• Show Date: 25/02/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Adrian Marett Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Newark & District Canine Society

NEWARK CS, 25 February 2023

FLATCOATED RETRIEVERS – Thank you to the exhibitors for a numerically strong entry. P (6,1a) 1 Campbell & Brown’s Ronevorg Firefly Fantasy, masculine head with dark eyes and well set ears, well laid back shoulders, good length of body, well bent stifles, strong hindquarters, best mover in the class keeping a level topline. BP; 2 Joyce’s Stranfaer One Fell Swoop, feminine bitch, pleasing head and eye, well constructed forequarters, compact in body, good tailset, moved well but could not match movement of the winner; 3 Buckley’s Blacktoft Brindisi by Buckleyhill. J (3,2) 1 Smitherman’s Seaheart Diva, scores in head with dark eye, pleasing outline, well bodied and ribbed, good bend of stifle, gleaming coat, good tailset, moved true and handled to advantage. PG (12,5) 1 Youens’ Riverglide Secret Reprieve, outgoing chap, carries a masculine head, dark eye, good front construction and well laid back shoulders, plenty of bone, in hard condition with moderate bend of stifle, good tailset and topline held on the move. Just felt he was a bit erratic on the move which cost him BOB. RBOB; 2 S Diva; 3 Wilson’s Hameldowntor Pedro Ximenez. O (7,1) 1 Buckley’s Steelriver Hit The Beach with Buckleyhill, masculine head and expression, well off for bone, good front assembly, nice tight feet, well muscled body, well let down hocks, topline held on the move when he powered round the ring. BOB & G3; 2 Joyce’s Stranfaer Get Over It, impressive male whose presecence could not be denied, strong head and expression, dark eye, well constructed throughout, plenty of coat and good bend of stifle, lashing tail with topline maintained on the move.