• Show Date: 25/06/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Alexandra Adshead Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 15/10/2023

Eastbourne & District Canine Society

Eastbourne & District Canine Society Open Show 25.06.23

English Setter

Junior (1,1)

Post Graduate (2,0)

1. DEERING’s Pettifox Of Rosetimber

Lovely, balanced bitch with feminine head. Nicely proportioned, short coupled and well off for bone. True movement and displayed good drive around the ring. RBOB.

2. WILLIAMS’ Richecca Midwinter

Strong, masculine dog who hasn’t quite matured yet. Good length of neck, well laid shoulders and excellent bone. Displayed good drive and held his top line well but footfall a little untidy today.

Open (1,0)

1. DEERING’s Skylark Of Rosetimber

Veteran bitch who was full of energy today. Confident attitude and lovely expression. Strong neck of good length leading onto well laid shoulders. Nicely balanced angulation fore and aft. Well off for bone and full of substance. Moved efficiently around the ring displaying good reach and drive with tail carried correctly with a slashing motion. BOB.

Gordon Setter

Junior (3,0)

1. MCCARTHY’s Hernwood Wizard Of Oz

Well-boned dog, excellent substance for his age. Very typy head. Excellent angulation and displayed true movement around the ring. Held his topline well and presented a balanced outline in profile. RBOB.

2. SANDIFORD’s Hernwood Love Potion

11mo bitch and very unlucky to come up against 1 today. I see they share a sire who has passed on his excellent quality to both. Excellent head with a feminine and intelligent expression. Good length of neck. Balanced angulation fore and aft. Good substance and bone. Neat, strong feet. BPIB and was delighted to learn she was awarded Gundog Puppy Group 1 and BPIS!

3. HORLER’s Colourbox Wild Wild West With Rackens

Post Graduate (4,1)

1. MCCARTHY’S Hernwood Boston High Flyer

Excellent head and kind expression. Well-off for bone and substance. Excellent front construction and displays ample power on the move, holding his topline well and displaying correct tail carriage.

2. GUNNERY’s Longrow Love Of My Life (AI)

4yo elegant bitch. Refined head and presents a balanced, clean outline in profile. Good depth of brisket, short coupled and standing on neat, tight feet. A confident, athletic mover around the ring.

3. UPTON-LOVETT & UPTON’s Roydack Peaky Blinder

Open (2,0)

1. HORNLER’s Hernwood Jack O’Lantern By Jackens JW

Strong, confident dog who oozes ‘fit for function’. Classical head, correct expression and good length of neck. Well angulated fore and aft and appropriate bone and substance for size. Excellent depth and length of ribs. Short coupled and a strong, broad loin. Moved around the ring with drive. Shown in excellent condition and coat. Delighted to award BOB.

2. SANDIFORD’s Hernwood Christmas Eve

Very feminine bitch, on the finer side. Would like a slightly broader muzzle. Very balanced all through but not quite the quality of 1. Another excellent mover from this kennel with accurate footfall.

Retriever (Curly Coated)

Post Graduate (2,1)

1. CARRICK’s Tessmene The Cats Whiskers

9mo black bitch. Nice head and small, well set ears. Correct dentition. Good substance and well ribbed for age. Good angulation and shown in excellent condition. Would like a little more length of leg. Crisp, tight curl to coat. BPIB.

Open (3,1)

1. BOORMAN’s Tessmene Talk Of The Town

3yo liver dog. Excellent crisp curl to coat. Neat, small ears. Strong neck of good length. Well off for bone. Balanced angulation fore and aft. Oval ribcage, well bodied and short coupled. Tail well set. Moves around the ring with good reach and drive. BOB.

2. CARRICK’s Tessmene The Cats Whiskers

3yo black bitch and littermate to 1. Good head proportions and expression. Small, well set ears. Good bone and stands on straight legs and tight feet. Good front angulation. Would like to see her in harder condition.


Border Collie

Puppy (2,0)

1. MILHAM’s Elystari This Must Be Love

A very pretty bitch shown in excellent overall condition. Classical head & expression. Alert and attentive at all times. Good substance for age. Pleasing angulation and overall a very balanced outline. Glided around the ring displaying correct head carriage and daisy-cutting action with her stride. RBOB, BPIB and delighted to hear she was later awarded Puppy Group 2.

2. POUPARD’s Birkcross Black Raven TAF

Promising young dog, full of substance and masculine features. Good angulation and well sprung ribs. Short coupled and stands on neat tight feet. Let down by untidy movement today.

Yearling (2,1)

1. BADMAN’s Tecklebridge Code Breaker

Red merle dog, another with good substance. Correct head & ear set. Good forehand construction. Tight feet. Level top line held on the move and correct tail set. Would like a tad more bend of stifle. Shown in excellent coat.

Post Graduate (2,1)

1. MORGAN’s Cashindie Prince Albert At Taytinja

Black and white male. Pleasing expression and correct dentition. Very attentive to his handler and shown in excellent coat . A little proud with his tail carriage and would like a little more width behind on the move.

Open (2,1)

1. HAWKER’s Moshanta Magic Penny For Taytinja JW

2yo black & white bitch that was my jewel of the day! Full of breed type – excellent head and ear set. Feminine expression. Moderate angulation and bone. Balanced outline in profile. Moderate tuck up. Short coupled. Level topline leading onto correct tail set. Good feet, strong pasterns and well-let down hocks. Displayed classical breed movement with correct head carriage in level with the back. Flowed around the ring and not overdone in any regard. An honest bitch. Honoured to award BOB and congratulations on Pastoral Group 1 and RBIS!

Collie (Rough)

Junior (1,0)

1. CARLTON’s Lynmead Royal Beauty Of Sambreeze

6mo bitch. Profuse coat for age. Correct muzzle length & dentition. Pleasing eye shape and overall skull proportions. Good bone and overall balance. Moved well. BPIB & very pleased to see her take Puppy Group 1.

Post Graduate (0,0)

Open (1,0)

1. EARDLEY’s Aqualita Miss Moneypenny

Another very feminine bitch with a serene expression. Pleasing head proportions and eye colour. Well bodied and shown in good coat condition. Good length of neck & balanced angulation. BOB

Welsh Corgi (Cardigan)

Junior (2,2)

Post Graduate (1,1)

Open (2,2)

Welsh Corgi (Pembroke)

Junior (0,0)

Post Graduate (2,1)

1. THOMAS’ Penliath Could Be Trouble

2yo bitch with a happy disposition. Super feminine head and alert expression. Good ear set. Shown in thick coat. Possesses excellent front angulation and forechest. Coped well with the heat and held her topline well on the move. BOB.

Open (0,0)

Miss Alexandra Adshead (Afonbach)