• Show Date: 03/09/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Abbi Adair Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 03/12/2023

Wolsingham & Wear Valley Agricultural Society

Wolsingham & Wear Valley Agricultural Society Open Show – 03 September 2023 – Judge: Abbi Adair (Darebear)

Dogue De Bordeaux J (1 1) 1 Moran Killer Queen, 11 month old bitch, with a strong yet feminine head of correct proportions, with oval shaped eyes set wide apart. Strong neck, well-laid shoulders, good muscle tone, moved well. BPIB, WPG4.

Dogue De Bordeaux PG (2 2) 1 Moran Aibrean All That I Know, 22 month old bitch with a broad skull but feminine head, pronounced stop with short muzzle. Strong neck, broad chest, well-sprung ribs and well-muscled legs, demonstrating good drive as she powered around the ring. 2 Judd Tissie’s Rolling Thunder, 23 month old male with a very masculine head, oval shaped eyes, level topline, broad chest, broad and muscular back, didn’t quite have the drive of 1 on the move today.

Dogue De Bordeaux O (1 1) 1 Aibrean Kenzo, 22 month old dog and litter brother to winner of PG. Powerful, muscular body, masculine with typical head and expression of the breed, with pronounced stop, prominent cheeks and short muzzle. Strong, broad and muscular neck, well-laid shoulders, and a broad and deep chest. BOB.

Boxer PG (2 1) 1 Shaw Lovegood The Legend Hagrid, 2 year old male, square build with reasonable bone, muzzle broad and deep, arched skull. Dark brown eyes with an intelligence expression. Strong muscular neck, straight forelegs, good hind angulation, correct tail carriage. BOB.

Boxer O (2 0)

Bullmastiff PG (2 1) 1 Wilson & Nutley Cairnmount Rebel Rouser, powerfully built 6 year old male, with a masculine, large, square and broad skull. Well-arched, muscular neck of moderate length, his chest wide and deep. His back is short and straight, fantastic muscle with well-developed second thighs, and moderately bent hocks. Correct tail set, and moved with power, drive and purpose. BOB, WG3.

Bullmastiff O (2 1) 1 Wilson & Nutley Cairnmount Rebel Rouser.

Great Dane J (1 0)

Great Dane PG (2 1) 1 McLennan Kinnegans Daydream Believe At Anadain (AI) (IKC) 18 months fawn bitch, maturing well. Feminine head, with fairly deep-set, dark eyes. She has a broad chest with straight forelegs, good bone, good length of rib with short loin, and muscular hindquarters. Correct length of tail carried level with her back. BOB, WG4.

Great Dane O (4 0)

AV Imported Breed Register Working O (0 0)

AVNSCW P (2 1) 1 Kent, Kent & Sutton Korifey Reckless, 9 month old male Doberman maturing nicely, with a bold and alert expression and dark, almond shaped eyes. Perfect scissor bite with correct dentition. Front legs perfectly straight, muscle developing nicely. Square body, level topline and moved well. BAVWNSCP, WPG2.

AVNSCW O (3 2) 1 Kerrigan Shadlian Good Gracious, 13 month old male Russian Black Terrier, with a correct moderately broad skull with medium, oval shaped dark eyes set wide apart. Powerful neck of correct length, level topline, deep chest and well-sprung rib. Excellent muscle and moved with good reach and drive. BAVWNSC. 2 Frew Molossemma Durham Edition, 13 month old Mastiff bitch, with a broad skull yet feminine head. Slightly arched, moderate length neck, wide chest. Unfortunately, forelegs were not standing straight today.

Working Group: 1 Lambert Seittor Lovebug JW, 2 year old Rottweiler bitch, who was beautifully presented and shown in great condition. Feminine head of correct proportions, dark eye, appealing expression, and ears carried close. She is a very balanced bitch with a muscular neck, correct depth of chest, with nice, tight feet. She has a level topline, a broad and deep chest with well-sprung ribs, and moved soundly with purpose and great drive. 2 Snelson Azgard Monticristo At Ashtrax, 3 year old Siberian Husky male, with a very athletic shape with good leg length and strong body. Almond shaped eyes with a friendly expression, and perfect scissor bite. He has a good length of neck, a good layback of shoulder and return of upper arm, firm topline and a chest deep. He has a well arched loin, a correctly angulated rear which supported powerful movement around the ring with good reach in front and drive from behind. 3 Wilson & Nutley Cairnmount Rebel Rouser, Bullmastiff. 4 McLennan Kinnegans Daydream Believe At Anadain (AI) (IKC), Great Dane.

Working Puppy Group 1 Patrick Siberiadrift White Winter, 10 month old Siberian Husky bitch, who caught my eye as soon as she stepped into the ring. A quality bitch with a stunning feminine, foxy head with a lovely interested, almost cheeky expression supported by almond shaped eyes and well-placed ears. She has a strong level top-line, correct tail set and carriage, and was shown in super condition being really well-muscled, with impressive reach and drive on the move, an effortlessly ground-covering movement. 2 Kent, Kent & Sutton Korifey Reckless, 9 month old male Doberman 3 Morgan Newfangled Confidential, 11 month old Newfoundland bitch, with a feminine head with dark brown eyes, scissor bite, shown in good coat and condition. She has sufficient bone, an adequate depth of chest, and although a little unsettled on the move today, demonstrated good drive. 4 Moran Killer Queen Dogue De Bordeaux

AVW P (5 2) 1 Kent, Kent & Sutton Korifey Reckless, Doberman. 2 Morgan Newfangled Confidential, Newfoundland.

AVW O (10 10) 1 Lyfearon Off With Her Head, 3 year old Siberian Husky bitch, with an athletic appearance, well-muscled and excellent coat covering. Her head is balanced and in proportion to her body, tapering muzzle, well defined stop, almond shaped eyes. She has ample neck set well into laid back shoulders and good return of upper arm, strong and straight forelimbs and stood on compact oval shaped feet. She has a firm topline, tail set is correct, and has well-turned stifle into well let down hocks. She moved effortlessly around the ring with an easy free stride that's quick and light. 2 Russell Zentaur Fizzical Damage, 2 year old Newfoundland male, with a scissor bite, dark eye and kind expression. He has moderate bone, is correctly angulated fore and aft, and balanced for his size. He moved with good reach and drive as he powered around the ring, presented in good coat and condition with excellent muscle tone. 3 Bolsover Charmedkelz’s Dreamfyre Siberian Husky. 4 Kerrigan Shadlian Good Gracious RBT.

AVW V (6 5) 1 Patrick Ch. Tom Bombadil Of Poliarine Arktika At Coladasice, 9 year old male Siberian Husky; a quality dog of excellent shape and outline. Correct in size, stunning head piece with a good neck and shoulders. He is parallel in front and behind, with correct angulation. His free and effortless movement was supported by fantastic muscle tone. 2 Lambert Ch. Seittor Wildfire JW ShCM, 7 year old male Rottweiler, who displays quality throughout. He is balanced, with a correct head, masculine but not over-done in any way. He has a strong muzzle, correct stop and broad skull with dark eyes. He has a muscular neck which leads on to an excellent front, a broad chest and well-sprung rib cage. He is very well muscled and powered around the ring with good reach and drive. 3 Bolsover Charmedkelz All Seein Angel, 9 year old Siberian Husky bitch. 4 Bateman-Hall Jacalous Lone Wolf ShCM, 9 year old Siberian Husky dog.

Jennifer Caden Memorial AV Veteran Stakes (33 18) 1 Watson Sh Ch Bordacity Honey Ryder, 9 year old English Springer Spaniel bitch. Liver and white, with a beautiful, balanced head with dark eye giving her a gentle expression, with correct bite. She has a strong neck, and her outline is very balanced. She is very well constructed, with great depth and strength throughout her body, good spring of rib and level topline. She has a moderate bend of stifle, with excellent muscle. Her movement is very free and easy, appearing effortless and was breathtaking to watch. 2 Patrick Ch. Tom Bombadil Of Poliarine Arktika At Coladasice, Siberian Husky. 3. Cuthbert Salvenik The Wish With Triella, 11 year old Pembroke Corgi dog 11.5. 4. Clegram & Berry Smiddyshaw I’ll B There For U JW, 8 year old Shetland Sheepdog bitch 5. Jay Ch. Talraz Fleur De Lys JW, 10 year old Bearded Collie bitch