• Show Date: 26/02/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Adam Gardner Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

British Briard Club

British Briard Club

Open Show

26th February 2023

It was indeed an honour and a pleasure to judge the 50th Anniversary open show of the British Briard Club and I thoroughly enjoyed my day judging the breed that I am so passionate about.

The entry was decent for this day and age, and I would like to thank the exhibitors for giving me the opportunity to judge their beloved dogs. I found the bitches today to be stronger than the dogs and they accounted for all the major awards.



1: Wood’s TALIS DE LA CHAUME BOIS DIEU AT BRRIEDAZLED (IMP). 10-month-old richly coloured Fawn. He has a good mouth and presents a decent overall picture. He is still young and needs to grow on a little. Being a typical Briard puppy and not cooperating for his individual examination, but time is on his side.


1st: Parry’s ZWEET CHILLI SONG MORAVIA CAMPANELLA AT STROMYMOON (IMP). Good Fawn colour and the coat texture is coming. He has a good mouth, dark eye and good head proportions. Would possibly prefer a little more angulation in front. He carries his tail correctly and moved soundly.

2nd: Challis’ KASTOBRI MIDNIGHT DREAMER. Black boy with a good coat texture. He is all male and is a decent type. Super tail with the correct “j”. His movement was a little erratic which cost him today.


1st: Funnell’s JANDADE REACH FOR THE STARS WITH HARTSWELIN. Really caught my eye in the class. Black who was presented in super condition. He has a good head, well set ears and super mouth. He has good length to height ration. Decent front assembly and a super tail. Would possibly prefer just a little more length to his neck. Considered him for RBD but he let himself down in the challenge.

2nd: Webb’s FANGIO DE LA PORTE DE PANTIN AT BARRONOAKS (IMP). Top size Black boy who played his handler up today. He has a typical outline but if I’m honest, I would prefer a little less coat. Super head and expression with good pigmentation.



1st: Rual, Rual, Westcott-Smith and Smith’s IR/BEL/INT/NL CH GILCORU SAUVIGNON D’BRIE AT ROZIMBA BEJCH NLJCH BJW18 AJW18 CENW. Paler coloured fawn whose coat texture is super. He has a good mouth, correctly set and carried tail and balanced angulation. Was not using himself to advantage today and, for me, would just prefer a little more of him. RBD


1st: Wilson’s CH JANDADE L’BUTLER. Well known dog who has had a highly successful career and after going over him today, I can understand why. He has the typical Briard outline that I prefer, being all male with fantastic substance. His mouth is exemplary, and he has a super big black nose. He has an excellent head for proportions, expression, and masculinity. Coat of super texture. Fabulous front and moved out soundly. In superb condition. Could not deny him BD today.

2nd: Smith’s JANDA BALOO L’BEAR. Son of the winner who wasn’t showing as I have seen him in the past. Good mouth, eye and pigment. Excellent coat texture and carries his tail correctly.


Minor Puppy

2 very promising puppies here which bodes well for the future.

1st: Snelling’s ZHAMANEN BEZIQUE FOR BEAUGENCY (IMP). A really pretty and feminine black who has a delightful shape stacked. Her coat is good for her age and the texture is coming along nicely. I liked her head proportions, length of neck and overall type. On the move she was precise but particularly impressive in profile. BPIS

2nd: Westcott-Smith & Smith’s VIVIENNE DE L’ARENE NOIRE AT ROZIMBA (IMP). Another lovely puppy and I was splitting hairs. Good eye, pigment and head. Her coat is coming on and she has a fabulous tail. Just preferred the topline of the winner today.


1st: Hartwell’s CHAVELL BONJOUR MAISIE JW. Feminine, deep Fawn. She has a pleasing shape, super coat texture, well set and carried tail and a decent length of neck. At the bottom of the size range but still within the standard. She is sound but I would just prefer her to be allowed to lower her head slightly in profile.

2nd: Fieldsend’s SIDONIE MARONNETTE DE VAL DE MORTEAU AT STARWELL (IMP). Black girl who was far more interested in playing her handler up than the job in hand today. She has, though, a lot to like and she is very typical. Super mouth, pigment and tail. Coat coming along.

3rd: Harriss magri’s JASMINE PINK BEZY BEZY (IMP).

Post Graduate

1st: Foreman’s STORMFIELD AYSA AT MARAZZO. Fawn girl who is going through her coat change at the moment. But I can see the colour and texture coming through. She is lovely for type, has good head proportions, dark eye and a decent neck. Good length to body and a super tail. She just needs time.




1st: Ledsham’s TOUSLEFELL I HAVE A DREAM. Nothing flashy about this Grey bitch but she is typy. She has an excellent mouth, dark eye and good pigmentation. She is feminine and I liked her expression. Decent neck and produces a pleasing shape stacked. Super tail carriage.

2nd: Wilson’s JANDADE PRECIOUS BLOSSOM JW. Fawn bitch handled to advantage. Good coat for texture. Beautiful head with dark eye and super pigmentation. For me, I would just prefer a little more length of leg and a longer tail.

3rd: Harriss magri’s JASMINE PINK BEZY BEZY (IMP).


2 lovely bitches, both very worthy of their titles.

1st: Webb’s CH BARRONAOSK ETTA BAGEL. A very eye-catching black girl shown in super coat and condition. She has a feminine head of excellent proportion and excellent ear set. She has good length to her neck. Angles in the right place both fore and aft and on the move, she has typical carriage and is super sound. A worthy BB and BIS

2nd: Parry’s CH STROMYMOON SUMMER. Slightly smaller fawn but very pretty. She too scores for type, with an excellent head and expression. She is a good colour, and her coat texture is super. Carries her tail correctly and is sound on the move. She just fell away slightly on the stack today and this cost her.


1st: Ledsham’s CH TOUSEFELL HOPES AND DREAMS. Very much the type I prefer and she is amazing for her age. Rich Fawn colour, superb mouth and her coat texture is fabulous. She has a feminine expression and decent length to neck. On the move she can still show some how it is done. A credit. BV

2nd: Wood’s BRIEDAZZLED BI BOREALIS, Good for type with a decent head and expression. Good mouth and a clear fawn colour. Moved ok but not the positivity of the winner today.

3rd: Scrutton’s CH GEMEAU PIA ZADORA.

Adam Gardner (Judge)