• Show Date: 26/03/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Alex Paisey Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Hound Association

Houndshow Open 26th March 2023


Was fortunate to be a stand in judge for today, as I had a lovely entry. I do hope Jody Cutler has a speedy recovery. Thank you to my two excellent stewards who were most efficient and kind. An enjoyable appointment with a well supported Special Racing class in particular, a thank you to exhibitors who were all very sporting.

Post Graduate

1) BOB and BIPB - Harrison-Stratfords Southpoint Niemeyer At Highwick (Imp Prt) – Red 11month old boy of good size and substance. Long masculine head, with dark eyes and well shaped ears to compliment. Strong long neck leading well made set of shoulders. Straight front, with nice spring of pastern and good feet. Good depth of chest, nicely shaped ribs with a good tuck up. Well made rear with a nice angulation. Excellent muscle tone throughout. Was true coming and going, covered the ground with ease in profile. Will be interested to track him as he develops.

2) Sadlers Hurache Mags – A different type, but enjoyed her overall outline. Black over white in colour. Feminine head and expression, with good chiselling and dark eyes. Good Ears. Long neck, leading to a well made front. Straight front with an ok chest. Well shaped ribs and of good length. Ok rear quarters, with good muscle and tone. Moved well enough, but would like a little more enthusiasm with her movement.


1) Sawyers Jaxx Teller at Stonelow – 8 years old white dog who exuded masculinity and in super condition. Well proportioned head. Good ears and dark eye. Long neck with a nice lay to his shoulder. Straight front. Good depth of chest with suitable tuck up. Strong loin. Good rear assembly. Moved well, with good reach in particular.


1) & RBOB Harrison - Stratfords Southpoint Lady at Loki At Highwick (Imp Prt) - 2 year old Bitch, white with dark brindle features. Of good size and proportion. Nice head, dark eyes, and lovely shape to her ear. Strong neck of good length. Good lay of shoulder. Straight front and nicely knuckled feet. Appropriate depth of chest, with a nice spring and tuck up. Pleasing topline, with a strong loin. Nicely made rear assembly, with good bend of stifle. Drove out nicely and moved well in profile.

Special Racing

1) Clarkes Whachovia Benjy – Red dog of good size and substance. In proportion and in super condition throughout. Pleasant head, long, dark eye and ear set. Strong neck and of length. Good front, with suitable depth of chest. Nicely sprung ribs and of good length. Strong loin. Well made rear hindquarters. Moved well, in particular in profile.

2) Sadlers Hurache Mags – See Post Graduate

Alex Paisey