• Show Date: 03/09/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Alex Paisey Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 04/10/2023

South Eastern Hound Club

South Eastern Hound 3rd September 2023, Judge - Mr Alex Paisey

A huge thank you to the committee for this lovely appointment. It is such a nice show with a joyful atmosphere, if a tad warm which I don’t think affected the dogs too much thankfully (maybe the handlers and judges!). A bigger thank you must go to exhibitors who entered under me, giving me a lovely entry. Quality was excellent throughout, which was a pleasure but forcing me to make some difficult decisions.


Junior (2, 2)

1st Howlett & Boggia Mrs M and Miss C – RUBICON’S DON’T STOP BELIEVING (IMP USA) – Smart dog, white base with dark brindle features, of excellent size and substance. Handsome head and expression. Good ears and fold. Strong neck of good length. Good lay of shoulder. Excellent chest depth and width and of length. Strong loin. Good flow to his topline and underline. Good rear quarters, well shaped and providing excellent drive. An excitable dog on the move but once settled, came together nicely.

2nd Boggia & Graham Miss C and Miss R – RUBICON’S SONGBIRD BY BOUGHTON (IMP USA) – Striking dark brindle bitch, in proportion and suitable substance to match. Feminine head, nice features and good ears. Good neck length, leading to a good shoulder assembly. Chest in proportion and deep. Ribs of good length. Nice strong loin giving nice flow to her topline with good tuck up. Well put together rear assembly, and suitably muscled. She moved out well with width, but wasn’t quite playing ball with handler today, however she is showing excellent promise.

Limit (4, 6)

1st & BOB – Cutter & Lubin Miss J & Mr J - INA’S FASHION FINEST OF CHOSOVI (IMP DEU) - Elegant lighter brindle bitch who didn’t put a foot wrong. Excellent proportions. feminine head and expression. Lovely fold to her ears. Good neck length and strong. Excellent front assembly, nicely muscled. good chest shape, deep and width. Good length of rib, with nice tuck up. Strong loin and suitably arched. Super rear end assembly with strong thighs. Moved with ease, showing power and covering the ground well.

2nd Holder & Boggia Mrs M A & Miss C L - FIONN CLAN BLUEBELLE (IMP RUS) – Smart pale blue brindle bitch of balance. Gentle head and expressive. Good ears nicely set. Neck in proportion, leading to well made front, and suitably muscled. Nice spring of rib, wide and of good length. Good tuck up and strong loin. Suitable rear end, with nice bend of stifle. Moved well in profile with drive.

Open (4, 4)

1st Boggia Miss C - WHIRLAWAY FIRED UP AT BOUGHTON (IMP AUS) – This red dog just exudes masculinity, strong features and strength throughout, with good substance to match. Handsome head, with expressive eyes. Nice fold of ear. Strong neck leading to well laid front. Super chest depth and width. Well sprung and of good length. Strong loin and good underline. Nice rear quarters, with plenty of muscle. Drove out well, and in profile had good reach and plenty of drive.

2nd Cutter & Lubin Miss J & Mr J - CH ZORADEN MY GIRL AT CHOSOVI – Smart darker brindle bitch, different type to first, of good shape and flowing lines. Feminine head, nice eye shape and ears to match. Good neck length, and front assembly to match, nice width and depth of chest. Good strong loin and well arched. Well put together rear, with good muscle meaning she moved out with ease.

Lure Coursing (2, 3)

1st Ball Ms V A - SATTEO JET – Black dog of good size and substance. Smart head, nice shape to his eyes, and good ears. Nice neck length. Good condition throughout. Deep chest, well sprung and of good length. Good rear movement and showed drive and good width when coming and going.

2nd Abell Mrs M J - BALLYOAK QUEEN – Smaller predominantly black and white bitch, who was very feminine. Soft expression. Pretty head. Nice neck and shoulders. Chest of ok depth, nice underline. We muscled rear.


Puppy Dog (2, 2)

1st Courtney, Wallace & Gower Ms S, Mr D & Mrs D - NATTAH CHASING THE WIND TO COURTBIRCH – first show and showing good showmanship and confidence. Good proportions for age. Pretty head and bright eyes. Nice neck and good shoulders, chest in proportion for age with good length and tuck up. Nice rise over loin. Well made rear. Showing promise with easy movement.

2nd Reeves Mrs C A & Mr B J - VEREDON LOUIS VITTON AT CHIRSPAN – Young blue brindle male. Different type to first, slightly more rounded on shape. In proportion throughout. Masculine head with nice eye shape. Suitable depth of chest. Would have liked more length to his ribs. Ok rear assembly and well muscled. Moved out well enough, just didn’t have the movement of first.

Junior (3, 4)

1st Sawer Mrs S - DANLUKE DO YA THINK I’M SEXY AT BUMPKISS – Smart brindle boy who has a lot of promise. Nice overall shape, and well proportioned. Smart head, good eyes and a nice shape to his ear. Neck of good length and power. Good shoulders, muscular, and well laid back. Excellent depth of chest and filled. Straight front. Good tuck up, with strong loin, with appropriate arch. Well made rear giving propulsion in profile, with good reach out front.

2nd Southwick Mrs M - WOOLFORD DOUGLAS – Fawn over white, and a handsome dog with long head, and a nice eye. Clean and chiselled. Good length to his neck. Nice lay to his shoulders. Good substance and bone throughout. Deep chest, nicely filled. Nice length to his ribs, strong loin. Well made rear, with good condition. Covered the ground nicely in profile.

Graduate Dog (6, 7)

1st Bunney Ms S E - BUNEHUG LET IT BE ME – smart fawn dog, of good substance and pleasing overall shape. Handsome long head and good expression, super fold to his ears. Good neck leading well made front. Lovely depth of chest, well sprung. Good underline, and topline to match. Well made rear, with well bent stifles. Nice width throughout, which he maintained coming and going. Good mover in profile.

2nd Gorman Mrs J - DEJARE SEEING STARS – Handsome Fawn dog of good size. Good masculine head with alert expression. Good ears. Nice neck and of strength. Ok shoulders, well muscled. Good chest depth and width. Nice flow to his topline. Well made rear with good muscle. Drove out nicely , just couldn’t match 1st in a few areas.

Limit Dog (1, 1)

1st Lahood Ms T - STARCEYLON SPECTRE – lighter dog of good substance. Handsome head. Nice eyes, expressive with good fold to his ear. Ok neck and shoulder assembly. Chest of good shape with nice underline. Well bent rear assembly with good conditioning. Covered the ground well on the move.

Open Dog (5, 8)

1st Bunney Ms S E - BUNEHUG BELIEVE IT OR NOT – Fawn and White dog, a nice outline and balanced. Masculine head, long, good eyes and ears. Strong jaw. Nice neck length, leading to a well made front. Super depth of chest, wide and well sprung ribs. Good length to the ribs with nice underline. Strong loin. Well made rear quarters, and nice bend to his stifles. Good mover in profile, as well as coming and going, did enough to stand out in a strong class.

2nd Shepherd Miss S J - KIDARUKA ITS SHOWTIME AT OXANA JW – Forced me into a difficult decision with first. Masculine darker fawn and white. Good outline and proportions throughout. Alert expression and good ears. Strong neck, leading to a good lay of shoulder. Straight front, nice ribbing, with width and length. Good underline. Strong loin. Strong rear assembly, and true. Good mover, and in profile.

Graduate Bitch (9, 11)

1st Osborne Mrs C - LOROLI LIFE’S A ROLLACOASTA AT DEROHAN - Smart grey brindle bitch, with an elegant overall look, and in proportion. Pretty head, bright eyes and good ears. Strong jaw. Muscular neck, arched, leading to good shoulders. Super condition. Depth of chest in proportion, and of good shape. Strong loin with nice arch. Well put together rear, and well bent stifles. Excellent muscle tone propelled her around the ring and gave her the edge for RBOB.

2nd Knowles Mrs A P - KURIWAO SERRAFINA STAR – Super pretty fawn bitch. Nice overall outline. Expressive eyes, and nice ears. Strong jaw. Nice neck length. Ok front assembly, straight legs. Nice chest shape, nice and spacious. Good underline and topline to match. Strong rear end gave her good propulsion in profile, and a good reach. True coming and going with good width.

Limit Bitch (1, 2)

1st Longhurst Mrs A and Miss A - ABBEYHURST DANCING QUEEN – Quality bitch. Good overall shape, and in good condition. Nice head, dark eye and rose ear. Nice neck, of strength. Good lay of shoulder. Straight front. Appropriate depth of chest, well sprung. Good tuck up. Nice flow to her topline, strong loin. Good bend of stifle and strong. A nice picture in profile covering the ground well.

Open Bitch (6, 7)

1st & BOB - Boggia Miss C - FALCONCRAG ONE FOR THE TEAM AT BROUGHTON - Smart darker fawn bitch. Curvy and in good condition throughout. Stood over ground. Very pretty, nice expression. Good neck length. Excellent shoulders. Chest deep with good tuck up. Nice top line with rise over her loin. Super rear assembly. Thighs of good length. Neat feet. True coming and going, but in profile she really shone and deserved BOB. Was delighted to see her go onto to win BIS.

2nd Howlett & Kruger Miss R & Mr L - BURQA DI GUCCI AT WHITE SQUALL JW – A super quality fawn and white bitch. Loved her outline and in proportion. Good head and expression, with nice ears completing the look. Neck of good length. Well made front assembly, with suitable toning. Good depth of chest, and ribs of good length. Nice topline leading to well made rear, with good strength to match. Moved very well in profile with excellent reach and drive.

YKC Handling

12 – 17yrs

1st & Best Overall Handler – MISS T SAUNDERS - Handling a large breed (Afghan Hound) but took time to keep them steady and tidy on the move. Sharp when stacking and always paid attention to the judge. Good lines on the move. Excellent manner with constant encouragement throughout the class. Good lead work was icing on the cake. Placed her best overall due to her being little bit sharper with her dog on her lines.

18 – 24yrs

1st MISS A LONGHURST - Smart handler who worked well with her dog (Whippet). Nice lead work. Attentive to her dog, going at a good pace throughout. Good table manner and kept dogs attention the whole time. Moved will with straight lines. Didn’t win overall today but is an excellent handler.

Adult Handling

1st CERI MCEWAN - Smart handler who was sympathetic with her breed. Good lines, used the ring well and went at an appropriate pace. Excellent lead work.

2nd LAURA PIPER – Another who used the ring well. Very good lines. Good lead work. Did not rush or get flustered when dog was not playing ball, and remained attentive.