• Show Date: 04/03/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Andrea Maltas Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Ashton In Makerfield Canine Society

Ashton-In-Makerfield Canine Society

Saturday 4th March 2023

Dogue De Bordeaux

A lovely weekend at this well-run show, I was judging on the Saturday with a fabulous entry of lovely exhibits, then stewarding on Sunday.

Puppy (5, 1 abs)

Nice class of pups, who all coped well at probably one of their first shows at an indoor venue on mats. All pups were a delight to go over.

1st Hargreaves’ Roiliondogue Hercules – Very nice rich mahogany young male, of good proportions throughout. Impressive head for one so young, when he used it. Broad skull with a correct ear set and carriage to give more width, fine wrinkles giving that lovely expression, pronounced stop, nice width and length of muzzle, with correct chin, a correct eye finishes the picture. Nice angles fore and aft, liked his chest development for his age, still a little weak in pastern which spoils the finish at present, this will improve. Nice body development, onto a good rear, in stance he is strong in hock. Movement was nice and steady, in profile he gave a pleasing outline, with a level top line and correct head carriage. Nice pup. BPIB

2nd Kenyon’s Regalrouge’s Opulence For Desquire – Larger imposing bitch, with lovely bone, lots to like about her. Head gives a lovely expression, broad skull, larger ears but correct set and carriage, cheek developing well, pronounced stop, strong broad muzzle, powerful curved jaw with defined chin, and as with first place correct eye. Correct length of neck onto a super front, and standing straight in front with already a good chest. Nice depth to brisket and rib cage, strength already evident in loin onto a pleasing croup and again lovely rear angles, where her first and second thigh are maturing nicely. Stood straight in hock when observed from rear. I really liked this young girl, a little unsure on the day which I am sure she will overcome with her calm handler. One I will watch in the future.

3rd Hargreaves’ Roiliondogue Athena

Junior (2, 1 abs)

1st Kenyon’s Biscay Winston For Desquire JW – Large boy with matching super bone, once mature and he has shed those extra ‘junior’ pounds he will be such a powerful lad. Head is in keep with his body, broad rounded skull correct wrinkle not overdone in anyway, kind eye with nice shape, lovely short powerful muzzle, and large nostrils. Nicely angled front assembly with good width and depth of chest, ribs nicely sprung only a broad muscular loin, rounded croup with correct tail set. Muscle development in thighs is coming on well, stands strong in hock. Moved free.

Limit (8, 2 abs)

Really enjoyed judging this class.

1st Ansell’s Justlazare Darknight Rises – Really love this black masked rich mahogany male. Presented in such superb hard condition. Head is so impressive, broad skull, correct eat set and carriage where the tips touch his muscular prominent cheeks, pronounced stop, with fine symmetrical wrinkles, short broad muzzle complimented with strong, curved, defined jaw. Strong muscular neck onto a well-balanced front, and broad chest, stands straight in front onto good feet. Body is strong, broad and conditioned, top line is strong which blends into a lovely croup. Hind quarters display lovely muscular development, such strength in hock. His movement in all directions to me is so correct, where he demonstrates power and fluidity, with correct head carriage whilst moving, movement was in one with handler. BOB & so pleased to see him take Group 2 in a super group.

2nd Stephenson’s Fairhero Delicious – Quality bitch, in super condition throughout. Head is beautifully proportioned, broad skull, with correct ear size, set and carriage which finish the head off so well, correct wrinkles and folds, with good development in cheek, broad muzzle, strong jaw and excellent chin development, the head is complimented by lovely eyes of correct shape and showing no haw. Strong neck onto a nice front, with broad chest, standing straight in front onto good feet. Broad in back with good spring of rib, nice top line, moulded croup and correct tail set. Loved her rear angles, muscle development in first and second thigh so easy to see, she used this power and strength in stance and to enable her to drive so well on the move.

3rd Hargreaves’ Aibrean Rocketman At Roiliondogue

Open (4, 2 abs)

1st Ansell’s Justlazare’s In Your Honour – Wow well this lady definitely didn’t show her age today, just short of 8 years old. I judged her last year and she has shed some pounds since then which in turn has allowed her to be more conditioned. She has such an appealing head with great expression, still has muscle definition, and shows strength in muzzle and jaw, with a great upturned chin. Body is broad with a nice depth, lovely angles throughout, she is balanced beautifully, which today enabled her move so steady with purpose around the ring. A real credit to her owners.

2nd Ansell’s Justlazare’s Darknight (AI) Another great dog from this kennel, such a substantial male, what a lovely head piece even though he didn’t show it off as well on the day, it was so easy to see what he had. The broad curved skull, with prominent stop, muscular development in cheeks enhanced its shape, ears were well set, broad strong muscle, strong jaw and chin. Muscular neck blends well onto a smashing front, broad back and strong in loin, strength in hindquarters and hock. Stands straight in front and onto good feet. Moved steady.

Judge: Andrea Maltas (Virlees)