• Show Date: 13/05/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: abby lusty Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Redditch & District Canine Society

Junior Handling. 

6-11yrs My first 2 could swap places another day. A lovely class of young handlers, it was a pleasure to judge. Well done everyone.

1st - Abigail Twig 8yrs. This young lady did a marvellous job showing her Miniature Pinscher, who didn’t make it easy for her. She kept connected with her dog throughout and showed him to advantage throughout. Well done

2nd - Daisy Bray 9yrs. Handling a whippet who was not the most confident soul. She was very kind to him, talking to him to reassure him when appropriate. Moved him out well and stood him up nicely. 

3rd - Lucy Kinchin 10yrs - The most difficult dog in the class. Felt this lady needed to be rewarded for her endless patience with a very cheeky and outgoing 8 month old JRT. Keep it up, you will get the rewards.

12-16yrs Talented group. Could teach the adults a thing or two. These were my handlers of the day. I wish them all the best.

1st - Isabelle Collier 16yrs. Handling a Dalmatian. Presented effortlessly and to perfection. Moved her out well at correct speed, taking advantage of the ring - always keeping half an eye on me. 

2nd - Megan Slack 14yrs. Another fantastic handler. Her PWD was presented in glittering condition and shown beautifully. I was splitting hairs between these two as they’re both fab. A wonderful future awaits for them in dog showing. Well done


1st Laura Elliot handling a Vizsla. Presented very well, this handler had eyes in the back of her head, knowing what I was doing without taking attention off of her dog. Moved out at the correct speed. Well done.

2nd Cathryn Gleave. Another great handler. Her standard poodle was impeccably schooled, groomed and to complete the picture her handling was on point. Moved well, making use of the large ring. I found out after this is her first handling class, which surprised me as it was a very polished performance. 

36yrs and over

1st Bev Manners. Loved the relationship between this handler and her smart Lhasa apso who was a happy little soul. This handler was very aware to present her dog to full advantage at all times, moved at the correct speed and looking fabulous. A very good handler but what tipped the scale was the relationship, it was lovely to see a pair so happy doing what they love. 

2nd Leigh Gleave. Another good handler, this time with a Lakeland terrier. Presented well, moved at the correct speed and another handler very aware of her positioning to show her dog to full advantage.