly slower pace.


Junior (0/0)


Post Graduate (5/0)

1. Chattaway Buzzbrook Lily of the valley

Easy winner of this class, Her head is beautiful with a broad flat skull and again the correct dark eye framed by well marked ears. Long neck into well defined wither although she does tend to look up at her handler at times which briefly spoils her beautiful outline.

Good level topline onto a correctly set and spotted tail.

Well muscled but again retaining femininity which gave her the drive required she just flowed round the ring effortlessly and at the correct speed. She was one of the few that moved in a straight line out and back. She is the ideal weight for her frame. I could easily picture her doing the job she was bred for. BOB


2. De Rozario & Brooks Jemblewood Jelly baby.

Such a lovely happy girl that is just my type. Lost out to 1st on maturity as the youngest in this class but many of the same attributes. She is built on a slightly finer frame, that said for my ideal I would want a little more weight on her. Her movement today was steady and flowing and is another that is sound and balanced.


Open Dog (4/0)

1.Bellili’s D’Amore De Loin ShCM ShCEx.

Now this young man is a veteran but nobody has told him. He was my surprise of the day as although I have seen him at many shows as an exhibitor I have never studied him nor had the chance to go over him which you really need to do to appreciate his qualities. Straightest mover in the class which gave him the top spot. He is clearly capable of the endurance required of this breed and was without doubt one of the best movers of the day. RBOB


2.Crookes Dalberry the Startburst

Richly Liver spotted boy that is a favourite of mine and is handled perfectly. I love his head and he is such a steady and sound mover. Well muscled and clearly male but not overdone. He is wonderful to watch in profile and is another that could undoubtedly go all day long.


Open Bitch (3/1)

1. Jenkins & Ridgway’s Luccombe Strawberry Kisses.

Another wonderful veteran with personality plus. So very feminine but clearly capable of a days work and beautifully marked. A super girl presented in wonderful condition, being picky I would prefer a little weight off her that being said she is superbly balanced overall. She has such poweful movement whilst retaining her elegance. Clearly devoted to her handler who certainly gets the best out of her.


2.Kembreys Dalmark The Ash Blonde

Liver spotted with correct eye colour and her construction is sound, on the move in profile she is the picture of economy sadly for me today on the out and back she didn’t quite keep a straight line.