• Show Date: 05/11/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Adrian Dornford-Smith Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 16/11/2023

Hyde & District Canine Association

2023-11-05 Hyde and District Canine Association Open Show

5th of November 2023

Spanish Water Dogs – Adrian Dornford-Smith (FiveNinePlus)

My thanks to Hyde and District Canine Association for the appointment to judge the breed I am most passionate about. There was a large entry to the show overall, which the Association coped admirably with. The ring was compact, but allowed the Spanish Water Dogs enough room to demonstrate their gait. There were mats sufficient to give the dogs purchase. The dogs all allowed me to examine their pads and toes. I like to examine their toes for webbing as although this is not included in the standard, in my view it is a breed trait, which should not be lost. All the exhibits were shown in correct (unsculpted) coat. All were in short coat, however with sufficient length to show the curl.

Class 140 - Puppy

1st, Capille’s Lendever’s All Bets Are Off. A lovely white and black, bob tailed bitch just six months old. Happy in the ring and hence easy to examine. Elegant head, with perfect ears, endearing expressive eyes and correct stop. Shown in short coat but enough to see curl. Some small flecks of black which will hopefully develop into spots when the coat is longer. Good, well balanced drive with topline kept level on the move. BPIB, PG3

2nd Capille’s Lendever’s All Eyes On Me. A white bitch, again just six months old. Very tractable and not at all worried about being examined. Good strong head with correct muzzle to skull ratio. Currently just a fraction longer than the perfect 9:8 ratio. Gait good, slightly close hindquarters but with correct angulation. Correct scimitar tail carried well.

2 absent.

Class 141 - Junior

1st Whitehead’s Pabiaga Sergio. Brown and white bob tailed dog. Good scissor bite. Expressive Eyes. Correct earset. Good sturdy neck. Correct forechest in balance with the rest of the body. Brisket correctly down to elbows, with good spring of rib. Correct tuck up. Bob tail strong, set and held correctly. Correct angulation front and rear. Athletic, balanced drive.

2nd Bennet-Nulty’s Briarlow Big Winning Via Amigorizado. White and brown bob tailed dog. Lovely coat colour with well defined patches of brown. Correct 9:8 proportion, brisket could be a little deeper. Slightly more forechest and front angulation desirable. Slightly over angulated hindquarters. Good drive however a little close behind.

2 Absent

Class 142 – Post Graduate

1st, Peart’s Josalyn Ria Nessa Via Janamorio. Brown long tailed Bitch. Muzzle perhaps a little short but otherwise head correct. Correct ear set and shape. Tail set and carriage correct when moving, but held a little too tucked under at rest. Good spring of rib. Brisket correctly down to elbows. Lovely topline, held well in motion. A well muscled, good example of the breed. RBOB.

2nd Bennet-Nulty’s Fielamigo Dream Team Via Amigorizado. White long tailed dog, with strong head. Ear set a little low. Slightly long in body. Tail carried a little high, but correct tailset. Strong pads with good webbing. Good topline with correct slope of croup and tuck up. Lovely dense and tightly curled coat. Good athletic gait.

Class 143 – Open

1st Preece and Cooper’s Janamorio Arlo. Brown and white bob tailed dog. Fantastic head, with parallel muzzle to top of head. Expressive face. Correct nose with well opened nostrils. Perfect scissor bite. Coat very short but enough to show correct curl and density. Correct moderate angulation with brisk powerful gait. Slightly high tailset and a fraction long in body, but other than this an excellent example of the breed and a worthy Best Of Breed. Also very well handled with dog and human making a terrific show team. BOB.

2nd Wood’s Chanderhill Eagle Eye. Brown bob tailed dog. A little reserved, not uncommon in the breed, but with patience allowed me to go over him fully including examining his pads, which were strong with webbed toes. Good strong head with correct ear set and muzzle to skull ration. Correct scissor bite. Perfect bob tail with correct set and carriage, giving a breed typical “target” look to hindquarters when viewed from behind. Slightly close behind, but good powerful gait with good topline.

4 Absent.