• Show Date: 18/06/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: ANDREA ADSHEAD Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 17/09/2023

Northwich & District Canine Society

Northwich & District Canine Society Open Show 18th June 2023 LABRADOR RETRIEVER Puppy(3/2) Smith, C M, Flyenpyg Amy Swinehouse, 11 month old black puppy bitch, she catches your eye when she enters the ring, such a well made head with appealing expression, correct dentition, she has good width in front, lovely substance and sufficient bone without exaggeration , tight feet, good muscle tone for her age and ribs correctly sprung , elbows close to body and placed well under the brisket, excellent angulation , moved so well , with plenty of drive with a steady gaiting action. Best Puppy & RBOB Junior (4/0) Smith, C M, Flyenpyg Amy Swinehouse Smith C M, Hurstmeon Hey Look Its Me At Flyenpyg, chocolate 14 month bitch, nice head , and correct dentition, but preferred the ears of my class winner, she has a muscular medium length neck onto a well laid shoulder, with excellent front and rear angulation, another shown in good hard condition for her age, good muscle tone in second thigh, good mover, kept a level topline on the move. Postgraduate (4/1) Smith, C M, Flyenpyg Amy Swinehouse Smith C M, Hurstmeon Hey Look Its Me At Flyenpyg Open (3/1) Smith, C M, Flyenpyg Porky Pig JW OSW, fully mature yellow male, appealing in head with soft expression, excels in forehand and well made construction overall, elbows tight and fitting well under body, really liked his proportions and balance. BOB Harris, Mr S & Mrs M, Shadbudpips Aghios Sostis, a yellow veteran bitch, another lovely broad head piece and muzzle, ears set on well, good dentition, a really well made bitch , balanced and correct angulation, slightly shorter in upper arm than winner, but has excellent rear assembly, with hocks well let down. Nicely short coupled, steady sound mover, shown in good condition. FLAT COATED RETRIEVER Puppy (2/1j Mappin, Miss L, Kahoku Endeavour From Ayrewyne (imp Ire) NAF TAF, just 6 months, liver male, everything in the right place for age, correct substance, good proportions, promising head, shown in good condition, lovely fluid mover for one so young. BP Junior (6/0) 1. Wild, Mrs J, Bitcon Alliance With Bluewaters (AI), At just 14 months this boy has an excellent head, graceful muscular neck onto a strong topline, excellent prosternum with consequential correct front assembly, shown in solid condition, strong second thigh for one so young, he had a perfect bite, balanced proportions, and well schooled in the show ring. Buckley, Mrs H., Blacktoft Brindisi By Buckleyhill , Another quality young male exhibit, graceful and typy, displaying excellent proportions, fluid mover, just preferred the head of winner, lovely temperament. I really liked both of these dogs. Postgraduate (5/1) Wild, Mrs J, Bitcon Alliance With Bluewaters (AI) Burroughs, Mr RG & Mrs VK, I know Him So Well At Rokaness , placed third in a strong junior class, this young male has a well moulded head piece for his age with the desired sloping stop, excels in front angulation with noticeable prosternum, moderate and balanced angulation, excellent temperament and moved well. Open (6/4) Romeo-Dieste, Mrs M E, Hopevalley Morning Rainbow JW, a lovely fully mature 5 year old bitch, her gorgeous head caught my eye straight away, she has the best of fronts, excellent substance and bone, but not overdone, with good length of ribs and short coupled, enough spring of rib, would prefer a little more length of leg to complete the perfect picture. She moves with real drive whilst not becoming too course. BOB and pleased to see her awarded Group 3 in a strong Gundog group. Salt, Mr D E J & Mrs M A, Levelmoor Acorn Antiques Via Wetnoses, A lovely 4 year old bitch, who I have judged as a youngster before and like her still for her beautiful proportions and balance. Moderate angulation, with flowing movement showing good reach and drive. Carrying a little weight over the ribs today which cost her a higher placing. GOLDEN RETRIEVER Puppy (2/2) Junior (4/1) Phillips, Miss J, Shebelta Sweet Soul Music, this exhibit had the best front assembly, with good balance and proportions, well laid shoulder, lovely headpiece, nice tight feet, and very well set croup. Reid, Miss K, Sybiton Ginger Nut, Another good front assembly, just not quite as well laid in shoulder as 1, steady mover with good width behind. Lovely proportions, pleasing rear angulation, with well let down hocks, a little less mature than 1 at this stage. Postgraduate (8/3) As Above Open (9/3) Riley, Mrs S F, Wyllow Lost In Translation JW, another exhibit with a pleasing typical head, excellent front and rear assemblies, nice short pasterns, and with well let down hocks, good length of back with short couplings, excels in proportions and balance. BOB Shaw, Robertshaw & Shaw, Mr J, Mrs V & Mrs L, Akenscales Nordic Star, A veteran 8 year old bitch, who truly belies her age, she displays a very pleasing head piece with excellent dentition, another exhibit put down in good condition and she has such lovely proportions and moved well with good reach and drive. CHESAPEAKE BAY RETRIEVER Postgraduate (3/1) Rigby, Mr D N, Chesepi Ulysses, Well matured, handsome male, in fabulous hard condition, lovely proportions and balance with plenty of substance, giving an impression of endurance, strength and workmanlike character. He moves with plenty of drive and is most definitely fit for function. In excellent coat too. Watts, Miss K, Oakleaf Manor Bay Of Oakmarsh JW (imp Deu), A slightly finer bitch, longer cast than 1, and longer in leg, a really good mover, just needs to mature and body up a little more, I really loved her coat, shown in excellent condition. Open (6/1) Pont, Miss C A, Sh Ch Oakmarsh Dancing Diva, 6 year old bitch of excellent proportions, good prosternum, and moderate well angulated assemblies fore and aft, nicely short coupled, coat changing over, but didn’t detract from her being an excellent mover, with plenty of substance and a pleasing typical headpiece. BOB and Group 2. Rigby, Mr D N, Chesepi Waco, another solid exhibit from this handler, with excellent front and rear angulation, a very well balanced male, moved with drive and a ground covering efficient gait, held his topline in the move and shown to advantage. Andrea Adshead (Afonbach)