• Show Date: 31/05/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Amanda Orchard Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Reading & District Kennel Association


Puppy 1 (0)

1st Strange’s Bronia’s Armand at Cazdachs, 6mths Red male. Well balanced throughout. Correct head properties with dark almond eye giving an intelligent expression. Slightly arched neck into well placed shoulders, well ribbed, short loin. Pleasing forechest and desired depth of keel. Well angulated hindquarters. Moved well keeping topline. BPIB

Junior 4 (0)

1st Scott’s Bronia Chevalier, 16mths Shaded Red male Masculine head with a dark almond eye. Correct dentition. From a clean, slightly arched neck into well angulated shoulders, prominent breastbone and desired depth of keel. Good length of rib, short loin finished off with well angulated hindquarters. Moved a tad close behind, kept topline. RBOB

2nd Forge’s Normpug Prairie Moon. Just out of puppy, Black and tan bitch with a pleasing head and expression. Reasonable reach of neck into well placed shoulders. Good length of rib. A tad lower to the ground than desired. Well angulated hindquarters.

3rd Rose’s Rosencrantz Ophelia

Post Graduate 2 (0)

1st De Lacey’s Mabeldax Festive Wish, 17mths Shaded Red. Overdone in head, prominent stop. Good length of neck into well laid shoulders. Ribs extended well back, short loin. Moved soundly.

2nd Normpug Apricot Beauty, 12 1/2mths Shaded Red with a pleasing head and expression. Good front assembly and well bodied. Needs to firm up in movement, not as balanced as 1.

Open 5 (0)

1st Strange’s Stargang Magic Alfie Moon, 3yrs Red male. Handsome boy with correct head properties, alert expression. Slightly arched neck of good length into well placed shoulders, ribbing extending well back, short loin. Good turn of stifle, well muscled hindquarters, standing true. Moved well keeping topline. BOB

2nd West’s Archidax Betty Boop, 7yrs Shaded Red, Bitch with a feminine head and alert expression. Good dentition. Well angulated fore and aft. A well balanced and tidy mover.

3rd Gellijam’s Midnight Lady of Mabeldax