• Show Date: 27/05/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Amanda Mills Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Polish Lowland Sheepdog Club of Wales & The West of England

Polish Lowland Club W & WE Special Award Classes

Thank you to the Club for this invitation and their hospitality on the day. Also, to the exhibitors who after a very long day and their dogs having already competing in several classes, stayed for these classes. All the dogs were sound, well presented and had good temperaments. 

Special Yearling Dog or Bitch (5,2)

1st Burdett-Coutts’ Leon Astarte Gold Ama Me At Chrevle (Imp) – very nice 16m male, super type, excellent cobby outline, typical head of good size and proportions. Strong neck leading into nicely angulated front, balanced rear angles. Good spring of rib, he is maturing nicely. On the move he showed typical movement for the breed, sound in all directions and has good drive. I liked him a lot and look forward to watching his career.

2nd Seale & Bufton’s Dorianblue Welsh Rebel – 7 ½ m male, I thought he is quite promising, along with his litter sister who placed third today. I felt in this class he pipped his sister as understandably; she seemed a bit fatigued. Super temperament and enjoyed his time in the ring. Typical head and decent proportions, he is coming on well for size. Good outline. Shorter upper arm than 1, plenty of time to finish developing though yet. Coat presented well. I hope his new to showing owners keep on with him. 

Special Limit Dog or Bitch (5,0)

1st Cole’s Acaviste Pon Cenna – 18m bitch. Really appealed straight away for her overall correct breed type. Definitely would describe her as cobby, just that bit longer than tall. Very nice size, feminine all through. Super head and proportions. Maturing well in body. Balanced angles and she moved like this was her first class of the day. Very sound, smooth mover showing clear drive.

2nd Cousin-Brown’s Dorianblue Quintessence – 3 yr bitch. Very similar to 1 in type, another displaying the correct outline, lovely size and feminine. Excellent coat and body condition. She is balanced in angles and is sound, but she did have a tendency to lean out from her handler when moving and it just threw her balance when compared to one. 

Special Open Dog or Bitch (8,7)

1st Cousin-Brown’s Ch Dorianblue Quizzical – 3yr male, litter brother to 2nd in previous class. Very similar in type to her. I have admired this male previously from the ringside with his super outline, movement, and size, he doesn’t disappoint. I think he is ideal for a male all through. Super head proportions, large nose. Loved his angulation, best front out of the dogs I’ve judged today, balanced rear angles, and it really shows how nicely put together he is when he moves. Smooth movement with clear drive and balanced reach to go with it, solid topline. 

Amanda Mills