• Show Date: 03/09/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Adam Hawkins Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 05/09/2023

South Eastern Hound Club

South Eastern Hound Club

I would like to thank the society for inviting me to this show I have adored for many years and to the exhibitors that supported me in my first B List appointment.

Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Puppy (1:1)

1st Mrs J M Ellis Hooz Lookin At Zejak 7 month old Red bitch, very nervous due to recent incident, nice looking head, with well set ears, well balanced, nervous to start off with but did settle on the move and once she relaxed she covered the ground nicely with good reach. BPIB. Lovely to see her win RBPIS

Junior (5:5)

1st Mrs L, Miss K & Mr K Barnes Diamondridge Kazembe Golden Age 14 month old light wheaten bitch of good substance, from head to toe a lovely feminine bitch. Beautiful expression, well built and balanced which she showed on the move as she glided round the ring holding a level topline, showing great reach and drive. Was able to turn on the spot which is great to see this breed trait shown wonderfully in the ring.

2nd Mrs G F & Mr P Mitchelson Amahle Red Hot Zephyr At Voortrekker 15 month old light wheaten male who was well muscled from front to back, nice capacious chest with strong loin, little over stretched in stack. Moved with power around the ring but tended to crab on the up and back.

Post graduate (6:6)

1st Mr A P & Mrs S A Geeves Kiromol The Kinsman JW 19 month old light wheaten male. A true definition of a masculine dog, a nice strong classic African head, well muscled, well angulated and showed it on the move as he powered around the rings and confirmed it when I got my hands on him. Everything I wanted to see in a male ridgeback. RBOB

2nd Mrs L, Miss K & Mr K Barnes (see junior critique) only beaten by first because I preferred the movement of first in this class.

Open dog (0:0)

Open Bitch (5:5)

1st Ms J Parker Ch Kiromol As You Like It With Azuli JW. This Bitch caught my eye as she walked in the ring and glided around the ring when she moved, she really turned the showmanship on today, beautiful reach and drive around the ring making it look effortless, and when I got my hands on her everything just sat right, good muzzle and stop, well set ears, strong front, well ribbed, great loin well angulated rear, moved true on the up and back. BOB

2nd Mrs J M Ellis Zejak Clemmy Red wheaten bitch, nice expression with a well defined stop. Was struggling a bit with the heat today. Well sprung ribs into a strong loin, well muscled which really helped her drive around the ring with ease, stood nicely for the most part and moved true on the up and back, handler did well maintaining this bitch around the ring and really highlighted the bitches strengths.