• Show Date: 24/09/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Andrea Maltas Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/11/2023

Bedford & District Canine Society

Bedford & District Canine Society

24th September 2023

Thank you to the committee for inviting me and to all who entered, disappointed that there were a couple of breeds with absentees.

I was asked to take on the handling classes and must say I was overwhelmed with the entry. Personally, I believe that a handler should be aware of the main points of a dog so that they know what is mentioned in either verbal, written critiques or discussions with a judge. Most handlers on the day in adult and junior classes did not know some basic points of a dog, however, it was very pleasing that two young ladies in the handling classes came back into the YKC classes and without asking told me they had looked up a previously asked question. I am sure these young ladies will go far and would like to applaud them for their quick research on the day.

Junior Handling

6 – 11 years (5, 2 abs)

1st Dahpne Bryson – age 9 - Already a very professional handler, well aware of the location of the judge, listened well to what was asked. She was encouraging and showed gentleness to the two year old dog that she handled. I liked Daphne’s lead control, she used it well to assist with the handling and presentation of her dog. At no point was she overpowering when handling, where she kept the dog at ease all the time.

2nd Emily Windler – age 9 – Emily was handling a veteran aged 10 years this is of a benefit as the dogs themselves are well schooled for the show ring. She handed her dog well keeping a lovely connection with it throughout the class. Emily was aware of the judge and listened well. To improve Emily needs to be a little more aware of the positioning of the legs on the dogs she handled, this will come with experience. Over all she has a positive future.

3rd Ellie McGill – age 7 – Ellie was the youngest in the class, taking on a new dog just before the start of the class who was not being compliant Ellie kept calm throughout. The dog she handled was a little out of control at times which Ellie struggled to correct. This comes with practice; Ellie please don’t be put off.

12 – 16 years (13, 3abs) A good class of handlers, where shortlisting was needed so that I could study the handlers a little more before my final decision. A couple of places were extremely close.

1st Isabelle Collier – age 16 – Isabelle oozes confidence, from stepping into the ring I was made to see the dog by her excellent handling skills, throughout the large class Isabelle was in check with her dog, and although she allowed it to relax it was always to be seen in a positive way. Her pace when moving her dog was at the correct speed and length of stride. Her lead control was perfect. Isabelle stood the dog well, ensuring it was shown correctly. She showed developing knowledge where she was aware of some points of the dog.

2nd Eliza Mason – age 14 – What a super handler, Eliza is definitely at the heels of Isabelle and 2 years younger. She understood all that was asked, presented her dog extremely well, and I liked how she showed care towards her dog when presenting it for judging. Her nerves were there but once these are dispersed, I am sure Eliza will be exceptional.

3rd Eva Rhodes – age 14 – Eva handled her dog very well, she ensured at all times that her dog was happy, which was lovely to observe. I liked her overall handling, and use of the lead. Her speed when moving her dog was excellent. Eva has a nice amount of confidence.

Res Maeve Parry – age 12 – What a lovely little handler Maeve is, I am sure she will be pushing the older girls in this class before not too long. She spoke well and knew what she was doing with her dog. She was watching where the judge was and what other handlers were doing.

VHC Melissa Graham-Weall - age 15 – Melissa was extremely sympathetic to her dog, all about Melissa was gentle; her manner, how she spoke to her dog and her handling. She is well aware of what is required as a handler and hope that she soon believes in herself and then her confidence will grow.

Adult Handling

25 – 39 years (5, 2 abs)

1st Catherine Hobbs – What a super handler. Catherine was aware of the dogs’ needs and what was needed when adjusting legs on the stance. Excellent moving of her dog, direction was perfect

2nd Lisa Maffia – New to handling but Lisa has definitely got it, she is a natural handler. Lisa knew what was needed to ensure her dog was stood balanced at all times. Where she lost out was her direction when moving her dog, but with practice this will come.

3rd Sarah Parrish – Sarah showed the calmness that to me is so crucial when showing dogs. Moving and direction of her dog was good, but Sarah lost out when standing her dog as she didn’t show the attributes off of it.

40 + years (15, 2bs) My first three places were all super handlers & would love to see them with a breed not associated with them to see if my decision would have been different.

1st Steph Parry – Steph knew what was needed and did what was asked. Movement was great as was presenting the dog. Was aware of the judge at all times, ensuring that the dog was in a presentable position at all times. Pipped the class as showed knowledge of points of the dog, when discussed whilst being judged.

2nd Tom Mason – A lovely handler who watched the judge throughout the class, and was seen to observe others being judged. Use of the lead and presentation of his dog was done extremely well, as was movement. A little bit of background knowledge on construction would be a bonus when in discussions with judges either verbally or written.

3rd Andy Downs – A little bit nervous on the day, but has what is needed. Tom was extremely calm when handling his dog and obviously had a good relationship. He handled the dog well and moved correctly as asked. Tom was very attentive towards the judge, if anything there is no need to continuously stand his dog throughout the duration of the class, just be aware that the dog is in a good position showing some attributes at all times.

Res Janet Rice

VHC Justin Graham-Weall

YKC Handling

6 – 11 years (3, 1abs)

Both girls were from the earlier handling classes. Daphne replicated her earlier performance and as said before has an extremely bright future when handling dogs. Ellie was more confident in this class, and I am sure she will continue to improve with more experience.

1st Daphne Bryson – age 9

2nd Ellie McGill – age 7

12 – 17 years (13, 4abs)

The majority of these handlers were in the earlier class and many had improved on the little suggestions made to them individually earlier in the day, and most had gained more confidence which came through with their individual performances, whereby a couple of handlers made the places where they hadn’t previously. I was extremely impressed with the two young ladies who had researched information previously asked and supplied this without asking.

1st Eliza Mason – age 14

2nd Eva Rhodes – age 14

3rd Maeve Parry – age 12

Res Sraeyaa Jayakumar – age 16

VHC Kara Mason – age 13

18 – 24 (4, 3 abs)

1st Sophie Zbilut – age 16 – A calm handler yet with a firm control manner as and when needed, which ensured that her dog stayed attentive and similarly was calm and enjoyed itself. Sophie has good lead control, and super precise movement, very much in time with her dog. Shame that she was alone in the class.

Russian Black Terrier

Post Graduate (4, 1abs)

1st Norton & Thomas’ KALASLANE JUDGE JUDY AT CARANTANA (IKC) 5yr Bitch well put together, nice head shape and proportions, flat skull of good width, gentle stop and strong muzzle, nice ear set carried close to cheek, correct bite. Stands straight in front, nice lay of shoulder and good return of upper arm with elbows close to body. Rear angles are good where she displays strength in hock. Body is well developed, she has a strong top line, but she isn’t always presented to show this off, however when moving this is evident. Good tail set and carriage. Moved sound in all direction. Full of coat, would like to see her with a little bit more of her coat in show trim. Awarded her BOB due to her overall conformation and movement, then pleased to see her take Working Group 3 in a strong group.

2nd Rigby’s BENCHMARK TARA’S SARJA (IMP DEU) What a lovely 6mth fella. Obviously extremely raw, but you can see what he has and what will hopefully come. I liked his headpiece, already a good skull and muzzle of good width which already displays masculinity, lovely length of neck onto a level topline flowing onto a good croup. Nice angles in front and although loose stood straight in front, rear angles are equally as good with a pleasing bend to stifle. Moved sound in all directions although a little close when moving away due to age, however his side gait was lovely. Awarded BP and was so pleased to see him take Working Puppy Group 1. What an achievement for one so young.


Open (2)

1ST Stone’s FORTUNS FEERIA LEXUS (IMP DEU) 4 yr medium sized mature male, what a flashy showman he is. Head is well put together with good ear set, and in keep with his overall body. Muscular neck, good upper arm, but lay of shoulder could be better which shows in stance when viewed from the front and in movement as his elbows are not as close to body as could be, good rear angles with nice width to stance when viewed from behind, good tail set and carriage. Presented in super show trim, disappointed that he had got wet, as I’d have love to look at his dry furnishings. RBOB

2nd Norton & Thomas’ AVEYREW HOT GOSSIP AT CARANTANA Head is pleasing with lovely furnishings on this 7 year old girl. Body is mature and well covered. A very honest girl when looking at her balance of construction, as both her front and rear angles are not overdone but are adequate and in keep with each other, this allows her movement to be sound whilst maintaining her shape as she moves.

Border Collie

Puppy (1)

1st Woodrow & Oliver’s TAMBUZI RIDE THE STORM 8mth male. Nice size who is well balanced. Head is pleasing; broad skull, ears erect, with a tapered muzzle, clean flews and finished with a dark almond eye. Good front angulations, with nice angle to pastern, standing on nice feet, moderate rear angles and stands straight in hock, moulded croup with good tail set. Moved sound in all directions. BP

Junior (1)

1st Woodrow & Oliver’s TAMBUZI RIDE THE STORM (see puppy)

Post Graduate (2)

1st Turns’ GOD OF THUNDER AT FYGLIA 10 year old male, on the day could have done with a bit of a groom, however I ignored this and the slight lack of body due to age, because of his lovely construction and sound effortless movement. Head is well put together and gives a nice alert expression, strong tapered muzzle and dark eye. Nice top line and croup. Good angles particularly in rear which help him drive better, held his shape in all directions this won him the class. RBOB

2nd Walkden & Turns’ FYGLIA CHERISHED DREAM 3 year old male presented in good condition. Head gives a pleasing expression. Angles fore and aft not as good as first place, due to this on the move he has a tendency to roach in top line. Stands straight in front onto tight feet.

Open (4, 2abs)

1st Woodrow’s ARRODARE IN THE ZONE Just under 4yrs old, good size male with medium bone. Nice head shape, with gentle stop, good eye shape, nice length of muzzle and good ear set. Neck of medium length onto a lovely lay of shoulder, onto a good top line, and mature body. Good croup, with pleasing hind quarters. Moved sound in all directions and presented in good condition with lovely furnishings. BOB

2nd Walkden & Turns’ FYGLIA CHERISHED DREAM (2nd in Post Graduate)

Judge: Andrea Maltas (VIRLEES)