• Show Date: 13/05/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: abby lusty Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Redditch & District Canine Society



1st - Webster’s Rossut Vizier for Houndscoast. 11 month old Tan and White dog. Provided a pleasing outline, ample bone and well muscled. Typical Head, perhaps a tad strong, but with lovely expression. Good layback of shoulder with correct length of upper arm and rear to match, which resulted in good reach and drive, moving very soundly around the ring. BPIB

Junior Two bitches who could change places another day. 

1st - Langman’s Madika High Flyer at Bonwillan. 15 month old tricolour bitch, Feminine, correct head and lovely expression. Good neck leading in to well laid back shoulders, excellent rear which gave her good drive. Her movement in profile is lovely but she needs to tidy up in front action as she tends to toe in. Still time for her yet. 

2nd - Caple’s Morsefield Laura Ashley. 14 months old. Smart little hound. Pretty and feminine head, sound mover. Also tended to toe in a bit and today just preferred the outline of 1. 

Post Graduate 

1st - Morsefield Tommy Holedigga. 14 month old Tricolour litter brother to 2nd in Junior. A dog who just makes you smile. Up to size dog who was full of mischief. Typical head with lovely dark eye, good bone and well angulated front a rear. Loved his neat feet. When he settled he moved with good reach and drive. I was very taken with him but missed out to his kennel mate on maturity. 

2nd Langman’s Madika High Flyer at Bonwillan. 


1st Caple’s Morsefield Mudlark ShCEx 4yr old Tricolour dog. All male and full of spirit, which is what I love to see in a beagle. Masculine head with well placed eye and ears giving desired expression. Muscular neck leading in to well laid back shoulders, excellent front and rear. Good bone. Good feet. Moved out very well with reach, drive and purpose. BOB and delighted to hear Hound G1. Well done.

2nd Webster’s Michelroy Pimpernell with Houndscoast JW. 4yr old Tan and white bitch. Unfortunately this pretty girl was carrying too much weight. She moved out well, is excellently schooled and had a lovely type but could go no further. 



1st Spencer’s Hightimbers Amaretto. Very appealing 10 month old black and gold bitch. Well up to size, ample bone and good balance for her age. A little heavy in head for a bitch but still pleasing. Well angled and moved with excellent reach and drive in profile. She is a little close behind at present. Promising puppy. BPIB

2nd Robinson and Brown’s Hightimbers Oreo Cookie. Litter sister to 1. In contrast quite petite and very feminine. She isn’t as balanced as her sister and her colour could be more distinct but she has plenty of time to come on and may well overtake her with time. 


1st Sharpe’s Pines Cluedo. 12 month old black and gold bitch. I really liked this bitch. She is at a difficult stage where everything you want is there but it’s not quite together. She has a good layback of shoulder and good length of upper arm, plenty of bone, good angles behind and when she behaved she was sound on the move. I considered her for RBOB but the Open dog gave me a more complete picture, which can only be gained with time. 

2nd Whitmore and White’s Johan Hovi-Raj of Driftingsky. 14 month old black and gold male who was having a lovely time with his handler. Good type but as to be expected with a breed this size, a 14 month male is likely to be giving a lot away. He needs to drop and fill as I found him quite narrow all through. I would prefer a better eye and lip line but otherwise he had a good flat head with correct stop. Rear needs to develop and this effected his movement. In a year or two he could be a completely different animal. 

Post Grad

1st Mclure’s Hightimbers Ticket To Dream at Kanukalos. 3yr old ‘Very characterful!’ black and gold bitch. Feminine bitch, one of the few with a good lipline, though her eye is a little bold. Good shape, though bum high at the minute. Good front and rear, she moved purposefully around the ring. 


1st Sharpe’s Quincebois Tulipwood by Pines CDEX. 9.5yr old black and gold bitch. Defies her age. She appealed instantly for her excellent breed type. Balanced skull and very pleasing expression. Lovely to go over she has a strong neck leading in to well laid back shoulders, good upper arm, deep chest with plenty of heart room. Well sprung and long ribs and powerful rear. She is well muscled and sporting a beautiful black coat with well coloured markings. On the move nothing could compete with her she has excellent reach and I could not find a reason not to award her BOB. 

2nd Spencer’s Duxfortis Harris at Hightimbers. 3yr old black and gold ALL male. Such presence to this dog. I was very drawn to him. Well off for bone, lovely substance and depth without any coarseness. Well muscled and beautiful coat and condition. On the move he didn’t have the reach of my winner but I liked him a lot. RBOB.

Border Collies


1st Large’s Wizaland Raspberry Ripple. 6 month old petite, black and white bitch. Ultra feminine, very pretty using ears to advantage. Good front and rear, moved well. BP and Puppy Group 4


1st Green and Patterson’s Arrodare Family Tradition. 1yr old black and white dog. This dog has loads of class. Viewed in profile he presents a lovely picture. Flowing lines without any coarseness. His front needs to tidy up as when stood he turns out a bit but this improves on the move. Presented in excellent condition, well muscled. BOB

2nd Hartfield’s Moshanta Memories Move on. 14 month old black and white bitch. Pretty and feminine bitch. Very attentive to handler. Front ok, would like a better bend of stifle. Moved ok. Needs more time

Post graduate 

1st Green and Patterson’s Arrodare Family Tradition.

2nd Large’s Wizaland My Jeztic Socks. 19 month old bitch. Very feminine bitch, who is currently in her bikini. Good shoulder and level topline. Not the rear movement of the winner and I would like a bit more substance. 


1st Green and Patterson’s Arrodare Family Tradition.

2nd Hartfield’s Moshanta May Contain Nuts. 4yr old black and white dog. Substantial dog with good angles front and rear. Correct coat of good texture. Sound on the move but today a little wide behind. RBOB