• Show Date: 01/04/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Ann-Marie Finlay Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Tredegar & District Canine Society

Tredegar & District Canine Society


Firstly many thanks to the Society for the invitation to judge my breed at this wonderfully run show at what is a lovely venue. A special Thankyou for their hospitality in providing refreshments in the form of a substantial packed lunch which was very much appreciated during my epic journey home. My thanks also to my lovely stewards Josi and Annette for keeping everything in order. We had a lovely sized ring, however it was difficult to assess movement in some classes as some of the dogs were not keen on the surface.

Thank you to each exhibitor for bringing their dogs for me to judge. I have said in previous show reports that it is an honour to judge your breed at any level as an exhibitor you are paying to enter a show so please consider the presentation of your dog and that nothing can detract from the dogs attributes. All the dogs had correct bite, neatly trimmed nails and excellent feet, however there were a couple with dirty teeth and coats which did affect some close decisions and cost them higher placings on the day.

Puppy (2/0)

1. Neath-Duggan & Coyne, Kelevra Pickle my Fennel with Buffrey. Liver spotted Bitch of 9 months, So obviously feminine from her head to her toes, Well defined spotting on a good clean elegant outline, nicely arched neck of desirable length, Well laid shoulder onto straight legs with a good amount of bone. Level topline which she held on the move once she got over the fact she wasn’t keen on the floor. Definition of second thigh perfect for her age. Everything just where it should be at this age and coming together nicel. Best Puppy and delighted to hear she was awarded PG2

2. Richards, Mediolanum Winterfell (Imp SRB) NAF. 10 month Black spotted male on a heavier frame although he is balanced, Spotted ears framing a ghost face. Well defined withers and another with a good lay of shoulder onto well boned straight front legs. Not quite the hind angulation of 1. Tail set and carried correctly. Was showing a little bit of dally rash sadly. Movement was a bit erratic and difficult to assess.

Junior (2/0)

1. Williamson, Shydally Ultimate Edition. Black spotted boy just turned 1 year, excellent dark eyes and expression that draws you in. good angulation all round, still has some maturing to do. Liked his height to length ratio, and overall balance. He won this class on movement. Does tend to carry his tail high on the move but settles when standing. RBOB

2. Davies & Richards, Hafwenna Who Knew. Rich liver spotted girl that I really liked. She is carrying too much weight. Another whose movement I could not assess and sadly this cost her the class. On the stand she was my winner.

Post Graduate (5/1)

1. Howard, Decodas Crackerjack. 16 months Liver spotted male. Kind expression and correct eye, head framed by well-marked ears which he used to advantage. He is built on a larger frame but he is still balanced. Well boned and of a lighter liver, Capacious chest giving him the lung room required of an endurance breed. A muscular, well angulated boy but not overdone in any way. Even on this floor surface he really strode out with an easy but powerful gait and could easily do a days work. BOB and please to hear he was awarded Utility Group3

2. Thomas, Hafwenna Salinero. Lovely Black spotted male of 3 years. Best head of the day for me Another who is muscular but built on a smaller frame and many of the same attributes of 1 who just out moved him to top the class.

3. Richards & Davies, Hafwenna Hey Jude.

4. Jones. Dallydyl Merry Fortune.

Open (4/1)

1. Howard, Decodas Crackerjack. Repeat Post Grad

2. Richards & Davies, Hafwenna We Will Rock You. Black spotted male 2 years. Heavier type than 1. Another whose movement was difficult to assess as he tends to look up towards his handler causing him to crab. Well boned and so much to like about him on the stand, another with a deep chest allowing plenty of lung room. Excellent feet from straight legs that could certainly carry him all day. Correct tailset and carriage. Another whose coat condition cost him higher awards on the day.

3. Jones. Dallydyl Merry Fortune.