• Show Date: 17/06/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Amanda Orchard Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Taunton & District Canine Association

Taunton & DCA Open Show 19th June 2023

Thank you to the society for the invitation to judge the Toys and Toy group and for your kind hospitality. Sincere thanks to my steward who kept the ring moving ensuring we finished in good time. Considering the number of shows taking place over the same weekend I was delighted with my entry and thank exhibitors for giving me the opportunity to judge your wonderful dogs. I was particularly pleased with the quality of the adult Toy Group which alas meant a few dogs were left unplaced.

Bichon Frise

Post Grad 2 (1)

1st Zienke’s Amore Mio Morengas (Imp Ltu) 16 mths male. Balanced head, moderate stop, correct dentition, good eye, excellent pigment. Arched neck into well placed shoulders. Well bodied. Moved freely keeping topline. BOB

Open 2 (0)

1st Zienke’s Amaore Mio Morengas (Imp Ltu)

2nd Marshall’s Magstarai Mystic Dreams for Honeyvale 5yrs Feminine bitch. Lots to like but would prefer a darker eye and not as balanced as 1. Moved ok.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Puppy 4 (1)

1st Cox’s Amiryck Beatrice Fujairah 9 mths Blenheim bitch with super head properties, correct ratios. Large dark eye. Correct dentition. Ears large and well feathered for age. Moderate neck into well laid shoulders. Good length of rib. Well balanced throughout. BPIB TPG2

2nd Long’s Arroline Kryptonite 6 mths Tri male. Felt this young boy was up to size for his age. Gentle expression, good eye and correct dentition. Kept his topline at all times and whilst moved ok behind he does need to tighten in front.

3rd Hawkins Lexody Pandemonium

Graduate 11 (5)

1st Martins Babette of an Excellent Choice to Clemartill (Imp NED) 13 mths Blenheim bitch. Quality head with desired lozenge, well feathered ears. Good neck into correct forequarters. Well ribbed, level topline. Good turn of stifle. Correct tail carriage. A well balanced happy girl, who moved well. BOB TG4

2nd Long’s Arroline Eternity 6 mths Blenheim bitch with a very pleasing head and expression. Well bodied and correct angulation fore and aft. A bit loose in movement but time is on her side.

3rd Bennett’s Rishtte I’m Tanisha of Remmya

Limit 5 (2)

1st Knapp & Blackie’s Cridensa Connor 13 mths Ruby Male. Quality head and expression, moderate neck into well laid shoulders. Good length of rib, level topline. In super condition and moved well.

2nd Tout’s Earlrae Bourbon Lancer 2 yrs Black & Tan male. Pleasing head and expression. Good proportions but his tail carriage spoils his outline and balance. Presented in excellent condition.

3rd Liverton-Ovey’s Bon Ray of Hope at Halosey

Open 7 (5)

1st Cox’s Fujairah Eric Morecombe 4yrs Blenheim male. Super head and expression. Whilst he as well balanced in body and correctly angulated fore and aft, he was a tad short in neck. Moved well.

2nd Wawman’s Bellrise Lil Boy Blue 8 yrs Tri male with pleasing head properties. In good coat. Super condition for age.

Chihuahua (Smooth Coat)

Graduate 3 (0)

1st Hollister’s Hollichi Ren’s Legacy 20mths Bitch. Neat head, well rounded skull, large round eye set well apart, dark pigment. Large ears correctly set. Well laid shoulders with adequate depth of chest. Move ok.

2nd Dodd’s Anadeia Pepper Potts 8mths Bitch. Well rounded skull, definite stop, alert and expressive. Neat and tidy throughout with good lay of shoulder, well ribbed and adequate depth of chest. Correct tail set and kept her topline. Showed well. BPIB TPG3

3rd Brackstone’s Tinamyrose Tinas Gem A Vec Picklesberry

Limit 2 (0)

1st Hollister’s Copymear Pocket Rocket at Hollichi 2yrs male. This boy had excellent head properties, well set ears. Of good proportions and outline but unfortunately, stood ten to two and whilst he kept his topline his movement was exaggerated. Super tail carriage.

2nd Brackstone’s Picklesberry Precious Pea 6 yrs bitch. Lovely head and eye, well set ears. Sadly this girl really didn’t want to be here today, she was well ribbed with adequate angulation and stood square.

Open 5 (0)

1st Shapcott’s Gestavo Partying with Senecio 22 mths Bitch. This girl oozed breed type. Well-rounded skull, defined stop, correct length of muzzle. Eyes were large round and correctly set – giving an intelligent expression. Medium length of neck into well laid shoulders. Well sprung ribs, good depth of chest. Adequate turn of stifle. Moved true, keeping topline. She just lacked that bit of sparkle in the group. BOB

2nd Dodd’s Anadeia Maikoh 2 yrs Bitch, another with a typical head, good eye and well placed ears. Short and cobby. Moved ok in front.

3rd Morris’s Mikichi Mr Moonlight

Chihuahua (Long Coat)

Puppy 2 (1)

1st Skinner’s Mujerosa Ten to the Dozen 8 mths male. Slightly rounded skull, shallow stop, small eye. Good pigment and correct dentition. Needs time to mature in body. Moved ok.

Graduate 3 (2)

1st Skinner’s Mujerosa Mr Chocolate Box 8 mths. Litter brother to Puppy. Head properties a repeat of his brother. Good pigment and dentition. Neat ear set. Balanced body proportions. Good coat and moved ok. BP

Limit 2 (1)

1st Skinner’s Mujerosa Bobby’s Heart In Heaven JW 21 mths male. Rounded skull, moderate stop, round medium eye. Well balanced throughout and moved well and true, keeping topline.

Open 2 (0)

1st Skinner’s Tyssul Zafira at Mujersose JW 4yrs bitch. Rounded skull, defined stop, good eye. Well balanced throughout, kept topline at all times. A pretty feminine girl who showed well. BOB

2nd Skinner’s Tyssul Awel Y Mynydd 4 yrs male. With good head properties, and balanced throughout. Not the ring presence of 1. Moved ok.

Chinese Crested

Open 1 (0)

1st Loader’s Habiba Gotham Knight for Kettrice 13mths male. Slightly rounded skull, equal skull to muzzle ratio. Dark almond eye. Correct dentition. Graceful neck into well laid shoulders. Chest broad and deep. Tight elbows. Medium body length. Hindquarters well rounded. Kept his topline at all time, moved freely and with drive. Sadly, he was unsettled in the Group. BOB

English Toy Terrier (Black and Tan)

Post Graduate 3 (0)

1st Warren’s Lasagesse Angel of Harlem with Rhymswell 12 mths bitch. Head long, narrow, flat skull, wedge-shaped. Slight stop. Dark almond eye. Elegant neck into straight shoulders. Compact body, well ribbed, deep chest. Adequate turn of stifle. Clearly defined tan markings. Front movement not her fortune but moved ok behind.

2nd Johnson’s Moretonia Royal Wren 17 mths Bitch. Not quite the same head qualities of 1. Elegant neck into straight shoulders. Clearly defined tan markings. Well ribbed, deep chest. Adequate turn of stifle. Moved ok fore and aft.

3rd Snezi’s Skin Deep’s Mint Condition (Imp NOR) BPIB

Open 4 (1)

1st Warren’s Pedara the World is Mine 5 yrs male. Head long, narrow, flat skull, wedge-shaped. Slight stop. Dark almond eye. Elegant neck into straight shoulders. Compact body, well ribbed, deep chest. Correct topline, well rounded rump, tail set low. Clearly defined tan markings Moved ok. BOB

2nd Dicker’s Moretonia Golden Girl at Neerodan JW 5 yrs bitch. Much of the same remarks for 1 apply to this girl. Maybe the heat affected her today as she lacked animation on the move.

3rd Dicker’s Neerodan Thyme Bomb 2 yrs


Post Grad 1 (1)

Open 2 (1)

1st Lane’s Starleisha Midnight Kiss 4 yrs bitch. Silver. Broad slightly rounded skull, moderate stop. Dark almond eye giving a gentle expression. Well laid shoulders into correctly proportioned body. In super coat and condition. Moved well. BOB

King Charles Spaniel

Post Graduate 1 (1)

Open 1 (1)

Miniature Pinscher

Graduate 2 (1)

1st Casey’s Rayjemn Pumpkin Pie for Shamal 20 mths Black & Tan male. With good head properties flat skull and strong muzzle. Correct dentition. Ears set high. Well developed forechest. Square body, well ribbed. Moved well in front but needs to tidy up behind. A masculine dog who is up to size. Showed well and in excellent condition. BOB


Puppy 2 (0)

1st Walklett’s Farthinghall Dainty Doris at Angullyon 8 mths Tri bitch. Pleasing in head with good dentition. Well placed ears with good fringing for age. Moderate neck into well laid shoulders. Body long with level topline. Up to size. Showed well. BPIB TPG4

2nd Olof’s Tarnock Sprinkle 7 mths R/W bitch. A little cutie and whilst she had a pleasing head her ears were soft. Cobby in body and lacked the desired length of leg. She showed and moved well.

Graduate 3 (1)

1st Casey’s Melangel Lovely Lexi for Shamal 2 yrs B/W bitch. Attractive girl with clearly defined blaze. Slightly rounded skull, fine muzzle, defined stop, correct dentition. Ears well placed and used them well, but requires more fringing to complete. Body long, well ribbed. Well developed hindquarters, tail set well with an abundant plume. Moved and showed well.

2nd Morris’s Tarnock Tap Dance Teddy 18 mths B/W male. Good head and ear set, super fringing. Rangier in type than winner. Good tail set with an abundant plume. Showed well and moved ok.

3rd Olof’s Tarnock Sweep the Board JW 18 mths

Limit 2 (0)

1st Orchard’s Panspayon Natasha JW 21 mths TG2 Tri bitch with an attractive head, dark, medium eye. Slightly rounded skull, well set large ears with good fringing. Medium neck leading to well laid shoulders. Straight forelegs, with elbows close to body, well ribbed. Well developed hindquarters with a good turn of stifle. Tail set high with good plume. A dainty girl who used her ears and showing that alertness I like to see in a Pap. Moved well. BOB TG2

2nd Walkletts Angullyon Enigma’s Secret 18 mths R/W bitch. Attractive girl with large ears and good fringing, defined stop, fine muzzle. Nicely proportioned throughout. Moved ok.

Open 1 (0)

1st Orchard’s Nightfire’s Be Unique In Style at Panspayon JW (Imp DEU) 2 yrs B/W. Impressive male with super head properties, large mobile ears with fringing. Correct dentition. Medium length neck into well-developed shoulders, good spring of rib and strong loin. Tail set high with good plume. Moved very well, such a good showman.


Graduate 5 (3)

1st Kelsall’s Flaikwell Damson Jam 2 yrs Fawn bitch. Super head properties, in proportion to body. Relatively short muzzle, well-open nostrils. Dark eye giving a soft expression. Correct dentition. Clearly defined wrinkle without exaggeration. Good neck into strong shoulders, broad chest, well ribbed. Short strong legs, body short and coby. Adequate turn of stifle. Tail high set and tightly curled. Moved well and with purpose giving that slight roll of the hindquarters. A lovely sized girl in super condition. BOB TG1

2nd Luter’s Luterpugs Ziva 11 mths Black bitch. Liked her head properties, size and proportions. Good front and well bodied. Difficult to access on the move as not playing ball with her handler. BPIB

Open 1 (1)


OPEN 3 (0)

1st Caseys Russiandream Cody Fleming for Shamal 4 yrs Russian Toy (L/H) male. Skull slightly rounded, clearly defined stop. Good eye, dark, set well apart. Correctly set ears, carried high, more fringing would complete the picture. Adequate neck in to well placed shoulders. Good length of rib, short loin, moderate hind angulation. Moved ok in front but a tad untidy behind. Showed very well and in super condition. BOB

2nd Casey’s Russiandream Ezra Elliot for Shamal Russian Toy (L/H) male 2 yrs. A smaller lad all round than 1. Slightly rounded skull, clearly defined stop. Well placed ears carried erect. Would prefer a slightly larger eye. Well placed shoulders, good rib, short loin. Hindquarters well angulated, legs straight and parallel. Moved and showed well.

3rd Lovell & Britton’s Russiandream Frodo Strudel Russian Toy (L/H) male 11 mths BPIB


Puppy 1 (0)

1st Drake’s Lavieest Madame La Isabella Yorkshire Terrier Bitch, 6 mths. Very much a baby. Feminine head, good eye, correct dentition, dark pigment. Compact and well balance throughout. Moved well for age. BP

Post Grad 2 (1)

1st Lovell & Thatcher’s Devonia Anzio Bolognese 17 mths. This male had super head properties. Wide flat skull, defined stop, large round dark eye, well set ears, super pigment throughout. Medium neck into well laid shoulders. Level back with a slightly arched loin. Good turn of stifle. Correct tail. In excellent coat, moved and showed well.

Open 3 (1)

1st Meaden’s Beauborne Nadal at Topmead Griffon Bruxellois 23 mths Pleasing in head, well defined stop, short wide muzzle, with good turn-up. Eye round dark giving that alert expression. Neck set well into shoulders, good width and depth to rib cage and strong loins. Nice angulation front and rear. Harsh coat texture. Typical square outline, well balanced on the move. Best AVNSC

2nd Thatcher’s Kobanyal Pelyhes Odin with Devonia (Imp HUN) Bolognese male 22 mths. Pleasing head properties, well set ears, large round eye. Correct dentition. Medium length of neck. Level back with a slightly arched loin. Good turn of stifle. Moved well.

AV Toy

Veteran 13 (8)

1st Lane’s Ch Starleisha Heavens Secret ShCM VW 10rs Havanese. Beautifull feminine head with correct length of muzzle, dark eye and ears set and carried well. Super front angulation, correct topline, well ribbed. Well balanced throughout. Superbly presented, in great condition.

2nd Wawman’s Bellrise Lil Boy Blue CKCS 8yrs

3rd Brackstone’s Rosarias Scarlett Kiante with Picklesberry 8 yrs

Toy Group: 1 Pug ~ Kelsall’s Flaikwell Damson Jam, 2 Papillon ~ Orchard’s Panspayon Natasha JW, 3 Pomeranian ~ Soulsby’s Trenawyn Ebony Firekraka, 4 CKCS ~ Martins Babette of an Excellent Choice to Clemartill (Imp NED)

Toy Puppy Group: 1 Pomeranian ~ Lovell’s Pawsamy’s Rose, 2 CKCS ~ Cox’s Amiryck Beatrice Fujairah, 3 Chihuahua (Smooth Coat) ~ Dodd’s Anadeia Pepper Potts, 4 Papillon ~ Walklett’s Farthinghall Dainty Doris at Angullyon


1st Smith’s Cash The Check Shamanrock at Snowshoes (Imp CZE) NAF TAF Alaskan Malamute 7 mths, male. Impressive youngster, well balanced for age. Strong and powerfully built. Super coat. Moved with drive.

2nd Smith’s Densown Moana Shih Tzu 11 mths bitch. Pleasing head properties, round eye, square, short muzzle, defined stop. Balanced throughout, lovely size and in good coat for age. Moved and showed well.

3rd Ellis & Crosby’s Tabanyaruu Borealis Bliz Finnish Lapphund

Judge Amanda Orchard (Manatek)