• Show Date: 26/07/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: A S K Henshaw Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 26/09/2023

West Country Chihuahua Club

West Country Chihuahua Club

26th Jul 23

Judge – Miss A S K Henshaw – Peteshe

It was an absolute pleasure to be bestowed the privilege to judge Best in Show at the West Country Chihuahua Club; a Club which has played a pivotal part in not only my involvement of this wonderful breed, but the formative years of my childhood. To have the opportunity to judge some real shining examples of both coats today, has been exceptionally challenging and I wish to thank the officers, committee, and exhibitors for their support in what currently is some difficult times for everyone.

Best in Show

Two fine examples of the breed; It was such a difficult decision as they are both shining examples of type and substance, something which I see from around the ringside is starting to dwindle. These two dogs are a credit to their handlers, both in the prime of condition and showed their true saucy attitudes.

Longcoat Chihuahua: Rooney, Mr S J. “Copymear Reign on My Parade with Yorone” This 13mth old super little young lady, oozes femininity and type. This kennel never fails to disappoint when it comes to type and quality. consistently producing exquisite examples of the breed. beautifully angled and balanced throughout, good spring of rib with the prettiest of heads, beautiful expression. Moved soundly- held her firm topline well on the move.

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Smooth Coat Chihuahua: Entwhistle, Miss D. & Holmes. Cazants The Gaffer Luv’s Dorenty JW. What a cracking little showman, true to type and so well-schooled. – I would expect nothing less from this kennel, they have shown some lovely examples of the breed over the years. And this young man is no exception. Nicely angled throughout with nice ear set, that he used well. Nothing over done to be honest with you. a small package but lots packed in. strutted his stuff round the ring in true style. He carries himself well with perfect footfall and a lovely tail carriage.

Best Puppy in Show

Long Coat Chihuahua: Lee, Mrs Susan Joan. Ridgehawk Shenna Girl. A very pretty bitch had the edge on maturity over the smooth coat. Well made with nice proportions. Lovely skull and good shape to her muzzle, good depth of chest and pleasing angles. Moved soundly.

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Smooth Coat Chihuahua: Entwistle, Miss D. Zoomeera Talk of The Town Dorenty This little superstar of a youngster was unlucky to meet the winner today- he is full of quality breed attributes, the handsomest of heads, good ear placement and nice depth of chest. Moved soundly and carried his tail well. Time is on his side; I am sure we will be seeing more of him as he develops and matures.

Best Veteran in Show

Smooth Coat Chihuahua: Watts, Mrs Kerry. Biankai Best Kept Secret Handsome male, good shape, nicely proportioned, moderately angled, and balanced throughout. Pleasing tail set and topline, moved soundly. Nice head and expression.

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Long Coat Chihuahua: Baranzeck, Mrs A, Ch Capevidle License to Thrill Lovely bitch – well presented. Gold sable. Nice head with pleasing ear set. Well angulated and good body and topline. Moved freely – unlucky to meet the winner today.