• Show Date: 01/10/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Alison Scutcher Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 29/12/2023

Mid Western Gundog Society

Mid Western Gundog 01/10/23

Chesapeake Bay Retrievers


1st & BOB

Watts’ Oakmarsh Indian Dream Maker for Cravessa

Well balanced bitch who I thought had such a lovely typical head, with good eye shape and colour. Good reach of neck, Moderate front angulation, straight well boned legs, still needs to fill her frame and develop in body. Good ground covering movement.

2nd & RBOB

Pont’s Amore of Ridsome (Imp)

Slightly smaller of the two, pleasing head & expression. Moderate stop with good length of muzzle to skull. Good reach of neck, balanced angulation. Good bone, tight feet. Strong topline with hind quarters slightly higher. Moderate stop with good lengths muzzle to skull. Neat ears good set. Alert oval eyes. Moved well.

Flatcoated Retrievers

Puppy Dog

1st Broadbent’s Gemswin I am Sailing

I was particular taken with this young dogs quality and outline on the day, nicely moulded head with lovely expression. Lovely reach of neck, good topline, well developed quarters. Moved straight & true with good profile movement. BD & BPD

2nd Pendleton’s Seaheart Ethan at Goldingale

Another quality puppy – slightly older but a bit rangy at the moment. He also had a nicely moulded head, good reach of neck and level topline. Moved ok

Puppy Bitch – such a lovely class

1st Jones’ Benvellyn Sequoia

What a lovely puppy, quality all through with feminine and nicely moulded head, lovely reach of neck, correctly made all through and presents such a balanced outline. In good coat and moved well. RBOB & BP

2nd Knight & Jacobs Gemswin Maggie May

Larger frame liver girl with such a lovely head & expression. Has a good reach of neck and well placed shoulders but did tend to throw her head back into her shoulders on the day which just spoilt her outline a fraction. Good topline and moved well in profile, just needs to tighten in the rear.

3rd Pendleton’s Benvellyn Black Canyon at Goldingale

Yearling Bitch

1st Knight & Jacobs Gemswin Goody Two Shoes

Another pretty liver bitch with typical moulder head, lovely eye colour and expression. Lovely reach of neck with well placed shoulders, Level topline with good rear quarters and moderate bend of stifle. Liked her overall make and shape but badly lacking coat on the day. Moved well

2nd Egginton & Davis Pajanbeck One Moment in Time (AI)

Another lovely type who was also lacking in coat, pleasing head and expression, good reach of neck, level topline , well developed quarters and moved well


1st Colson’s Blacktoft Frozen in Time by Windyhollows (AI)

Thought she looked a picture today with such a beautiful feminine head of good correct shape & size. She has good length of neck leading to well laid shoulders, well angulated fore quarters with her front legs sitting well underneath her. Good length of rib, short loin leading to well angulated rear quarters. Moved really well with good footfall showing reach & drive. BOB

AV Setter or Pointer


1st Gordon Setter Fieldberry Secret Weapon at Rufusmoor

Super outline on this dog, quality headpiece, well angulated front, super topline, good bone & feet. In super coat & condition and moved very well. Gaining his last JW point so many congratulations

2nd Irish Setter Casachared Connors Delaney

Pleasing outline but would prefer slightly cleaner over neck & shoulder, pleasing head & expression but ears set a fraction low. Good topline and well developed quarters. A bit unsettled on the move today.


1st Irish Setter Swiftlark Illustrious JW

Such a lovely bitch overall lovely outline, good reach of neck and well placed shoulders, would prefer a fraction more slope to the topline as she tended to stand with a level toplie. Moved well and more settled than 2nd

2nd Irish Setter Casachared Connors Delaney


1st Irish Setter Swiftlark Spellbinder

Particualrly liked this dogs head proportions, lovely reach of neck with cleanly set shoulders, slight slope to his toplien with well developed quarters. Moved really well and presented a lovely outline stacked.

AV Puppy Dog

1st Golden Retreiver Strettonhill Carbon Copy

Beautiful headed G/Ret dog , lovely eye colour & pigment, super reach of neck, correct front, strong topline, well developed quarters. A quality puppy who moved well

2nd Field Spaniel Ceben Darrin at Irisbel (Imp Swe)

Pleasing head with good eye colou, good reach of neck, topline ok but a bit bum high at this stage of development. Needs to strengthen on the move.

AV Puppy Bitch

1st H/Viz Castledogley Firenze

Super quality youngster, noble head yet feminine, lovely reach of neck, well made all through with strong topline, well developed quarters. A joy on the move with super profile movement showing real power and drive as she went round the ring

2nd G/Ret Wild Rose to Laurenley of Sunshine’s Valley (Imp Belg)

Quality young lady with super outline. The most beautiful head & expression with super pigment, she has lovely bone, level topline with good tail carriage, in super coat. Moved well just needs to strengthen behind


1st Ponts Chesapeake Bay Retrievers – scored on their overall consistency in type.