• Show Date: 08/07/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Angela Roberts Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 25/08/2023

Penzance & District Canine Society


Judge -Mrs Angela Roberts

Thank you to the committee for the invitation to judge Gundogs, Hounds and Terriers at this Limited show. It was a lovely friendly show with a good atmosphere, the hospitality was top class and I had some top quality dogs to assess that made for some close and thought provoking decisions. The venue was a village hall, quite spacious and light but a lot of distractions from noisy dogs at times. I waited and gave some dogs enough time to settle at noisy moments. I was delighted the BIS judge admired two of my group winners enough to make the winner of the gundog group BIS and the winner of the terrier group RBIS. Also the Hound puppy group winner was BPIS and the gundog puppy group winner RBPIS. These shows are great for new exhibitors to ‘have a go’ and there were two ladies at their first show showing off their exhibits that had also never been in the ring before. The dogs were confident and both enjoying the experience. I hope their owners also had a good day. The sport needs newcomers and win or lose just remember you always take the best dog home.

Gundog Group

AVNSC Puppy 1 Dewhurst’s Glowhill Silver Arrow At Lapidary BPIG and RBPIS

B/R Cocker spaniel dog 8 and a half months old. At first he was unsettled with the noisy distractions but his experienced owner worked patiently to get him settled and the best out of him. He has a masculine head and lovely reach of neck which flows smoothly through the shoulder into a level topline which was apparent when he relaxed. He is well grown and has a proportionate body which is well covered, has good ribbing and a well developed and muscled back end. He carries his tail correctly and is sound moving coming and going. An easy winner of this class.

2 Dingle’s Cherrygold Story Of Lando At Tillsun

Golden retriever dog, very nearly 12 months. He is a super type, masculine if a bit strong in head right now, strong muscled neck of good length, has enough forechest and balanced angulations and is deep in chest and well ribbed back but with a correct length of loin. Well boned and correct weight, stands on good feet, has a level topline and good tailset but would have liked it to be carried a fraction lower on the move. Was well turned out, has a lovely mid gold coat coming but I would have liked a bit more effort into showing off his attributes when stood, he looks laid back and he could do with getting him up on his toes and getting his tail up and out and showing off his good construction. There was an award for reserve best gundog puppy but the exhibitor had left before it was declared.

AVNSC Junior 1 Pearson’s Jaytobella In Kensington

Golden retriever bitch, 17 months. A very different type to the puppy, paler, taller and not so balanced, being longer in the loin. She has lots to compliment her though. A feminine head with dark eyes and pigment. Good in neck and flows through into a level topline and lovely tailset, angulations were balanced and she has enough depth. She moved steadily and her movement was ok coming and going and in profile. Maturity and a full coat will enhance her outlook for sure.

AVNSC Post Graduate

1 Coad’s Tinklersroc Bon Bon RBIG

Golden Retriever dog 2 years. Mid gold. A nice type and size showing a lovely outline in profile when standing up on his toes. Head masculine, eyes dark giving a soft expression. Has plenty of forechest, strong muscular crested neck flows seamlessly through well laid back shoulders into a level topline and well set on tail. Well boned with front legs well under him as he excels in upper arm placement. He is mature for his age and well bodied, well ribbed back and has a good length of loin. Moved well for indoors covering the ground but to be critical would like slightly more definition at the hocks and stands slightly with front feet turned out.

2 Phillips Pencaire Sheeran

O/W Pointer 22 months. A breed that can hide nothing. Such a handsome head on this dog who is masculine but not course. Maturing at a steady pace he has good neck into shoulders and a proportionate body although just a little more front and depth in chest would enhance his outline. Well boned and standing well up on good feet. His really hard muscular condition was the best of the entry I judged today, so no surprise he moved really well and his strong and well angulated hindquarters enabled him to move with drive whilst lashing his well set on tail.

AVNSC Open 1 Salmon’s Crimicar Indigo Eclipse BIG and BIS

B/R Cocker spaniel dog 2 and a half years. Very eyecatching on first observations. Nicely balanced in outline and with plenty of substance. He has a masculine and well proportioned head, good neck flowing over well laid back shoulders into a level topline with correct set on tail. Straight front and good return of upper arm, elbows tight and a lovely underline leading to the correct amount of tuck up in the loin. Enough bend of stifle and short hocks. It would be hard to move badly with such lovely conformation and he didn’t disappoint. Sound coming and going, enough reach and drive and moving steady but with some presence. At one with his handler and a gleaming coat with not a hair out of place. Well done on taking him all the way to BIS.

2 Philpott’s Rossacre Spangles Of Clarisview

Yellow Labrador bitch 5 years. Pretty headed bitch at the smaller end of the scale for size and bone but who is nicely balanced. Pleasing make and shape with enough forechest, deep in chest and stands up on good feet. Presents with a level topline and good set on of tail which was used correctly on the move. Enough strength in hindquarters and is enthusiastic and sound moving although a bit close behind. Nice to see an unexaggerated example of the breed carrying the correct weight and well muscled. She had a pretty young yellow daughter in the good post graduate class who was very similar but who gave a lot away to the more mature exhibits in that class.

AVNSC Veteran 1 Dewhurst’s Glowhill Hammer Time At Lapidary ShCM BVIG

B/R Cocker spaniel dog 7 years. An abundance of beautifully groomed shiny coat showing the work put in by his owner to keep him in tip top condition. Head and body showing masculinity with good angulation front and rear and upper arm extending well back to tight elbows and front feet well in under his body. Stands right up on lovely feet, has a level topline and beautifully set on tail which never stopped wagging. He was a ‘merry little cocker’ moving soundly with reach and drive and lots of presence and I loved him.

Hound Group

Out of an entry of 17 hounds present in the ring, 10 of them were Whippets. I found them varied but most of good quality and enjoyed the challenge judging them.

AVNSC Puppy 1 Carter’s Aabidah De Polva Magico (Imp Aut) BPIG and BPIS

Sand with black mask Sloughi bitch 8 months Such a beautiful looking and confident puppy. The prettiest of heads which is already the required shape and a balanced and well made body whose properties are matching the standard already. She is in beautiful muscular condition and has powerful thighs which aids her good movement. Today she didn’t put a foot wrong and was close up for reserve best hound. I hope maturity brings what her early promise is showing. I was pleased to see her take a well deserved BPIS.

AVNSC Junior 1 Nicholas’s Crosscop Save It For Me RBIG

Fawn Whippet bitch 15 months. Such a feminine head on this pretty young bitch. Loved her type and classy look. Deep in the chest and loin with a lovely underline and curvy outline showing definite arch over the loin. Carrying the right amount of weight which made her feel smooth to go over. Strength in hindquarters and moving correctly with straight action coming and going. She wasn’t the best in front angulation of the whippet entry but her handler made the most of her to bring out the best which took her to reserve best hound.

2 Harvey’s Jubilee Celebration

B/W Whippet bitch 12 months. Just missing the puppy class by one day, immature and not the substance of her competition. Feminine and pretty head with good neck. Straight front and neat arched feet. Exaggerated in topline but that can be improved with more weight and maturity and when both handler and exhibit have more experience and feel relaxed in the ring. Moved steadily. This was one of the ladies having a first time showing experience I hope you enjoyed your day.

AVNSC Post Graduate A really difficult class to judge as all exhibits were of good quality and I was splitting hairs between placings.

1 Stephens’s Jasteal Knight Of Kynance BIG

Brindle Whippet dog 18 months

Such an eyecatching handsome dog, loved his beautiful colouring. Gentle expressive eyes are just a part of his lovely head makeup. So well balanced and you can see his muscle as well as feel it when your hands glide over his body. He’s unexaggerated with enough of everything, length of neck which flows into his shoulders, ribbing, arch over the loin, front and depth of chest. Stands up on good legs and feet, good angulation with lovely definition at the hocks, ample muscle and power in the hindquarters to propel him forward. He moves effortlessly and soundly covering the ground well. He took my eye as soon as he walked in the ring. Full of quality and an easy winner of the group.

2 Gallie’s Erbys Made For Magic

Red Fawn Whippet dog 4 years

A different type to first but still appealing. Son of the winner of the next class. He’s more nicely balanced than his dam being not so long in loin. Another with a handsome head, bordering on pretty! enough front and depth of chest. Nicely angulated with correct length of neck but not so smooth into shoulders as 1st, good rise over the loin and set on of tail. Another in excellent muscletone and moving well.

AVNSC Open 1 Erbys Fire And Ice

Fawn Whippet bitch 6 years

Dam of 2nd in the previous class and her son is the absolute masculine version of her. They are so very similar in type, make and shape. Such a pretty head with beautifully set ears. She has good bone but retains her femininity. Is longer in loin and stands over more ground. Plenty of depth and another moving well.

2 Kilroy’s Janacop Maggie May

B/t M/S/H Dachshund 6 years

What a cutie. Mature, confident and showing herself to advantage. She’s definitely a lady with her feminine head and balanced body, not overdone in any way. Plenty of depth in chest but with keel having enough ground clearance on the move. Nicely moderate length of neck and level topline standing and when moving. Showing sound and correct movement up and down and going around with a nicely carried tail.

AVNSC Veteran.

Super class of veterans, 2 of them over 10 years of age and a credit to their owners.

1 Gallie’s Gwendariff Thanks A Latte

Fawn Whippet bitch 7 years

Beautiful little whippet package. So balanced and every part flowing into the next. Love her make and type. Pretty head but a little wider in skull than 2nd. Very dark eyes giving a soft expression. Strong and good length neck, good in forechest and carries through a straight front to a deep chest showing a lovely topline and underline. Liked her neat tuck up and strong hindquarters which were well muscled. Nicely angulated showing definition at the hocks and nice feet, moving really well.

2 Stephens’s Dolce Diva Divine N Delary At Jasteal

Red Brindle Whippet bitch 7 years

Close up to 1st and a similar age. I do have a personal preference for the lovely brindle colouring. I prefer the shape of her head which is very feminine and pretty. Lovely reach of neck but not quite so good in forechest or her accuracy coming towards me on the move but lovely feet and beautiful shape to her body. Another lovely mover in profile using her well muscled hindquarters to advantage.

Terrier Group

AVNSC Puppy Two exhibits here making a hard decision. One would not stand to advantage but moved fine, the other bouncy and hopping on the move but displayed a nice stance.

1 Monaghan’s Monbarbeck Pippons Pickle BPIG. Border Terrier, 9 months, grizzle and tan bitch

Didn’t make anything of herself standing on the floor throughout the class although she stood fine on the table and was confident and happy. Pretty head with her V shaped ears dropping nicely forward. Correct bone and small feet. Enough front and nicely shaped body of good length with strong thighs. Good coat. It was on the move she showed she does have a very nice outline and strode out steady and true.

2 Jackman’s Dryfevalley Willow. Dandie Dinmont bitch, 11 months, mustard. Was being easily distracted by noisy dogs in the hall but she settled well to stand and show off her nice shape. Delightful temperament while on the table. She is needing to mature all through and body up. Her head and expression shows good breed type and was feminine and pretty. Neck into shoulders and topline shows correct shape developing.

Really didn’t settle to move well at all. I gave her a few chances and the last up and back was better and she managed a few strides of straight and true movement. I liked her standing better than the Border Terrier but he pulled out the stops on the move.

AVNSC Post Graduate 1 Pope’s Villensia Pink Grapefruit BIG and RBIS. Bull Terrier bitch nearly 3 years, red and white in lovely condition. She was eye catching and well schooled. Attentive to her owner so always standing and showing to advantage. Standing four square and good viewed from any angle, she scored over the dog for her cleaner outline. Stands right up on good feet, front straight but wide and chest deep. Eyes small and ears set on well. She has enough substance for a bitch but is so very feminine. Moved well at the right speed, straight and true and never put a foot wrong. I was delighted to see her go onto RBIS.

2 Hosking’s Villensia Wildest Dreams. Bull Terrier dog, 2 years, white with a small brindle head mark. Another exhibitor first time in the ring for her and her dog and how nervous she was, but what a good job she did, although he was pretty much a natural and nearly showed himself. Very much male with his masculine head and strong, muscled, well balanced body with a good spring of rib. Nicely angulated, standing four square and right up on his toes. To be critical I found his head a bit plain and he could have had a bit more length of neck otherwise once you got to his shoulders there wasn’t anything to fault. Moved very well too. Please keep going, you will have some fun.

AVNSC Open 1 Jackman’s Dryfevalley Golden Lullaby At Carnkie RBIG.

Dandie Dinmont bitch, 5 years, mustard. This one was well schooled and had the sweetest of temperaments. She stood well showing off a lovely outline. Pretty head, so feminine, domed and well covered with fine silky hair. Quite a lot of tear staining on her face, however there was no obvious sign of an eye issue. Chest was well let down and body long and shapely. Good rib and carrying the right amount of weight. Mature without being overdone. Movement free and easy.