• Show Date: 16/07/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Alanna Johan Blaney Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Siberian Husky Club Of Great Britain

Siberian Husky Club of Great Britain Open Show 16.07.23 – Special Award Classes

In the first instance, I must express my sincere gratitude to the SHCGB for not only inviting me to judge their special award classes but for making my appointment such a welcoming and enjoyable one. It’s been five years since I last judged the breed and I was humbled to receive such a cracking entry, even if it did make for some challenging decisions on the day. The typically tumultuous British weather understandably relegated judging to the indoor weather ring which I feel did unsettle some of the younger exhibits (and potentially affected movement even in some of the more mature competitors) however temperaments were wonderful throughout, with even those feeling more shy on the day still so sweet natured. Coat & muscle condition did vary (no surprise in Mid July)! but I was pleased there were no exhibits carrying an excess of weight. Extra thanks to my super helpful stewards and of course to the exhibitors on the day for accepting my decisions in good spirits – it was a pleasure to assess all your beautiful dogs!

Special Award Yearling Dog or Bitch (9 Entries, 3 Absent)

A challenging class with varying stages of development and where I felt the relocation indoors likely had the most effect with some not moving as their construction and condition suggested they could. It would be wonderful to watch this same line up in an outdoor ring and there are many I hope to get my hands on again with maturity.

1st. Platt’s Keriquel Heart and Soul Of Wightflight.

12 month old, grey & white bitch who while still having plenty of time to mature had everything in the right place and topped this class for her overall balance and proportions. Feminine head with a pleasing expression and super ear set. Good length of leg, standing on slightly sloping pasterns in the front, well let down hocks in the rear and lovely tight feet. Chest still to fill out but pleasing length of body and correct angulation front and rear which in conjunction her well-developed muscle made her a delight to watch on the move, exhibiting fantastic reach & drive with that breed typical lightness on her feet.

2nd. Caudy’s Arctictreks Goldilocks At Snodragon

13 month old, pale cream bitch, not quite as feminine in expression as my class winner with a wider ear set and slightly less oblique eye however that didn’t detract from her overall breed type, showing good body proportions with nice length of neck, and a strong topline with typical rise over the loin. Moderately angulated but still balanced, I felt her very clean on the out and back with tidy footfall in side gait - just not quite the drive of 1st today.

3rd. Ferretti’s Arcticskies Super Trouper For Lyrvid JW

18 month old, grey & white bitch of heavier type than much of the class but by no means coarse. She has a very pretty, foxy head with lovely eye shape and ear set. Nice arch to neck leading to a good topline and a fabulously carried tail. More developed in chest than some of the younger competitors and another with good overall proportions. Standing true viewed from any angle, whether static or in motion, it was this and her light, fluid movement that pushed her into my top three.

Special Award Post Graduate Dog or Bitch (4 Entries, 1 Absent)

1st. Seward’s Elleonia Unbreakable Heart

2 year old, grey & white dog, masculine but athletic in outline and full of breed type. Well-proportioned headpiece and good length of neck leading into a fabulously constructed front with pleasing layback of shoulder, nice length of upper arm and good chest. Nice length of leg to body ratio and an equally well angulated rear and strong pasterns with well shaped feet. I loved his movement where he showed fabulous ground cover and plenty of drive but still so light on his feet.

2nd. Norman’s Skimarque Grace and Favour

7 year old, grey & white bitch who, typically of the breed, looks only more regal with age. Mature & feminine in expression, although I would have liked a touch more length to her muzzle & obliqueness to eye, with well shaped ears. Slight arch to neck and a moderately angulated shoulder leading to a good topline and balanced rear with well let down hocks and a nicely carried tail. She impressed in soundness, with a wonderful freestand and good footfall in motion, although not quite the reach of first place.

3rd. Bolsover’s Charmedkelz’s Arrax

13 month old, black & white dog and very much the baby of this class being still quite narrow through next to his class competition. Nice shape of eye, well set ears and an endearing, cheeky expression. Still needing to fill into his frame but already showing good length of leg to body proportions. Muscle developing and carrying no excess weight, he had plenty of enthusiasm on the move but is still needing to strengthen in rear action at this stage.

Special Award Open Dog or Bitch (9 Entries, 0 Absent)

Another challenging class with every single exhibit showing quality and making for some nitpicking in final placings.

1st. Seward’s Elleonia Hear Me Now

2 year old, grey & white bitch and littermate to my previous class winner, she was one of the larger female exhibits in the class but by no means too heavy, with good skull proportions and pleasing ear set. Well laidback shoulder and standing true front & rear on lovely tight feet, with a well-developed chest leading to a correctly angulated rear, broad thigh and pleasing tail carriage. On the move she was so super sound, clean on the out and back and fluid in side profile showing no wasted motion; it was this efficiency on the final run round that meant I couldn’t deny her first place.

2nd. Platt‘s Wightflight Einich

3 year old, black & white bitch who I think was my “one I’d like to take home” on the day. Smaller framed than some in the class, and would prefer a touch more length of leg, but certainly not lacking in strength. Very feminine head, pleasing length of neck and well developed body, with a strong topline held well at all times and fantastic, balanced angulation. Another who stood true no matter what angle and her muscle condition was one of the best on the day, both contributing factors to her wonderful movement I am sure, showing so much drive and only getting better with every run round. Very tough decision between these two ladies but as she was in her metaphorical bikini conceded to 2nd place today.

3rd. Snelson’s Salazka’s Mr Abernathy At Ashtrax

5 year old, predominantly black male, who really caught my eye on the stand for his overall moderation without losing masculinity. Such an elegant, foxy headpiece with well used ears. Good overall proportions viewed from the side with fantastic length of leg and a breed typical topline with that slight arch over the loin leading to a well defined croup. Very balanced in his angulation and in good muscle condition, he certainly pushed hard for a higher place but I suspect was not such a fan of the indoor flooring today and for me couldn’t quite match the ladies in front action on this occasion.

Judge: Alanna J Blaney (Fenrirkin)