• Show Date: 16/07/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Andrea Maltas Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 09/08/2023

Durham County Canine Association

Durham County Canine Association

16th July 2023


Post Grad (2, 2abs)

Open (1)

1st Richardson’s FARVALLEY PICTURE PERFECT 4 year brindle bitch, giving a nice profile. Balanced front with lovely rear angles, muscular neck, good top line and undercarriage with gentle tuck up. Broad and muscular loin, rib cage developed. Head is well proportioned, excellent ear set and carriage, lovely eye showing no haw, well-padded cheeks, strong jaw. Moved sound in all directions. BOB


Post Grad (1)

1st Kent, Kent & Sutton’s KORIFEY RECKLESS 7mth black and tan male, in lovely condition and correct for age. Whilst still only young he is a lovely pup with everything correct for his age and in proportion. Head with gentle stop, good skull, correct planes, nice ear size and carriage. Clean over shoulders, balanced angles both fore and aft enabling him to maintain his overall shape both in stance and on the move. Croup is correct with a nice tail set and carriage. He moved sound in all directions showing efficiency. Handled superbly. BP & BOB. He pushed hard but just missed out for a place in the Working Group, however, I was pleased to award him 1st in the Puppy Group and delighted that he then went on to RBPIS

Dogue De Bordeaux

Post Grad (3, 1abs)

1st Moran’s AIBREAN ALL THAT I KNOW 20mth substantial bitch, head a little heavy but has correct proportions which when fully mature will clean up the overall look. Muscular neck, nicely put together front construction and chest development, stands straight in front onto lovely tight feet, good rear angles and strength in hock. Really liked her overall balance in body. Moved sound. Lovely character. BOB and later was pleased to award her Working Group 4

2nd Kenyon’s BISCAY WINSTON FOR DESQUIRE JW 21mth male. Substantial sized male, with super bone, but needs to shed a few pounds as the added weight isn’t helping his outlook and movement. Head has good proportions, broad in skull, strong muzzle, good eye. Broad in chest, with a good front assembly. Rear angles not quite as good as front, which is noticeable on the move, body is developing well, and already showing maturity in his spring of rib, but the extra weight affects his outlook. Moved sound in all directions.

Open (3, 1abs)

1st Moran’s AIBREAN KILLER QUEEN 10mth puppy bitch, what lovely conformation this girl has got. At present her head is letting her down, as although the proportions are there it needs to develop which in time it hopefully will. She has a lovely front and rear angles and for one so young she is very sound; this is what won her the class. Standing straight in front onto tight feet. Length of neck is good and blends well, rib cage developing but already looks well, good width to croup which is nicely moulded, with nice tail set. BPIB and pleased to award her Puppy Group 3.

2nd Moran’s AIBREAN KENZO 20mth heavy set male. Lovely bone to match his size. Strength evident in his head, good width to skull with nice ear set and carriage, good filling, broad strong muzzle finishes with lovely chin. Stood straight in front, with a broad chest, good spring of rib, nice croup. Front and rear angles are balanced enabling him to move positive and sound, just not the ground coverage of first.


Puppy (3)

1st Blackburn’s DISARANTO A PERFECT MATCH (Imp POL) 10 month promising young male. Broad skull, short broad muzzle, lovely ear set allowing them to lay close to the head, finished with a lovely eye. Already strength is evident in his neck where it then blends well onto his good lay of shoulder onto a level topline. Stood straight in front with elbows close. Lovely rear angles and strength in hock. A very promising youngster pleased to award him BPIB & later Puppy Group 2

2nd Moir’s ELGRANDBEAR RAZZ MA TAZ 6 month black bitch, another youngster with lots of promise. Very close in these first two pups. She has lovely conformation, with the correct bone and cover. Head is still developing, her ears sitting well but slightly large, lovely broad muzzle. Well put together front, where she stands on good feet, rear angles are just right, which enabled her to cover the ground well.


Junior (1)

1st McIntyre, Yates & Hall’s SHIREBEARS MYSTIFY WITH EDBEAR 12mth Brown male who has come up on himself, now needs to mature, all quite typical for his age. Good head type, with nice ears set well and held close, correct eye showing no haw, lovely broad muzzle. Front is pleasing to go over but still a little narrow which will improve over the coming months. Lovely sweeping rear angles and standing straight in hocks. Moved well in profile.

Post Grad (3)

1st Turner’s NEWFANGLED ROODIMENTAL 2 year old black male, excellent bone. A very well-balanced male, nice front with deep chest, good width to chest, stands straight in front, rear angles show strength in first and second thigh which were displayed on the move, nice spring of rib, croup wide and pleasing with a good tail set. Lovely masculine head of correct proportions, strong square muzzle and developed skull. A very sound dog.

2nd Russell’s ZENTAUR FIZZICAL DAMAGE 2 year medium sized black male. Good head with a lovely eye, nice strong muzzle, correct ear set and carriage. Body is maturing well, with a ribcage well developed, lovely front construction, but would benefit from a little more rear angles to compliment. He used all he had on the move displaying soundness.


Open (4)

1st Ryan’s NEWFANGLED JUNIPER BERRY AT ELLEANDRE 3 ½ year black bitch, a pleasing bitch who is well put together. Head is attractive where proportions are correct, good skull development with correct size of ears, set and carried well, strong short muzzle, strong neck blending well onto an adequate front, good rear angulation. Body is well developed with good depth to chest, spring of rib, and width of back. On looking at her profile she looked agile yet powerful, this she displayed whilst covering the ground with ease. BOB

2nd McIntyre’s SHIREBEARS ENCHANTER FOR EDBEAR Just under 3 year old, overall, this Black boy is heavier set with bone to match. If anything, his head although in proportion and with breed qualities was a little bit heavy. Muscular neck, his upper arm is really good, but to compliment his lay of shoulder could be better, nice top line and depth of chest, maturity in body was evident with a good width across his back onto a broad croup which had a nice set of tail, his rear has nice angulation. Strength in his rear helped him to drive and move sound.


A.V.N.S.C. Working

Open (2, 1abs)

1st Siqueira’s GREY TETIS VIOLETTE OF VANDERALBERT (Imp UKR) Bouvier - 3 years of age, fawn bitch. Head has a broad skull, shallow stop and strong muzzle, complimented with a dark eye, and carriage of ears gave an alert expression. Level top line and relatively level undercarriage with just a slight tuck up, nice croup with good rear angles. Coat dense and coarse but not in show trim. A lovely character who needs a little more ringcraft. Best AVNSC

Working Group

1st Lambert’s CH Seittor Frozen In Time 3 ½ year Rottweiler bitch. A quality bitch who I have judged before. She has so many virtues for the breed, and is a true working animal who with her excellent construction could do a full day’s work with ease. Such a feminine head yet with strength, skull is strong, nice stop strong muzzle, finished with a dark eye giving a lovely expression. Well-muscled throughout particularly on her first and second thigh, where the strength powers her on the drive, and with her front assembly being correct she is able to cover the ground with ease whilst maintaining her shape and exhibiting soundness.

2nd Kent’s LYFEARON OFF WITH HER HEAD Siberian Husky bitch of nearly 3 years. A lovely medium sized bitch with super conformation. Nice head, medium width with erect ears giving an alert expression, tapering to a muzzle of medium width and length. Medium length of neck onto a well laid shoulder, correct placement and length of upper arm enabling elbows to be close to body, stood straight in front onto tight feet. Body well developed with a level topline and depth of chest just above her elbow. Rear angles were well put together, where she was always standing true whenever she moved. On the move she floated around the ring covering the ground well.

3rd Horsman & Horsman-Phoenix’s SNOW LEGEND ZENITH OF FAME NORDICWINDS JW (IMP RUS) Alaskan Malamute male of just 2 years, very mature and masculine, presented in lovely condition, broad in skull with erect ears, medium almond shaped eye, gentle stop with strong muzzle. Stood on powerful well boned forelegs with tight feet. Mature body with deep chest and strength in loin. Tail set good and carried well. Powerful rear, which enabled him to drive through on the move.

4th Moran’s AIBREAN ALL THAT I KNOW – DDB Judged in the breed, in the group she put on a good performance and was awarded group 4 on her overall conformation and positive movement.

Working Puppy Group

1st Kent, Kent & Sutton’s KORIFEY RECKLESS – Dobermann Judged him in the breed, a lovely young male who did all that was ask for his young calm handler. He performed so well and I was pleased to see him take RBPIS what an achievement for one so young.

2nd Blackburn’s DISARANTO A PERFECT MATCH (Imp POL) – Newfoundland I had judged him earlier in the breed, and was impressed with him then. I am looking forward to seeing how he matures on as he is a really nice boy. His performance in the group was super.

3rd Moran’s AIBREAN KILLER QUEEN – I had also judged this DDB earlier in the day, for the breed she is still maturing and her head is still to come, but in the group, I could not ignore her conformation and fluent movement for the breed. She has some good construction which could not be overlooked.

4th Odell’s HOWLVALLEY’s NYX – Siberian Husky bitch of just short of 12mths who was not happy in herself, with other dogs around. However, she wasn’t nervous and just unsure and when given time allowed me to go over with ease, she has a lovely shape, head displays a good expression with correct proportions, lovely eye. Neck of correct length already showing strength, onto a body that is developing, nice croup and tail set. Stood on good feet. She moved effortlessly around the ring using her well put together construction to do this.

A.V. Working

Puppy (3, 1abs)

1st Moir’s ELGRANDBEAR RAZZ MA TAZ (2nd Newfoundland Puppy)

2nd Morgan’s NEWFANGLED CONFIDENTIAL 10mth black bitch, lighter in bone but body is covered well. A lovely head with strong level muzzle, correct eye showing no haw, nice ear set and carried close to head. Body is still developing but she is already broad across her back and loin, blending onto a nice croup and tail set. Rear angles are good as are her hocks where she displayed strength, she moved sound in all directions.

Junior (1abs)

Post Graduate (2)

1st Russell’s ZENTAUR FIZZICAL DAMAGE (2nd in Newfoundland Post Grad)

2nd Peplow’s MAYABERG ELKAP BE BOLD Leonberger of nearly 2 years old, and what a big lad he is, whilst he has grown up, he still needs to mature and fill out. At present he is still rather slab sided which also affects his front as his forechest has still to broaden. He has a nice pleasing head with a gentle stop that blends nicely onto his strong muzzle, eyes are correct and of medium colour, good ear size set and carriage with nice furnishing. He has the depth in chest and holds a level top line. Moved sound and presented in good condition.

Open (4, 3abs)

1st Odell’s LYFEARON SHE IS A WILDFLOWER HOWLVALLEY Siberian Husky bitch of nearly 3 years of age. Head is very pleasing with a correct chiselled look, good eye and correct ear size, shape and carriage, neck muscled onto a well laid shoulder, upper arm meets correctly to allow her to stand straight in front and standing on tight feet. Body has developed well, and leads onto a powerful rear where the angles are correct and displayed strength through muscle development in her thighs. Really liked her, she moved free around the ring using her power from her hind quarter where she was able to drive so well.

Veteran (2)

1st Lambert’s CH SEITTOR WILD FIRE JW ShCM Male Rottweiler who has so many characteristics of the breed, he is powerful and still has excellent muscle definition throughout. His angles are superb and are mirrored in front and rear. Head is strong yet not over done and finished with the kindest eye. In front he stands straight onto compact feet, whilst in his rear he is so true and stands on strong hocks. His movement is amazing. Such a credit to his owners. Best veteran and was so pleased to watch him take Best Veteran in Show.

2nd Kent’s VUKASIN A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE AT LYFEARON VW Siberian Husky bitch presented in lovely condition. Head shape good and correct in many ways, finished with a nice size ear, set and carriage, and good eye. Stood straight in front onto tight feet, top line good, pleasing rear angles and showed strength in hock. Moved sound in all directions.

Judge: Andrea Maltas (Virlees)