• Show Date: 12/08/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Ann-Marie Finlay Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 16/08/2023

Lancaster & District Canine Society

Firstly Thank you to the Society for the invitation to judge Dalmatians at their well run and friendly show. Thanks also to my steward Micheala for her assistance today. I thoroughly enjoyed this appointment and must thank the exhibitors for entering their lovely dogs for me to go over. Temperaments were all excellent and I was the recipient of many kisses. The Dalmatian is an endurance breed and I will always have this at the forefront of my mind when judging. Many of the dogs in this entry I could quite easily imagine running alongside a carriage. On the whole all of the exhibits were presented in clean condition and I particularly noticed lots of clean teeth. I would however prefer some of them to have had shorter nails, whilst this was not particularly an issue given the surface in the equestrian centre it is a bugbear of mine as it does affect structure of the foot. Puppy (4/0) 1. Wilkins, Salvadorada Heads Will Roll. Well grown but absolutely balanced Liver spotted 8 month old male, Muscle developing as it should be for his age. Straight forelegs into tight feet, He has a wonderful head with the kindest expression and lovely amber eye. He strides out beautifully and tracks correctly. Lovely level topline and correct tailset and carriage. BPIB and delighted to hear he later was awarded Puppy Group 1 Congratulations! 2. Newton, What you See is What You Get Passionate About You For Chizzmic. This young man is just my type I loved him! Delicious Black Spotted 6 month old Another who is so balanced for his age and has a good amount of bone. Lovely dark pigment on the whitest of coat, correct dark eyes and well marked ears. Another with everything exactly as it should be for his age. Correct angulation front and rear. Moved Beautifully when he settled and only lost out to 1 on the stand as he didn’t make enough of himself but this will all come with time and practice. I will watch him with interest. Junior (3/2) 1. Tavill, Puntinato Ballante Virtual Vision Vortex in Tockika (Imp Bel) Black spotted 14 month old male who stood alone but still makes the most of himself and is a delightful character. Lighter marked in the face but still full of expression. Well proportioned throughout with good angulation front and rear. Correct amount of bone, Correct tail-set and carriage. When he is settled on the move he is a delight to watch. Lost out on higher placings in a later class due to coat condition. Post Graduate (8/2) 1. Newton & Newton O’Brien Cotterspot Nidderdal Lady of Chizzmic. 2 year old Black spotted bitch, now she is one that I could see go all day with a carriage and still be going whilst the horses were sleeping. More heavily marked than 2 but that does not detract from her finer points. She is correct size and completely balanced and so obviously feminine. Good bend of stifle and strong hocks that drive her to move with purpose without being over-exhuberant Lovely neck into well defined withers and onto a solid topline leading to correctly set and carried tail. My RBOB. 2.MCaloone Perditas the Echo Project This black spotted 2 year old male was another that delights on the move. Tracks so true he is a joy to watch. Another that could go all day. Fantastic dark pigment on the whitest coat and obviously fit for function. Good solid frame, strong legs and feet. His head is stronger than my personal preference and he carried his tail a little high today. Open (5/1) 1. Fosters Perditas Tomorowland JW. Love this girl. Beautifully marked 2 year old. Well off for bone and just so balanced. Straight forelegs into nice and tight cat feet. Rear angulation is correct and tail is set and carried just as it should be. I didn’t think she was my winner at first but the more I moved her and she relaxed into the job in hand the better she got. Her expression melts you. BOB and delighted to hear she was awarded Utility Group 4. Congratulations! 2.Liver spotted 2 year old Bitch presented in great condition and although has a patched face gained her place in this class on her correct movement which was much better than in a previous class. Shorter in loin than 1 and smaller all over but remains balanced. Id like to see her with much shorter nails as the length has the potential to affect her movement on a different surface.